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Diyoza: Octavia, don't tell them anything! 

Guard: It's been recharged. 

Doctor: She's clean. Transfer to M-Cap. 

Guard: Yes, sir. 

Man on PA: Security breach. All nonessential personnel, return to lifts stat. All security personnel, report. I repeat, subject is on the run. Apprehend at all costs. 

Octavia: How do I get out of here?

Computer voice: Level two. Arboretum level. 

Guard: Welcome to Bardo. 



Indra: What happened? 

Jae: It's the faithful. 

Indra: Excuse me? 

Blythe: What the fools who still believe are calling themselves now. They barricaded themselves inside our tavern and are demanding to speak to Clarke. 

Indra: We already spared Russell's life. What do they want now? 

Nelson: Indra, we need to talk about Russell. 

Indra: Get some sleep, Nelson. It's late. 

Nelson: Russell dies, and I don't expose Kaylee and Daniel. That was our deal. 

Indra: Letting Russell live is how we keep the peace. 

Nelson: Keeping our deal is, too. 

Indra: Are you threatening me? 

Nelson: If I was, what could you do about it without an army? This should be good. 

Trey: I asked for Clarke. 

Indra: You got me. What do you want? 

Trey: On behalf of the faithful, I demand the release of Russell Prime. 

Indra: We already spared his life today. That's as far as we're willing to go. As you know, he ordered you to stand down. 

Trey: That was before he was shot. 

Indra: Yes, by one of yours. 

Trey: Not ours. We are the keepers of the light. Russell Prime is a being of divine love, yet you keep him in chains like one of the prisoners you pollute our home with. 

Indra: All any of us wants is peace. Russell wants that, too. 

Trey: We had peace before you arrived, and we won't rest until we get back everything you've stolen from us. 

Indra: So you defy the will of your god? 

Trey: No. We obey. We won't take up arms against our enemies, but we will sacrafice our lives for his one by one every hour until his release. 

Indra: Trey, don't be a fool. 

Trey: Will you release Russell Prime? 

Indra: I told you, that's not going to happen. 

Woman: For the glory and the grace of the Primes. 

Nelson: Out of the way! Move! Move! Get off! 

Trey: One per hour. You try to take the tavern, and we all die at once. 


Jackson: Rack up another one for faith. 

Indra: Faith isn't the problem. Blind faith is. 

Jackson: Let me see those hands. 

Indra: That was a brave thing you did, Nelson. 

Nelson: They may hate us, but they're still our people. 

Emori: Even though you were cast out? 

Nelson: What's the matter, Kaylee Prime? You forget we are one? 

Murphy: Easy, big guy. If not for her, we'd all look like that girl you didn't save right now. 

Jackson: Minor burns. Let me clean them up and get you something for the pain. 

Indra: How does it feel to know they're willing to die for your freedom?

Russell: Awful. 

Nelson: Liar. You put them up to this. 

Russell: Why would I tell my followers to kill themselves when they're the only thing preventing you from killing me? 

Murphy: In that case, maybe we let them. What? Am I the only one who sees this as a solution and not a problem? If the faithful are the only reason we're keeping this son of a bitch alive, then I say we live and let die. 

Russell: Or you could free me. Fine then. Send me in. I'll talk them down... again. 

Indra: No. From now on, we dicate terms. 

Jackson: Indra, we can't just let them burn themselves alive. 

Indra: We won't. Russell isn't the only Prime in Sanctum. 

Emori: I'm in. I'll do it. I'll do it. 

Murphy: Emori, Emori, you can barely walk. 

Emori: I'm fine. I'm okay. 

Murphy: Sit... please. Great doctoring. You said she was fine. 

Jackson: She will be. Recovery from radiation exposure doesn't always progress in a straight line. 

Indra: And Murphy-- how is he? 

Jackson: Cleared for duty. 

Murphy: Fine, but the others better come back soon because I am getting tired of being the hero. 



Anders: This is a very important assignment. We need to know where she came from and how she got there, and we need to know it fast. 

Levitt: Hello, Octavia. I'm gonna start by asking you a few baseline questions. Who are you? 

Anders: Mr. Levitt asked you a question. Who are you? 

Octavia: None of your damn business. 

Levitt: Octavia, please don't struggle. Memory capture uses a laser-guided neural interface. If you're not careful, it could lobotomize you. 

Anders: She doesn't even understand what that means. Get on with it. 

Levitt: Sir, will all due respect, we do things a certain way. 

Anders: Well, this is routine then, is that it, just another standard disciple psych evaluation? We found two seemingly human, clearly dangerous individuals living on our prison planet. How did they get there? How many more of them are there? What do they know about the stones? Ask. 

