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Bellamy We were born in space. They told us the ground was uninhabitable, but they were wrong, and we've been fighting for our lives since the moment we landed. Some of us have been broken by it, but most of us are still here, searching for other survivors from the Ark, trying to build something real and lasting out of the wilderness... a home. Our leaders believe that to survive, we need to make peace with the Grounders, but peace is a foreign concept here.
Clarke I'm not going in. It's just gonna remind me of what I did to get them here.
Kane Pike? How many of you are there?
Pike 63.
Kane Farm Station left orbit with 3 times that number.
Pike We landed with that number, too.
Indra The Ice Nation can be ruthless. Their queen wants Clarke's power.
Ice Nation Who's this?
Roan Wanheda. A prisoner for our Queen.
Lexa Hello Clarke.
Scene 1 - Polis
(Clarke is looking out a window in Polis while Lexa arrives)
Clarke What part of "I won't see you" was unclear?
Lexa I respected your wishes for a week, Clarke. We've got bigger concerns.
Clarke "We" don't have any concerns at all.
Lexa Yes, we do. I'm hosting a summit with Skaikru at sundown. You'll be returned to your people.
Clarke You went to all that trouble to capture me just to let me go?
Lexa I went to all that trouble to save you.
Clarke You know when I could use saving? When you abandoned me at Mount Weather.
Lexa Clearly, you didn't need my help.
Clarke Clearly.
Lexa You're angry, Clarke, but I know you. What you've done haunts you, and it's easier to hate me than to hate yourself.
Clarke Oh, I can do both.
Lexa What would you have done if their leader had offered you the deal: Save your people at the price of mine? Would you really have chosen differently?
Clarke I don't betray my friends.
Lexa But you did. You had friends in Mount Weather.
Clarke Those deaths are on you, too. The only difference is, you have no honor, and I had no choice.
Lexa It helps no one to dwell on the past, and that's not why I'm here. You're right. I'm not just letting you go back to your people. I want something more. I want your people to become my people. I'm offering Skaikru the chance to join my coalition, become the 13th Clan. No one would dare to move against you because that would be moving against me.
Clarke Just leave me alone. I'm done. Do you understand that? I left.
Lexa You can't run away from who you are, Clarke. Join me. Bow before me and your people will be safe.
Clarke Bow before you? You don't give a damn about my people. I know why you're here. I made you look weak at Mount Weather, and now the Ice Nation is exploiting that. Well, if you want the power of Wanheda, kill me. Take it. Otherwise, go float yourself because I will never bow to you.
(Lexa walks into the Throne room)
Titus Rise for your Commander.
(All the ambassadors bows to the Commander except for the Azgeda's ambassador)
Titus Ice Nation will bow before your Commander.
Ice Nation ambassador The Commander should bow before Ice Nation. We know not to make treaties with our enemies.
Titus The Commander bows before no one.
Lexa Stand down, Titus.
(Titus stands down)
Ice Nation ambassador She even prefers the enemies language.
Lexa And you will use it, too, in honor of our guests this evening. Now sit. We have more important matters to discuss.
Ice Nation ambassador Yes, we do. For example, why is Wanheda still alive? If this is your weakness again, Azgeda will happily step in.
Titus Is that why your army has moved so close to Polis because you believe the Commander is weak?
Ice Nation ambassador Oh, those are just military exercises.
Indra Exercises? You crossed the border into Trikru land, an army within striking distance of our beloved capital.
Ice Nation ambassador A mistake that was quickly rectified, as you well know.
Titus The Ice Queen doesn't make mistakes. She makes threats.
Lexa There's no need to argue about this again. Please come join me. Let us speak in private. I have a message for Queen Nia.
(They walk to the balcony)
Ice Nation ambassador And I'll happily deliver...
(Lexa kicks him off the balcony leaving the Ice Nation ambassador falling to his death)
Lexa Would anyone else care to question my decisions? Good. Then let's begin.
