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Bellamy Previously on "The 100"...
Echo Bellamy, what's going on?
Bellamy Clarke's dead.
Clarke Josephine?
Josephine This body is not big enough for both of us.
Bellamy Remember when Pike taught us Morse Code? It means Clarke's alive. And we're gonna get her back.
Josephine Clarke's alive, but the brain we now share is dying.
Murphy Find Gabriel. He was one of them, but then he bailed.
Josephine This is a really stupid plan, you know? The Children of Gabriel will kill us both.
Abby I show them how to make Nightblood, they save Marcus.
Raven By murdering that man and shoving Kane into his skin?
Kane [Gasps] Abby.
Abby Marcus.
Kane What have you done?
Diyoza I though you said radios were no good here.
Gabriel All signals get sucked up by the Anomaly. We pick them up here in endless repeating waves. The Anomaly's calling you.
Diyoza I don't know what it means. I just know I have to go.
Octavia If you go in there, you'll die. Diyoza, wait!
Gabriel You're healed.
Scene 1 - Gabriel's Lab
[Octavia slowly wakes up]
Octavia [Groans]
Gabriel Welcome back. Tell me what you remember.
Octavia Um, nothing.
Gabriel Nothing? Nothing at all? You followed Diyoza into the Anomaly. Come on. Think. When you came out, you were running from something. What was it?
Octavia I told you, I don't know.
Gabriel I've been waiting 150 years. Maybe you need a little help.
[Gabriel walks to the center of the room and removes a mat. Gabriel scraps away some dirt to reveal a handle to a hatch. Gabriel opens it and takes out a box. Gabriel opens the box and pulls out a canister. Gabriel brings it to a table and ties a piece of fabric over his face. [Fabric whooshes]]
Octavia What is that?
Gabriel Red Sun Toxin, highly concentrated. Stay back.
Octavia That's the same stuff we saw in the air on the way to the Anomaly.
Gabriel Good. You were paying attention. This will be much more intense than that. It's amazing stuff, really. Produced deep in the ground. It's given off by trees. It drives every living creature in Sanctum mad. They kill themselves, and the Mood feed on their corpses. Heh. Josephine theorized that's why life here never evolved past Reptile Phase. Humans weren't supposed to come, but we did. And as we do, we made improvements. Trust me, this will help you remember.
Octavia What if there's nothing to remember? I was only gone for a few seconds.
Gabriel Right. And yet you came back healed. Your hair is clean, Octavia, maybe even longer. You were running toward me instead of away as if - I don't know - someone or something was chasing you. Look, listen to me, until tonight, no one has ever come out of the Anomaly, ok? No one. Now, I believe you were gone for much longer than just a few seconds and that you came back for a reason. I want to know where you went and why you returned. Why don't you?
Octavia Have you ever done this?
Gabriel A long, long time ago. Russell and I used it to find out whether any trace of a host's mind remained after resurrection. The answer was no. Instead, it unlocked parts of our own minds, things we'd hidden from ourselves, answers to what our greater purpose was. His was to turn us into Gods. Mine was to make sure that he couldn't.
Octavia What's mine?
Gabriel Maybe we'll find that out, too. Come on.
[Gabriel has prepared a syringe for Octavia filled with Red Sun Toxin, he tries to grab her arm to inject it in her. Octavia pulls away]
Gabriel [Sighs] You can trust me. I'll be monitoring you the whole time, acting as your guide, what we call an Adjuster.
[Gabriel holds Octavia's arm and injects her]
Gabriel Once you're under, you'll want to follow signs of the Anomaly.
Octavia Signs? What signs?
[Octavia turns around and Gabriel is gone]
Octavia Gabriel?
Voice [Whispering] Octavia.
[Octavia turns, there is a box glowing green]
Octavia Now that's a sign.
[Overlapping voices] [Sounds of Man screaming] [A box glowing red starts to shake behind Octavia] [Distored voices come from the red box]
Octavia Red light, green light.
Voice [Whispering] Octavia...
[Overlapping voices come from the green box] [Octavia opens the red box, butterflies fly out of it]
Scene 2 - Octavia's Mindscape - Bunker - Fighting Pits
Men [Yelling and chanting]
[Men pound on the metal gates encircling the Arena]
Man Yeah!
[Blodreina looks down at Octavia, who is in the center of the Arena]
Blodreina You are Wonkru, or you are the enemy of Wonkru.
Men [Cheering]

[Distorted] Octavia!

