William Miller portrayed Paxton McCreary on The 100. He was apart of the recurring cast in Season Five.

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William Thomas Francis Miller is an actor and singer. Of American and British parentage, he has lived in the UK, the United States and mainly in Spain.

Miller studied History, Archeology and Performing Acts in Spain, and speaks English, Spanish, Catalan and French. He is well known for working in several Spanish television series, and has played supporting roles in Spanish, Mexican, American, British and French films. He has received some good reviews on his latest works.

Miller has also worked in theatre, including a classical Spanish play and musicals, and was the frontman of the Spanish rock band Deniro for five years.

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  • Miller is the frontman for Spanish rock band Deniro. One of the band's songs, "Every name has a number (007)", is played on The 100 episode "Shifting Sands".[1]

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