Scene 2 - Polis City Limits
(A truck stops at the Polis' limit and some Skaikru walk out including Kane and Abby)
Kane We're at the Polis city limits. From here, we go on foot. Lexa's guards will be here soon. All guns and radios stay in the truck. Her people will escort us to the summit. Nelson...
Nelson Sir.
Kane Hills...
Hills Yes, sir.
Kane Stay here. Man the radio.
Hill Yes, sir.
Kane What is that?
Costa It's a med kit.
Kane A med kit from Mount Weather, the place where thousands of their people were killed. You can't bring this into Polis.
Abby Don't take it out on him. If you're gonna be mad, be mad at me.
Kane Moving people into Mount Weather puts our entire agenda at risk. You knew that, and you did it, anyway.
Abby Would you have preferred that I let Nyko die?
Kane We're past that. Opening a hospital is one thing. Moving Farm Station survivors in is another...
Abby It was a few people, Marcus, an exploratory group.
Kane That's not the point. Now we have to explain, taking attention away from everything else we've been negotiating for... lifting Lincoln's kill order, opening trade routes, getting Clarke back. I shouldn't have said that. Clarke's not a bargaining chip.
Abby What if they won't give her back? Then it's my fault?
Kane We won't leave without your daughter. Promise.
(He places a comforting hand on her shoulder and they walk off)
Scene 3 - Mount Weather
(A truck stops in front of Mount Weather's entrance)
Octavia Ohh, I knew I should've taken my horse.
Gina Hey... The summit delegation will be fine.
Bellamy I should be there.
Gina Then you wouldn't be here with me.
Bellamy You make a good argument.
Gina Besides, as soon as your leg heals, you'll be right back out there.
Bellamy My leg's fine. Kane's trying to teach me a lesson.
Raven You guys, did I ever tell you how I saved Sinclair's ass on the Ark?
Octavia Please don't.
Gina You mean the time you went rogue on a space walk?
Raven That depends on your definition of "going rogue."
Gina Really?
Raven I just hopped on a robotic arm and aimed it at the solar array. The whole time I was out there, the control room thought I was just fixing a loose wire.
Gina That is, in fact, the definition of "going rogue." You dangled yourself within inches of an electrified array hat could've killed you.
Raven Only time I ever heard Sinclair lose his cool on comms.
Gina So how long were you benched?
Raven Benched? I got the job done in record time. He promoted me. What can I say? Sinclair thinks I can do no wrong.
(Bellamy, Raven, Octavia and Gina walk to the dining room)
(Pike looks up from his seat and walks to them)
Pike Welcome. Come. Join us.
Raven Someone's made themselves at home.
Octavia There must be 30 of them in here.
Pike 36, but the more, the merrier.
(Pike and Bellamy shake hands)
Octavia 36? Wow. The Grounders are gonna think we moved in.
Pike Well, there was no room at the inn.
Octavia And this is your option?
Bellamy O...
Octavia I'm out of here.
Pike Spirited.
Bellamy Yeah.
Sinclair Reyes, you're 3 hours late. We've got no power to medical, fluctuations on levels 2 and 3, and blown fuses all over the place. Get on it.
Gina You can do no wrong, huh?
Scene 4 - Polis
(Roan joins Clarke while she views Polis)
Clarke Well, if it isn't the Prince of Azgeda.
Roan Don't be fooled. I'm a prisoner here, same as you.
Clarke You're the reason I'm a prisoner here.
Roan Relax, Wanheda. I'm here to help you.
Clarke Sure you are.
Roan Commander promised to lift my banishment if I delivered you safely. She broke our deal. I'm willing to strike a new one with you so we can both go home.
Clarke I'm already going home.
Roan Then you won't have a chance to get what you really want.
Clarke What would you know about what I want?
Roan I saw the look on your face when I took that hood off. You want revenge.
Clarke You want to kill her. So kill her.
Roan You can get close. I can't. You'll find a knife under your bed when you return to your room. I've already bought enough of the guards to get you out of here. If you do this, Azgeda will take control of the coalition, and you'll find a strong and grateful ally in the Ice Queen.
Clarke And why should I trust her? From what I hear, she's worse than Lexa.