[Yelling indistinctly]
[Octavia has a chain around her ankle, bounding her to the floor]
Octavia What is this? No! Let me go!
[Flashbacks of Octavia's past play.]
Past Octavia Hyah! It's the only way.
Octavia [Yelling]
Scene 3 - Prisoner Transport Ship In Space
Abby I knew you'd come back to me. How do you feel?
Kane Amazing.
Abby What's wrong?
Kane I remember Vinson's bite.
Abby You don't ever have to worry about that again.
Kane Crucifixion scars. Coalition brand.
Abby Marks of a painful past now gone.
Kane Gone? I mean, they...they were a part of me. Who was this man?
Abby Marcus, this is a gift, for everything that you gave to us, for everything you gave to me. I couldn't let you die because of my mistakes. Please, please accept this.
Kane Everything that made me who I am.
Abby It's still in there...the man I fell in love with, the man who risked his life for his people time and time again the man who found redemption for his sins and gave all of us hope that we would find redemption, too. That's who you are. This doesn't change that.
Kane I want to believe that's true.
Abby Believe in it. Believe in us.
[Abby and Kane kiss]
Abby What is it?
Kane You taste different...feel different. Everything's wrong.
Abby It's ok. You just need some time. Things will be different on the ground, in Sanctum. We'll finally have our chance at peace.
Scene 4 - Woods
Bellamy Stop fighting.
Josephine Don't you get it, you're killing all 3 of us. Not to mention the rest of your friends when my Father finds out. Is Clarke really worth all of that? [Gasps]
[Josephine falls to the ground and starts convulsing. Bellamy pulls her up, Josephine's nose is bleeding black. Bellamy wipes it away]
Josephine It's getting worse. You have to take me home.
Bellamy If I take you home, you'll use an EMP and kill Clarke. I told you I won't let that happen.
Josephine The Children of Gabriel won't help you. When they find out who I am, they won't just destroy my Mind Drive, they'll cut off my head, and you'll have nothing.
[Bellamy pulls out a knife and cut his finger]
Bellamy [Grunts] Well, let's make sure...
[Bellamy wipes the red blood on Josephine's forehead]
Bellamy ...they don't find out.
Josephine Look, I don't know what they taught you on that hunk of metal you grew up in, but where I'm from when someone tells you you're in danger, you listen.
Bellamy Yeah, we do that, too, unless the people we care about are in trouble, then we do what has to be done. Now, come on. Let's go.
Josephine The people you care about are in trouble. I guess you just care about her more.
Bellamy Quiet.
Child of Gabriel You're in our woods! A long way from home.
Bellamy It's ok. I need to see Gabriel.
Child of Gabriel On the ground!
Bellamy He needs to know what we know.
Josephine God, you're an idiot.
Child of Gabriel Take 'em!
[Child of Gabriel tackles Josephine and Bellamy]
Bellamy [Grunting]
Josephine [Grunting]
[Children of Gabriel capture Bellamy and Josephine, then put bags over their heads]
Scene 5 - Woods - Cave
Child of Gabriel Move!
Josephine Ew. What is that smell?
[Josephine sees human skeletons on the ground]
Bellamy Which one of you is Gabriel? We have information critical to your cause.
Josephine Their cause is a joke.
Child of Gabriel Quiet!
Josephine What did these people ever do to you, hmm? Let me guess, they refused reeducation?
Bellamy Be quiet.
Josephine Does their faith in the Primes really threaten you that much? Do you think that dressing up in scary costumes helps your cause? We laugh at you in Sanctum.
[A Child of Gabriel pulls out a sword and points it at Josephine]
Child of Gabriel Why aren't you laughing now?
Bellamy Just wait. They can make hosts. As many as they want.
Child of Gabriel Details, or your rude friend dies.
Bellamy I don't think so. Touch her, I'll tell you nothing.
Child of Gabriel Something tells me we could make you talk.
Bellamy Maybe, but by then, the 12 Primes could be back. Gabriel gets the details. No one else.
Child of Gabriel There were 13. Chain them up.
[Two Children of Gabriel pull Bellamy and Josephine to the wall and chain them up]
Child of Gabriel If the Old Man doesn't respond, you die like him. Let's go. Radios. Jericho to Providence. We have a prisoner that claims Primes can now make hosts. If you're out there...
[All of the Children of Gabriel exit]
Bellamy Radios don't work on this moon. How could they not know that?
Josephine They work in one place.
Bellamy What is it?
Josephine If they're calling him, that means he's alive.
Bellamy What's the deal with you two?