Levitt: Let's try this path. You're in an endless desert with a vast purple sky. A hand reaches out for your own. Whose is it? Good. The neural link is engaged. 

Octavia: Go float yourself. 

Anders: Show me. 

Levitt: Hologram mode. Octavia, who is Bellamy?

Octavia: I'm not giving you anything. 

Anders: Dial up the frequency. 

Levitt: Sir, that could do damage--

Anders: Do it. 

Octavia: Get out of my head!


Man: Where's your army, Indra? Could it be no one wanted to help you lie to another people about their God? 

Murphy: Tough crowd. 

Indra: We don't need an army. We need you to do your job. 

Murphy: Yeah, but gods love armies. Listen. Can we at least ask if they'll help? 

Indra: Relax. You're not going inside. Anyone makes a move, I'll shoot them myself. 

Murphy: I got it. 

Trey: Daniel Prime. Uh, come in, please. 

Murphy: Self-immolation, Trey? Really? Don't you think that's a tad excessive? A kid? Are you out of your mind? Get out of my way! Move. Step away from the boy! Is this your kid? And you want him to die? 

Man: No, sir. Of course, if it serves the glory and the grace of the Primes--

Murphy: It doesn't. Get him out of here. The rest of the children, come with me. Now. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Come on. Open the door. So we meet again. Bet you're wondering why I never called. 

Trey: Zev, what are you doing? 

Zev: Name the four pillars of Sanctum. 

Murphy: How dare you try to test me?

Zev: He doesn't know. 

Murphy: Of course I do. 

Trey: Repent. Renew. Restore. Rebirth. 

Murphy: Thank you, Trey. Now open the door. 

Trey: Pillar three is rejoice, not restore, and we will when we watch you burn. 



Levitt: Tell me about this John Murphy. Is he family, friend, lover? We've been at this for eleven days. Please just let me in. If I don't give Anders something soon, they'll replace me with someone that will burn their way right through your head. I'm trying not to do that, okay? I hope by now you can trust me. That's Penance. Octavia, stop. Just relax. There was a child with you. Who is she? Octavia, if she's still on Penance--

Octavia: Skyring, you idiot. We call it Skyring. 

Levitt: I like that. You do know that in the time you've been here, years have passed for her. 

Octavia: You have to let me go, please. I need to get back to her. I'm begging you. 

Levitt: I have my orders. I'm sorry.

Octavia: I'll cooperate. Leave her out of your report and let me go back to her, I'll show you everything. Please. 

Levitt: Deal. 

Octavia: Thank you. 

Levitt: Let's start again. 

Octavia: Okay, but you're not gonna like what you see. 



Levitt: Yes! Sorry. It's just... you're amazing. 

Octavia: I'm a killer, nothing more. 

Levitt: That's not true. 

Octavia: What the hell do you know? 

Levitt: I've just spent three days in your head. Maybe you lost your way somewhere, but you've sacraficed so much for the people you love, even as a child forced to hide under the floor. You were terrified, but you never made a sound because you knew that if they found you, they'd punlsh Bellamy and kill your mother. You're not a killer, Octavia. You're a warrior to be sure, but your heart is pure. 

Octavia: Wait till you meet Blodreina. 

Levitt: First, let's get back to Clarke and her journey that day. Did she survive the City of Light? 

Octavia: Why are you so interested in Clarke? 

Levitt: Our time's not up yet. Anders can wait, and if not, he can go float himself. 

Hope: Get her out of that chair now! 

Octavia: Diyoza?

Hope: What are you doing to her? 

Octavia: Diyoza, no. We need him. He's gonna help us save Hope. 

Hope: It's me. 

Octavia: Hope. Hope. 

Levitt: You shouldn't be here. 

Hope: Where is my mother? 

Octavia: Take us to her. 

Hope: Hey. No, no, no. Not you. You can hardly stand. I'm gonna send you home, and then I'm gonna go get Mom. The stone room's on the way to the cell block. If anyone asks, we're escorting the prisoner back to her cell. You say one word other than that, and I will cut your throat, do you understand?


Levitt: You triggered a biohazard alert to keep people away. Clever. 

Hope: Wasn't my idea. 

Levitt: Safe to assume the retrieval team sent for whoever helped you isn't coming back? 

Hope: No. 

Levitt: Then you know you have thirty minutes until we send another. 

Hope: Yep. Dev knew everything. Show me the star map. 

Levitt: You're shivering. 

Hope: I said, show me the star map. 

Levitt: I believe this is yours. 

Hope: Something's wrong. Dev said all I had to do is think it. 

Levitt: Sanctum, I presume. 