Roan That's because you've been talking to Lexa. Look. We're all trying to do what's right for our people. This is what's right for yours.
Scene 5 - Outside Mount Weather
(Octavia sits on top of Mount Weather's main door. Bellamy walks out and finds and joins her)
Bellamy You ok?
Octavia This is such a mistake. The Grounders will never accept it.
Bellamy We're not the Mountain Men, O. Nyko, and Lincoln will make them see that.
Octavia How? Lincoln has a kill order on him? He can't even leave camp without risking his life.
Bellamy The summit will take care of that.
Octavia Then we can finally get out of here. I'm sorry, Bell. I don't fit in here.
Bellamy If you need to leave, I get that, but you'll always fit in with me.
(2 men bringing a Grounder come into view)
Bellamy Echo?
Octavia You know her?
Bellamy Yeah. She's Ice Nation. She was in the cage next to mine.
Echo Bellamy!
Bellamy Let her go.
Man She threatened the summit.
Echo I was trying to help.
Man Shut up.
Octavia Leave her alone.
Bellamy I said get your hands off her.
(Octavia removes the cuffs from Echo)
Man What are you doing? She's a Grounder.
Bellamy What are you talking about?
Echo The summit's a trap. The assassin is already there. By sundown, your people will die.
(In an unknown location, a Grounder is placing a set of knives down)
Scene 6 - Mount Weather
(Raven and Gina join Sinclair)
Raven Why the hell are they calling us off? I've got tripped circuits all over the grid.
Sinclair Oh, whatever it is supersedes fixing the power problem.
(Pike is interrogating Echo)
Echo I was with the queen's army heading toward Polis. The war chief talks too loud.
Pike You're one of them, so what are you telling us this?
Echo We abandoned Skaikru in the battle for the Mountain. It was wrong.
Pike And won't they miss you?
Echo Maybe. That's why we need to hurry.
Bellamy Pike, she saved my life. We can trust her. Listen up. Ok. If we want to get to Polis before the attack, we have to move.
Sinclair Attack? Do we have confirmation of that? We radioed, but no answer.
Pike They may already be dead, for all we know, and if they are, we need to be ready to respond.
Sinclair Don't make this about the missiles.
Pike This is about survival. We don't have the numbers, but the missiles in this mountain even the playing field, and you know I'm right.
Sinclair Even if I did agree with you, we still don't have the launch codes.
Raven No, but we have me.
Sinclair And you accuse engineers of arrogance?
Raven I'm growing as a person.
Pike Let's go.
(Pike drags Echo out of her seat)
Bellamy You should stay here, help them get hose missiles ready to launch.
(Bellamy and Gina kiss)
Gina Don't do anything stupidly heroic.
Bellamy Garden-variety heroic. You got it.
(The unknown Grounder places a timer down and cuts his palm, dropping some blood in a container)
Scene 7 - Polis
(Skaikru arrives at Polis and admires it)
Kane Incredible.
Abby Marcus, they're staring.
Kane We're under the Commander's protection. In Polis, only the sentries are armed.
(A young girl pulls Abby to his food station and Kane follows)
Polis woman Teik em in.
Abby No, thank you.
Kane I'd love some, thank you. Delicious. Please. Take it. It's a symbol of our home.
(Kane gives the woman a patch of his jacket. Abby admires the interaction)
Abby You're suited for this.
Kane It's amazing. When I dreamt of the ground, it was empty.
Abby But it's not empty now. Marcus, you gave this to me, you asked me to set a good example, but what we're trying to do here is something new, something... Something you have a vision for. This should be yours.
(Abby removes the Chancellor's pin and offers it to Kane but he refuses it)
Kane Not like this. We've been passing the Chancellor's pin since we landed on the ground. This time, it's up to the people.
Abby Well, then let's hold an election when we get back to Arkadia.
Kane No matter who wears the pin, we're in this together.
(He places a hand on her shoulder.)
Indra Kane.
Kane Hello, my friend.
Indra Chancellor Griffin, welcome. I hope you're enjoying the capital.
Abby I am, and thank you for ensuring my daughter's safety.