Josephine What? Are we gonna be friends now?
Bellamy Doubtful.
Josephine I've been in love with Gabriel for 236 years, the last 70 of which he's been trying to kill me. You know, relationships.
[Josephine starts tapping her finger on her chain. Josephine looks down at it]
Josephine Morse code, huh? She's crafty, I'll give her that. B-O-O...H-O-O. That's harsh.
Bellamy She can hear us?
Josephine It would seem so. Which means the wall separating our minds is almost gone. When that happens, she'll stroke out, I'll download, and you can say good-bye to your genocidal friend.
Bellamy Let me talk to her.
Josephine I'd have to give her control for that, so no.
Bellamy But she can hear me?
Josephine Yes, she can hear you. For God's sake, just say what you want to say.
Bellamy I won't let you die.
[Bellamy's chains rattle]
Bellamy [Sighs]
Scene 6 - Space - Ship - Abby's Room
Abby Mmm.
[Abby is waking up in her bed, Kane is gone. Abby tries to feel for him]
Header Scene 7 - Space - Ship - Cafeteria
[Indistinct chatter] [Doors open. Abby enters]
Raven Was it worth it?
Abby Raven, you did the right thing.
Raven How would you know? Why don't we ask him?
Kane Raven.
Raven Kane, are you ok with this?
[Doors open. Simone and Guards enter]
Simone Abby. Good, you're all here. Marcus.
Abby This is one of the leaders of Sanctum. Simone Lightbourne.
Sierra Hallowed be her name.
All Guards Hallowed be her name.
Simone It's a pleasure to meet you. If you don't mind, I'm anxious to get home. You understand.
Kane You knew him.
Simone Sierra, it's all right.
Sierra Yes. Gavin was my husband. Please tell him that I'm overjoyed he could help you and become one with the Primes.
Simone Thank you, Sierra. Please make sure everything's packed.
[Sierra and some Guards leave]
Kane You lied to them. He's not one with the Primes.
Simone That's enough. We're leaving. I'm sure you're looking forward to exploring your new world.
Kane You don't want them to know the truth.
Abby Marcus, please.
Simone It's quite all right. I understand your concern, and this may come as a surprise to you, but Gavin wanted this more than he wanted anything in his whole life.
Kane Please. Though I may look like him, I am not one of the sheep you raised to follow you into oblivion.
Abby Marcus, please.
[Marcus exits]
Raven I'm not sure it was worth it to him.
[Raven exits]
Abby I'm sorry.
Simone There's always a period of adjustment in a new body, especially the first time. If you like, I can have one of my Guards escort him onto the ship.
Abby That won't be necessary, but thank you. I'm sure you're right. He'll get used to it. There's nothing to worry about.
[Simone and Guards exit]
Scene 8 - Space - Ship - Cryo Chamber
[Indra is woken up by Raven and Kane]
Raven Welcome back. We need your help.
[Indra looks at Marcus, who is in Gavin's body]
Indra We?
Raven Indra, meet Marcus Kane, the second.
Kane Hello, my friend. We have a lot to talk about.
Scene 9 - Gabriel's Lab
[Overlapping voices] [Beeping]
Gabriel About time. Here we go. Good luck.
Scene 10 - Octavia's Mindscape - Bunker - Fighting Pits
[Octavia's chains rattle] [Beep] [Door opens]
Octavia What do you want? [Echoing] Leave me alone!
Pike I'm sorry, I can't do that. We've got unfinished business, you and I.
Octavia Wrong, Pike. You killed Lincoln, and you died for it. End of story.
Pike Was it? You think murdering someone in cold blood, even someone you have reason to hate, is justifiable?
Octavia Yes.
Pike And yet it turned you into this.
Octavia Think what you want, I'm not here for you.
Pike No. You're here because of me. The path to the future goes through the past, Miss Blake. Psychology 101. We are what we've done and what's been done to us. Now, you've had a rough go, I'll give you that. And it's made your dark side strong. I suppose you need that to protect yourself under the floor. But what about now? Who are you now? What do you want, Octavia?
Octavia I want you gone.
Pike You tried that. Didn't take. It has to be something else.
Octavia I want to know what happened inside the Anomaly. That's why I'm here.
Pike Maybe nothing happened, or maybe you're not supposed to know. They don't call it the Anomaly for nothing. What I know is you chose the red box, so stop wasting my time and answer my damn question. What do you want? Ok. Because class is in session, allow me to facilitate the discussion. How does it feel to know that...everyone hates you, everyone you care about, even your brother?
