This is how we get our humanity back.
Marcus Kane's last words to Abby

What You Take With You is the ninth episode of the sixth season of The 100. It is the eightieth episode of the series overall.

UNLIKELY COMPANIONS - Bellamy must venture out into enemy territory with an unlikely companion. Meanwhile, Octavia is forced to confront her past.

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Fresh out of the Anomaly, Octavia has no memory of what’s happened to her. Gabriel thinks quite a lot happened since she’s fully healed, and that, from his perspective, she was there longer than a second.  To aid in her remembrance, he’s prepared a cocktail of Red Sun Toxin and Anomaly gas to inject into her. He says that no one has ever come out of the Anomoly before. He says that he and Russell tried this once to see what happened to hosts after a Mind Drive wipe and that it will open up her mind.And open up her mind, it does. She realizes Gabriel has 'disappeared' and hears whispering. She walks towards two boxes that are red and green. She chooses the red one and finds herself in the pit, where she’s flooded with the memories of her past sins. She’s chained up though, so there’s no escaping.

Back on the ship, Kane is not quite sure what to make of his new body. Abby tells him this is a new start and he can leave the old scars behind, but he’s not feeling comfortable in his new body, nor around Abby. He says everything feels wrong, but Abby thinks it will just take time.

Bellamy is dragging Josie through the woods as Clarke’s mind gets weaker. Josie tries to convince Bellamy not to turn her in but is unsuccessful. It’s not long before the Children of Gabriel capture them and tie them up in a cave. Bellamy explains to them that the Primes can make hosts and they need Gabriel’s help. The followers send a radio signal, but say if Gabriel doesn’t contact them back, they’ll die. The wall between Clarke and Josie’s mind continues to weaken, and Josie even lets down her guard. She explains that she’s been in love with Gabriel for 236 years, even though he’s been trying to kill her for the last 70. Then she notices that Clarke is tapping out Morse code which lets Josie realizes that is how Clarke was able to communicate with Bellamy in the first place. Knowing that Clarke can now hear them, Bellamy tells her that he won’t let her die.

Raven confronts Kane about Abby's decision to save him. It’s clear when he meets Simone and discovers that his host Gavin had a wife who still believes her husband is alive inside Kane that he's not okay with it. He and Raven go to wake up someone they think will be on their side: Indra . Ever as stoic, she isn’t as shocked by the recent developments as they thought.

Gabriel monitors Octavia as she is going through her drug trip when in her mind, her former foe, Pike, walks in. He begins to berate her. “How does it feel to know that everyone hates you?”, he asks her. Tears come to her eyes when he makes her realize that it’s worse than that. The worst part is she hates herself. Although she says she wants forgiveness, Pike makes her boil it down even more. This is all about redemption. Enter Blodreina. Blodreina demands she kill Pike. Blodreina decides to put her doppelgänger out of her misery and kill Pike. Octavia remembers Lincoln's death, which has broken her life, and picks up the sword to fight her former self instead. Blodreina gets in a few good hits; but in the end, Octavia wins out. As she runs her through with the sword, she says, “Blodreina no more,” and wakes up in Gabriel’s tent.

Raven, Kane, and Indra discuss Abby's decision to bring him back. Indra doesn’t see this as much different than floating people on the Ark for stealing food or making children battle to the death to become commander on the Ground. Kane says the Primes are committing murder, plain and simple, and he wants this new world to be different from the last. One without any causlities from false, so-called gods. Raven has a plan they need to float the nightblood. Abby used all the polymer on the ship, so even if they found more on the ground, they’d have to get Raven (their only pilot) to help create more in Zero-G.

Since they have nothing better to do, Josie remarks on how weird the his relationship with Clarke is. The Children of Gabriel come back because the Sanctum guards are closing in. When Josie fights back against them, they see her mouth bleed black and the scar at the nape of her neck. They know she’s a Prime. They are about to kill Josie when she allows Clarke to take control of her body. Clarke manages to break through Josie and free herself and gives Bellamy the keys to his cuffs before running off to find Gabriel. She makes contact with the Sanctum riders, but she uses them to take out the Children of Gabriel behind her; then she takes out Josie’s bodyguard, Jade. Josie appears beside Clarke now; the barrier between the two is getting weaker. Clarke radios Gabriel to let him know that Josie is in her body and she’s on her way to him. Josie asks to take over control again so that she can ride the motorcycle; but Clarke has picked up a few tricks in Josie’s head, including how to ride and how to speak Mandarin. She takes off to the Anomaly.

Fresh off her drug trip, Octavia is ready to seek out her second chance when she hears Clarke’s call on the radio. She knows this means her people are in trouble, and she wants to help. But Gabriel says she just needs to stay put because things are about to get weird.