Indra The Commander did that. You can thank her yourself at the summit tonight.
Abby I would like to see Clarke.
Indra Soon.
Kane Abby...
Abby See? You are suited for this.
Scene 8 - Training Grounds
(Lexa is sparring with Aden)
Lexa Good, Aden. Again.
(Aden knocks off Lexa sticks and she seems very surprised)
Titus They're here. Nightbloods. Pair up and continue training.
(The Nightbloods goes back to training)
Lexa Aden is ready. He's even better than I was before my conclave.
(Titus and Lexa view the tower from afar)
Lexa You still think the summit is a bad idea.
Titus You mean well, Heda. But now is not the time for good intentions. Your enemies are circling. Queen Nia moves against you. Our focus should be there. Instead, you antagonize her further by offering the Skaikru a seat at your table.
Lexa I will not let the fear of war dictate our agenda.
Titus Why are you doing this? Sky People are here to negotiate a treaty, not join the coalition. They didn't ask for this. Not one of the 12 Clans will accept it.
Lexa They will accept it... when they see Wanheda bow before me.
Titus She won't even see you, yet everything you do elevates her. Why?
Lexa Clarke elevates herself. She's special.
Titus You're special, Heda. I've been the Fleimkepa for 4 commanders. No one has done what you have. We are so close to our goal. If you want the power of Wanheda, you know what must be done. You strike her down. Kill her. Take her power.
Scene 9 - Mount Weather
(In the control room, Raven is looking through files)
Raven Damn it.
Sinclair What happened to that Raven Reyes confidence?
Raven It's a 12-digit code. There are a trillion combinations. It's gonna take me a minute.
Sinclair Gina, what do you got?
Gina Don't look at me. I'm just a grunt.
Sinclair Oh, come on, guys. It's gonna be dark soon. We're working analog. We're working digital. What are we missing?
Gina How is the president gonna remember a number that long?
Raven Not well.
Gina Want to bet he wrote it down somewhere?
Raven Oh, come on. That's like setting the launch codes all zeros.
Sinclair And yet it's better than anything we've come up with.
Gina I'll check the president's office.
(Sinclair tosses Gina a radio)
Sinclair We'll keep working the tech angle. Hopefully, one of us'll get lucky.
Raven Like that's ever happened.
Scene 10 - Polis City Limits
(Bellamy, Pike, Octavia and Echo arrives at Polis' entrance)
Bellamy Where are the guards? Protocol would be to leave someone behind.
Octavia They did.
Pike This was your people.
Echo Screw you!
Octavia Hey, she warned us. This proves she was telling the truth.
Bellamy We don't have time for this. The attack is at sundown.
Octavia I'm not leaving my blade here.
Echo None of us are. We go in through the tunnels. The entrance is this way.
(They all follow Echo)
Scene 11 - Polis Tower
(Clarke is holding on to the knife Roan gave her. Lexa walks in.)
Lexa You wanted to see me? I'm here. Clarke...
(Clarke rushes and presses the knife to Lexa's throat. Lexa doesn't seem to show fear)
Lexa I'm sorry...
(Clarke starts crying and releases Lexa dropping the knife on the ground)
Lexa I never meant to turn you into this. You're free to go. Your mother is here. I'll have you escorted to her.
Clarke Wait. I have a better idea.
(Lexa slowly turns around)
(In a room in Polis, Abby and Kane are watching the sunset)
Abby The sun is going down. Where's Lexa?
Kane She'll be here soon.
[Guards talking in Trigedaslang]
Kane Here we go.
(Clarke comes through the door and Abby rushes to hug her.)
Clarke I have something to tell you, and we don't have much time.
Abby Wait a minute. Just let me look at you.
Kane We'll have plenty of time to catch up once we get back home.
Clarke The Commander's changing the terms of the summit.
Kane Is this because of Mount Weather?
Clarke This is because of the Ice Nation. They want Lexa dead. They want to take over the coalition.
Abby That's Lexa's concern, not ours.