Octavia Not good.
Pike Oh, I expect not. But that's not the worst part, is it?
[Octavia shakes her head, lip quivering]
Pike You hate yourself, too.
[Octavia starts to cry]
Octavia [Sniffles]
Pike Good. One more time. What do you want?
Octavia Forgiveness.
Pike Deeper. Much, much deeper. Forgiveness is for minor offenses. You murdered people to get them to eat their friends and families. And then you burned the farm to get them to march because you couldn't live with the idea of not getting to that Valley, even when there was another way. You got 400 people killed in that gorge. You caused the world to be destroyed. What you want needs to be earned. Now say it!
Octavia Redemption.
Pike What's that? I can't hear you.
Octavia Redemption!
Pike Ding ding ding! A gold star for Miss Blake. I was trying to earn mine when you put a sword through me. Which brings us to big question number two - what are you willing to do to get it?
Octavia What if I don't deserve it?
Pike Deserve's got nothing to do with it.
Blodreina Shut up, Pike.
[A sword drops at Octavia's feet. Pike's hands become bound] [Beep] [Door opens] [Blodreina enters]
Blodreina Pick up the sword and strike him down. Do what you know has to be done.
Pike Here we go again. Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Einstein said that.
Blodreina And I say you are Wonkru or you are the enemy of Wonkru. Choose!
Pike I'll ask you again. Who are you now, Miss Blake - your brother's sister or the monster who would have watched him die in this very arena?
Octavia I'm not afraid.
Blodreina Yes, you are. You always have been. God, you're pathetic. I guess she needs me after all.
Octavia I'm not afraid.
Blodreina Charles Pike of Farm Station...
[Lincoln face flashes]
Blodreina have been sentenced to death in accordance to the laws of Wonkru.
[Lincoln Death Scene Flashback]
Pike You have been sentenced to death in accordance to the Exodus Charter.
[Back to the Fighting Pit]
Blodreina Any last words?
[Lincoln Death Scene Flashback]
Lincoln Not for you.
[Back to Fighting Pit]
Pike Not for you. May we meet again.
[Lincoln Flashback]
Lincoln May we meet again.

[Back to the Fighting Pit]

[Blodreina begins to swing her sword forward to kill Pike]
Blodreina Uhh!
[Octavia blocks her with her own sword]
Blodreina Bad choice.
[Blodreina swings her sword forward at Octavia]
Blodreina [Grunts] Congratulations. You die instead.
[Blodreina and Octavia start sword fighting]
Octavia and Blodreina [Grunting]
[Blodreina punches Octavia in the face]
Octavia Uhh!
Octavia and Blodreina [Grunting]
[Blodreina hits Octavia in the face with the butt of her sword]
Octavia Uhh!
[Octavia grabs a spear on the wall and stabs it through Blodreina]
Blodreina [Gasps]
Octavia Blodreina no more.
Scene 11 - Gabriel's Lab
[Octavia wakes up] [Beeping]
Scene 12 - Space - Ship
Raven I didn't know until we got here, or I wouldn't have flown the ship. The deal was Abby shows them how to make Nighblood and Simone brings you back. I tried to talk her out of it.
Kane Not hard enough. Why is my life worth more than this man's?
Indra Because she loves you.
Kane Indra, you can't be ok with this.
Indra Why not? On the Ark, you floated people for stealing food. On the ground, my people cheered as children fought to the death to lead us. Is this so much worse?
Kane So because we've all done awful things, we do nothing?
Indra No, we survive. Raven says they're helping us down there. I assume we need the help.
[Raven nods]
Kane Look at me. This man had a life. There's a woman with him, his wife. She believes he's still inside me. They lie to them, let them think they're Gods.
Indra They live forever. Is that not godlike?
Raven What are you saying, Indra? You believe them?
Indra Who cares what I believe? What I know is that I am looking at my once crucified, resurrected friend, and I can see why some might think that's a miracle.
Kane Indra, they're murdering people. They go willingly because they don't know the truth. Yes, lives have been lost in the worshipping of false Gods before, more than can be counted. But if we let it stand when we could stop it, then our new world would be no different than the one we left behind.
Raven This is why we need you, Kane.
Kane Nonsense. Raven, you're strong. You've always known what's right.
Raven Then why did I help Abby?
Kane What's done is done. The question here is, what do we do now?
Raven Destroy the Nightblood Serum.
Indra They would just make more.
Raven Not if we float it. Abby used all the available polymer on the ship. They might find some more on the ground, but unless they have a pilot, they're not getting back to zero-g.