The only catch is that Kane has decided to float himself with the nightblood; he cannot accept his new body, since he was willing to die within his old body before Abby got his host Gavin. Indra awakens an army from the cryopods, and they stop Simone from leaving and taking the nightblood. Simone says the deal is off. Before Abby realizes what is happening, Kane has locked himself into the airlock. As Abby begs him to reconsider, Kane transforms into the old Kane from Abby's perspective. He says doing this will allow them all to make a new life.“You told me once that your job was to make sure we deserve to survive,” he says. “That’s what I’m doing now.” Abby watches helpessly as yet another man she loves gets floated.

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  • Jesse Hutch as Lead COG
  • Kat Ruston as Sierra Royal Guard
  • Camden Filtness as James
  • Brea Schnieder as COG Warrior
  • Paloma Kwiatkowski as Octavia/Blodreina Double

Uncredited Edit

  • Ricky Whittle as Lincoln (archive footage)
  • Sachin Sahel as Eric Jackson (archive footage)
  • AJ Simmons as Anamay (archive footage)
  • Dagan Nash as Kahlan (archive footage)
  • Elizaveta Neretin as Woman (Resistor) (archive footage)

Quotes Edit

Charles Pike: "The path to the future goes through the past, Miss Blake. Psychology 101. We are what we've done and what's been done to us."
Charles Pike: "I'll ask you again. Who are you now, Miss Blake... your brother's sister or the monster who would have watched him die in this very arena?"
Indra: "On the Ark, you floated people for stealing food. On the ground, my people cheered as children fought to the death to lead us. Is this so much worse?"
Marcus Kane: "Yes, lives have been lost in the worshiping of false gods before, more than can be counted. But if we let it stand when we could stop it, then our new world would be no different than the one we left behind."
Bellamy Blake: "What's the deal with you two?"
Josephine Lightbourne: "What? Are we gonna be friends now?"
Bellamy Blake: "Doubtful."
Josephine Lightbourne: "I've been in love with Gabriel for 236 years, the last 70 of which he's been trying to kill me. You know, relationships. (starts tapping suddenly) Morse code, huh? She's crafty, I'll give her that."
Clarke Griffin (translated from Morse code): "Boohoo."
Josephine Lightbourne: "That's harsh."
Octavia Blake (in Trigedasleng): "Blodreina no more."
Josephine Lightbourne: "My father was a fool for letting you people stay. All that time spent building a sanctuary for the human race, and he destroys it because of the most human thing of all... love."
Josephine Lightbourne: "Take you and Clarke for instance. Now that's a weird relationship, isn't it? First you want to kill her to save your own ass, even though it means the genocide of your own people on the Ark and then you become besties, bonding over the actual genocide at Mount Weather. Together. You lock her up, she locks you up, you leave her on Earth, she leaves you to die in the fighting pits. I mean, it's exhausting frankly."
Bellamy Blake: "Tell me about it."
Bellamy Blake: "Don't do this, please. The drive in her head, its Josephine."
Josephine Lightbourne: "Not helping!"
Bellamy Blake: "Think! As long as she's alive, you have leverage over Russell."
Children of Gabriel member: "This is not a negotiation, it's a war. And it ends with death to Primes."
Clarke Griffin (suddenly taking control): "Wait! Gabriel loves her. Is this what he would want?"
Children of Gabriel member: "Don't you use his name!"
Bellamy Blake: "Clarke!"
Clarke Griffin: "Yeah."
Bellamy Blake: "She gave you control?"
Clarke Griffin: "It was either that or get her head cut off."
Clarke Griffin: "Gabriel, my name is Clarke Griffin. Josephine Lightbourne is in my head. If you can hear this, we're coming to you."
Josephine Lightbourne: "Geeze. Fine. I'll drive. But for that you do have to give me back control. Clarke you don't know how to... (Clarke starts the motorcycle) What else of mine have you stolen?"
Clarke Griffin (in Mandarin): "Sucks, doesn't it? (可怜,对吗?)"

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • In this episode, we learn what the anomaly does to people when they enter it.
  • This episode marks the first time Raven Reyes and Indra have interacted on screen.
  • This is the first episode ever written by Nikki Goldwaser and the first episode directed by Marshall Virtue.
  • As Kane is in the airlock, he reminds Abby that she once told him that her job is to ensure that they deserve to survive. This is a reference to "Pilot" when Kane orders her execution by floating and he tells her that his job is to make sure they survive no matter the cost. Abby responded that her job was to ensure that they deserve to survive.
  • When Clarke regains control from Josephine, it is possible to tell not only because of the change in demeanor, but also because her entire way of speaking changes.

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