Kane No, Abby. If Lexa falls, the Coalition shatters, and there's no way we avoid that war. You said there were new terms.
Clarke We become the 13th Clan.
Abby 13th Clan? What does that mean, that we follow Lexa?
Clarke Yes.
Abby We came here to negotiate a treaty.
Clarke This is our unity day, Mom. You can be the 13th station, or you can be the 13th Clan.
Abby Marcus?
Kane Clarke's right. I've seen the Ice Nation army, and we don't stand a chance against them. We need to do this.
Abby So we become the 13th Clan. Then what? What's gonna stop the Ice Nation?
Clarke Wanheda.
[Woman singing the anthem in Trigedasleng]
(Clarke is walking in the throne room with Lexa at the front)
(Elsewhere, Bellamy and crew are walking through a tunnel)
Bellamy How much further?
Echo We're almost there. The elevator shaft is just ahead.
(They look and see 2 Polis guards)
Bellamy Two guards.
Echo They raise the lift. The elevator shaft is our only way in. We have to climb.
Pike I got left.
(Bellamy and Pike run out)
Scene 12 - Unknown Location
(The grounder does a type of ritual - Still in unknown location)
Ice Nation assassin For my father. For my mother. For my mother. For my kin.
Scene 13 - Polis
(Clarke walks all the way to the front to Lexa and bows)
(Pike and Bellamy kill the 2 guards)
(Roan bows to his turn. People follow suit with the Skaikru bowing to the Commander last)
Octavia What is wrong with you? You didn't have to kill them.
(Bellamy looks up the elevator shaft)
Bellamy Yeah, I did. How many floors?
Echo All of them.
(The assassin is placing knives in his sleeves)
(Bellamy and crew climb the shaft)
Lexa Hail warriors of the 12 Clans.
All Hail, Commander of the Blood.
Lexa Rise.
(They all rise to her words)
Lexa We welcome Skaikru to our halls in the spirit of friendship and harmony, and we welcome Clarke kom Skaikru... Legendary Wanheda, Mountain Slayer. The reason for this summit has changed. We are not here to negotiate a treaty with the Skaikru, but rather to initiate hem into the coalition.
[Murmuring between the clans]
Lexa To symbolize this union, the leader of Skaikru must bear our mark.
Abby The honor should be yours.
Lexa Present your arm.
(They burn the mark on to Kane's arm)
(Bellamy, Pike, and Octavia barge into the room with guns)
Clarke Bellamy?
Titus What is the meaning of this?
Bellamy The summit's a trap. We need to get you out of here.
Clarke What the hell is going on?
Lexa I don't know.
Bellamy It's the Ice Nation.
Grounder These allegations are an outrage. The Ice Nation never stormed this summit with weapons, breaking our laws. That was the Skaikru.
Pike We're right about this. The two guards you left behind are dead already. We need to go now.
Lexa How did you come by this information?
Octavia Where the hell is Echo?
Scene 14 - Mount Weather
(The Ice Nation assassin walks out of the room he was in to reveal that he was in fact on level 7 of Mount Weather)
(Sinclair and Raven try to unlock the combination)
Sinclair I tried everything, still completely locked out of the missile system. They had impressive security. I'll give them that.
Raven This is useless. I'm better with hydrazine and gunpowder.
Sinclair Reyes...
Raven I give up. We're too late, anyway. It's already dark.
Sinclair Raven... The Raven Reyes I know doesn't give up.
Raven She does now.
Sinclair No, she doesn't. Have you talked to Abby?
Raven About what?
Sinclair Raven, come on. You're not fooling anyone.
Raven I'm not trying to.
Sinclair If this machine was broken and you knew there was a way to fix it, would you not do it because it might be hard? Why the resistance? You think you deserve this pain, that this is your cross to bear for your mom or Finn, for all you've been through. It's not. You deserve more, and with the medical equipment in this building, Abby can help you. Let her.
Raven What if she can't? What if I'm just broken?
Sinclair I took a chance on a zero-g mechanic with a heart defect. Why don't you take a chance on her, too?
(Raven nods)
Gina (on radio) Gina to Raven. Come in.