Indra And if they do, they'll have to get past me.
Kane Heh.
Scene 13 - Woods - Cave
Bellamy [Sighs] What?
Josephine My father was a fool for letting you people stay. All that time spent building a sanctuary for the human race, and he destroys it because of the most human thing of all - love. I mean, who can blame him? I am awesome. It's just...well, and look at you. You should have known how this would end. [Clicks tongue] Guess I'm just saying all this because I know so much about you now.
Bellamy Hmm, you do, huh?
Josephine Mm-hmm. Take you and Clarke, for instance. Now that's a weird relationship, isn't it? First you want to kill her to save your own ass, even though it means the genocide of your own people on the Ark, and then you become besties, bonding over the actual genocide at Mount Weather. Together. You lock her up, she locks you up, you leave her on Earth, she leaves you to die in the Fighting Pits. I mean, it's exhausting, frankly.
Bellamy Tell me about it. You're wrong about how this ends, by the way. Mmm. First, we get you back into your Mind Drive, and then I'll use it for a peace deal with your Father.
Josephine Your belief in yourself is cute. But unfortunately, putting aside about a thousand variables, chief among them Clarke's newfound evangelical, do better-ism, making it impossible for her to accept a peace deal with those awful body snatchers, all 3 of us are gonna die in this cave.
Bellamy Yeah, ok. We'll see.
Josephine Ok, now your confidence is just pissing me off.
[Indistinct voices] [Voices approaching] [Children of Gabriel enter]
Child of Gabriel #1 Gag the prisoners. Everybody up! The Sanctum Riders are coming.
Josephine Get away from me.
[Child of Gabriel #2 punches Josephine in the face]
Child of Gabriel #2 Stand her up.
[Two Children of Gabriel pull Josephine to her feet. Black blood spills from Josephine's lip]
Child of Gabriel #2 She's got the blood. She got the blood!
Child of Gabriel #1 Put her on her knees.
Bellamy Leave her alone!
[Child of Gabriel #1 move Josephine's hair and looks at the scar on her neck from the Mind Drive]
Child of Gabriel #1 She's a Prime. Unchain her. Put her there.
Bellamy Don't do this, please. The drive in her head, it's Josephine.
[Child of Gabriel #3 slams Josephine on a rock, facedown]
Josephine Uhh! Not helping.
Bellamy Think! As long as she's alive, you have leverage over Russell.
Child of Gabriel #1 This is not a negotiation, it's a war. The answer is death to Primes.
Josephine Wait! Gabriel loves her. Is this what he would want?
Child of Gabriel #1 Don't you use his name.
[Child of Gabriel #1 starts to lower his sword toward Josephine]
Child of Gabriel #1 Uhh!
[Josephine dodges the blade and proceeds to kill the three Children of Gabriel]
Bellamy Clarke.
Clarke Yeah.
Bellamy She gave you control?
Clarke It was either that or get her head cut off.
Child of Gabriel #4 I heard something!
[Voices approaching]
Bellamy We don't have time. You've got to run.
Clarke No, I'm not leaving you.
Bellamy Go find Gabriel. Go! Now!
[Clarke exits. More Children of Gabriel enter]
Child of Gabriel #5 It's Josephine Prime. Kill her before she gets to the rise. Do not let them get her back. Go!
[Children of Gabriel exit. Bellamy exposes a key in his hand from Clarke]
Scene 14 - Woods
[Clarke runs from the Children of Gabriel]
Multiple Children of Gabriel [Shouting]
[Sanctum Guard's motorcycle engines rev]
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) Here! I'm here!
[Sanctum Guards stop in the middle of the path, guns aimed at the Children of Gabriel]
Child of Gabriel #1 Gun! Down!
Jade Don't shoot. You'll hit Josephine. Down! Get down!
[Clarke dives to the ground. Sanctum Guards mow down the Children of Gabriel chasing Clarke, killing them all]
Jade I got her, you get the rest.
[All the other Sanctum Guards exit]
Jade Thank the Primes you're ok. Come on, let's get you home.
[Clarke grabs a rock from the ground and hits Jade in the head]
Jade Uhh!
Josephine Really? She just saved your life.
Clarke Why can I see you?
Josephine Because it's getting worse, like I said it would. Look, what you did back there was awesome. Don't let it be for nothing. Give me back control. I'll just get it anyway when you fall asleep. What are you doing now?