Raven Go for Raven.
Gina I got nothing, no launch codes. I guess our luck is still holding.
Raven (on the radio) Ok. Keep looking. I'll do the same.
(The assassin appears behind Gina and stabs her)
Raven Gina? Gina? Gina, are you there?
(The assassin cuts the president's table open to reveal a code pad)
Raven (on radio) Gina? Gina, do you copy?
(The assassin reveal some numbers written on his arm and types them in. The countdown is set for 1 minutes)
Raven Reyes (on radio) Gina, what's going on? Gina, are you ok? Gina.
Gina (on radio) Raven, we've got a problem. A Grounder set off a self-destruct sequence. He has the codes on his arm. You have to get them.
(Sinclair runs after the assassin. Raven tries to follow with her leg)
Raven How much time, Gina?
Gina 45 seconds, Raven.
(They chase him outside and the assassin and Sinclair have a fight. The assassin was about to kill Sinclair not before Rave shoots him dead)
Raven Get the numbers on his arm. Gina, Gina, we got the code. Gina, do you copy? Gina, do yo copy?
(Gina is dead with the countdown still going down)
Raven Got to go back in there.
Sinclair No. Raven, no!
Raven We can't just let them die.
(The number of the countdown is reflected in Gina's eyes)
(The explosion occurs and all the people inside are killed. Raven and Sinclair are blasted back)
Scene 15 - Polis
Bellamy What's going on? Where the hell is she?
Octavia Bellamy, maybe we were wrong about this.
Bellamy I don't understand.
Kane Stand down.
(Kane takes the gun from Bellamy)
Raven (on radio) Bellamy, Bellamy, come in. The Grounders attacked Mount Weather.
Bellamy What are you talking about?
Raven It's gone. It's gone. They're all gone. Sinclair and I are the only ones left. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.
Grounder You should have never moved your people back into Mount Weather. The Ice Nation did what Lexa was too weak to do.
Lexa This is an act of war. Sentries, arrest the Ice Nation delegation, including the prince.
Abby We need to get home. If they attacked Mount Weather, Arkadia could be next.
Kane I agree.
Lexa Go. Marshal your forces. We'll avenge the attack together.
Indra I'll escort them. I hope you [Octavia] kept up your training. You'll need it.
Bellamy Clarke, we need to leave now.
Lexa We need an ambassador from the 13th Clan to stay here in Polis.
Bellamy It's not safe here.
Lexa Clarke will be safe here under my protection.
Clarke I have to stay.
Abby Clarke...
Clarke I have to make sure she keeps her word.
Titus Come on, Heda. We must convene the war council immediately.
Clarke I'll be right there.
(Abby and Clarke hug)
Kane Be safe.
Clarke You, too.
Bellamy She left us to die on that mountain. She will always put her people first. You should come home to yours.
Clarke I'm sorry.
(Bellamy is last to leave among the Skaikru.)
(Later that night in the throne room)
Lexa Let me know as soon as the scouts come back.
Titus I hope you know what you're doing.
(Lexa and Clarke are the last in the room)
Clarke I keep asking myself, "how did the Grounders know there was a self-destruct mechanism inside Mount Weather?"
Lexa We'll get the answer soon, Clarke. Thank you for staying.
Clarke I stayed because it was the right thing for my people.
Lexa Our people.
Clarke If you betray me again...
Lexa I won't.
(Lexa hesitantly bows to Clarke)
Lexa I swear a fealty to you, Clarke kom Skaikru. I vow to treat your needs as my own and your people as my people.
(Clarke tends her hand to Lexa as she rises back onto her feet)
Scene 15 - Ice Nation Teritory
Echo Ambassadors. Make way. I have a message for the Queen. My Queen.
(Echo bows to Queen Nia)
Nia Well?
Echo You got your war. Thanks to the last Mountain Man.
(Emerson appears behind Queen Nia)
Emerson What about Clarke?
Echo By the Commander's side, as predicted. Your son is a prisoner.
Nia Not for long. Soon, he'll be free, and Lexa will be dead.
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