[Clarke pulls out her radio]
Clarke Gabriel, my name is Clarke Griffin. Josephine Lightbourne is in my head. If you can hear this, we're coming to you.
Josephine This is insane. He didn't respond to their call. He's probably dead. Please, let's just go back to Sanctum.
Clarke Not a chance.
Josephine Jeez. Fine, I'll drive. But for that, you do have to give me back control. Clarke, you don't know how to-
[Clarke climbs on Jade's motorcycle and makes the engine rev]
Josephine What else of mine have you stolen?
Clarke [Speaks mandarin] Sucks, doesn't it?
[Clarke drives away]
Scene 15 - Gabriel's Lab
Clarke [On radio] Gabriel, my name is Clarke Griffin.
Child of Gabriel [Over radio] ...we have a prisoner.
[Octavia wakes up]
Octavia I know what I have to do now.
Gabriel What are you talking about? What happened inside the Anomaly?
Octavia I still don't know. I'm sorry.
[Octavia leaves the tent. Gabriel follows]
Gabriel Wait. Please. I think I deserve an explanation.
Octavia Deserve's got nothing to do with it. The Anomaly gave me a second chance. And now I need to earn it.
[Indistinct radio chatter]
Child of Gabriel [On radio] Jericho to Providence, we have a prisoner that claims that Primes can now make hosts. If you're out there...
[Overlapping voices from radio]
Clarke [On radio] Gabriel, my name's Clarke Griffin. Josephine Lightbourne is in my head. If you can hear this, we're coming to you.
[Overlapping voices from radio]
Gabriel You know her?
[Octavia nods]
Gabriel If Josephine's in her head, then she's in all kinds of trouble.
Octavia Then my people are, too. I have to go.
Gabriel What for? She's coming here. Things are about to get weird.
Scene 16 - Space - Ship - Bridge
Raven All aboard who's coming aboard. We are a go for launch. All we need now is the second coming of Marcus Kane.
[Door opens] [Indra and Soldiers enter]
Indra Move, move, move! Everybody out of the way.
Abby Indra? What the hell are you doing?
Indra A favor for a friend. Raven, now.
[Raven takes the Nightblood from Simone. A Guard makes a move toward Raven. A Soldier points a gun at the Guard]
Indra One more step and the Queen dies.
[Indra takes the Nightblood from Raven]
Indra Keep them here.
[Indra leaves]
Simone Stop, that belongs to me!
Soldier Don't move.
Simone We had a deal.
Raven Looks like the deal's off.
Simone Abby, please do something.
Niylah Abby, please don't fight this.
Abby Fight what? Where's Marcus?
Raven He wants us to keep you here.
[Abby tries to exit, Niylah blocks her way]
Niylah Abby, don't. You don't want to see this.
Abby You let me off this Bridge right now.
Raven I promised him, Abby.
Abby Raven...please. I can't lose him.
Raven All right. If anyone else tries to leave, kill the Prime. Let's go.
[Abby and Raven exit]
Scene 17 - Space - Ship - Airlock Chamber
Computer Airlock sealed.
Abby No! Marcus, wait!
[Indra blocks Abby from the Airlock door]
Indra Abby, you shouldn't be here.
Abby Get out of my way. Please, I'm begging you.
Raven Indra, it's ok. She deserved a chance to say good-bye.
[Raven turns on the radio to the Airlock Chamber]
Raven He can hear you now.
Kane I didn't want you to see this, Abby. Not again.
Abby Please, Marcus, I'm begging you. Don't do this.
Kane It's already done. This...this is wrong, Abby. I know you know that. I understand why you did it. If I lost you, I could get you back, I'd probably do the same. But you won't be able to live with yourself and neither can I.
Abby Marcus, please. We're so close. We can make a new life. We can start over.
Kane Not like this. You told me once that your job was to make sure that we deserve to survive. You remember?
[Abby nods]
Kane That's what I'm doing now.
Abby No, please. I can't do this on my own.
Kane Yes, you can, Abby. You're so strong. You're so much stronger than me. You saved me so many times. Not just my life, me.
Abby I need you. I love you.
Kane I love you, too. I love you more than I ever thought I could love anyone. But if I don't do this now, then we both live to regret it, and so many more innocent lives will be lost. This is how we get our humanity back.
[Kane nods at Indra]
Indra In peace, may you leave this shore.
Indra and Raven In love, may you find the next. Safe passage on your travels, until your final journey to the ground. May we meet again.
Kane May we meet again.
Indra Your fight is over.
[Indra pulls the lever, air hisses. Kane and the Nightblood are released into space]