Hope: Yes. 

Levitt: Unlike Dev, I actually do know everything. I hope you weren't in trouble when you left. Thanks to time dilation, despite the years you spent on Skyring and the length of your stay here, you'll be returning at almost the same time. Soon as I touch this, the bridge will open, and people will know. Give her your helmet. 

Hope: What? Why? 

Levitt: So she doesn't lose her memory. It's a side effect of jumping to a slower time-dilated planet. She'll forget everything from the moment she left, to the moment she returns. She'll forget you. 

Hope: No. I need the helmet to ghost. Without it, I can't get Mom. 

Octavia: Even with the helmet, you could still get caught, and I won't be able to help you. 

Levitt: Wait. I have an idea. This was here before we were. The native Bardoans used it to pull people back who got stuck in the bridge. Let's hope it still works. Look here and try not to blink. The eyes are the windows to the soul. Every mind has a unique code. With it, the stone can find you. That's you. You can enter this code into the stone there. It'll pull her across the bridge remotely. You won't remember each other, but at least you'll be alive. Turn around. We need to tattoo her code onto your back. 

Hope: If you're right, she won't remember what it means. 

Levitt: One problem at a time, okay? We have to do this now. Easy, easy. 

Hope: What if she doesn't see it? 

Levitt: It's the only place big enough. Believe it or not, it used to fit on a Bardoan's arm. The sucess rate's a little dodgy, though. Eight out of ten times, it's safe. The other two times, uh-uh, not so much. That's why we stopped using it. There. Done. 

Hope: Hey. I got you. 

Octavia: Thank you. 

Levitt: Of course. 

Octavia: For your own good. It can't look like you helped us. 

Hope: I've got you. Come on. Levitt, open the bridge. 

Levitt: On it. 

Octavia: Hope... I'm so sorry I never came back for you, but you're strong. I can see it. Your mother will be so proud. I love you, little one. Don't you ever forget it. 

Levitt: Octavia, you need to go. You'll never make it. You need to go, too. 

Hope: I have to try. 

Levitt: Hope, you don't understand. They'll have helmets, too, that means that--



Man: In the light of the shepherd. For all mankind. He will save us from the war to end all wars. 

Woman: Here comes the retrieval team. Took them long enough. 

Gabriel: Echo, what the hell are you doing? 

Echo: It wasn't me. 

Hope: Without Orlando, we don't need to take unnecessary risks. 

Gabriel: Leaving Orlando was the unnecessary risk. Echo, enough. 

Echo: Hope, take the conductor. Focus. We're on the clock. 

Gabriel: Clock? We drilled for five years. We have thirty minutes to get to the cell block, get our people, and get back here before shift change. With Orlando opening the doors, the best we ever did was 28 minutes. 

Echo: Then I guess we'd better hurry.  

Gabriel: Look. We all know this can't be done without an inside man. 

Echo: We have an inside man. 

Hope: What if he's not in M-Cap? 

Gabriel: What if who's not in M-Cap? 

Hope: The man who helped before-- Levitt. M-Cap's on this level. We won't lose much time. 


Gabriel: 28 minutes left. 

Echo: We can all see that, Gabriel. 

Hope: Plenty of time. This is M-Cap. 

Woman: You three, fall in. We're late. Helmets off. 

Hope: That's Anders. 

Anders: Let's first take a moment to acknowledge our newest class of level 9s. You've each demonstrated impressive devotion to the shepherd. Our predecessors on this planet did not share that faith. Like our ancestors on Earth, they destroyed their world. Even before they were wiped out by Gen 9 and turned into crystal giants, their atmosphere was so polluted, they were forced to build forests underground in order to breathe. Even the rain that should fall from the sky falls instead by their technology. For that, we thank them, but where are they now? We know that by the time the shepherd delivered us with the stone that the Bardoans were gone, extinct. Why is that?

Woman: They didn't have the shepherd! 

Anders: No, they didn't did they? 

Gabriel: He said the stone delivered them. 

Echo: So? 

Gabriel: So they weren't Eligius. There was a stone on Earth. 

Anders: That same enemy is coming after us, but in the light of the shepherd, we will not lose. 

Echo: That means Orlando didn't tell us everything. We should go. 

Gabriel: Where's Hope? 

Anders: We're close now. We've located the key. After hundreds of years, it has returned to us. Ours is the generation that will win the last war! 

Echo: Hope. We're on a mission. Are you out of your mind? 

Anders: As we fight this fight for all mankind!  

Echo: Look. I know how you feel, but what do you say this time we don't fail? 

Anders: For all mankind!



Anders: You're bleeding. What happened? 

Hope: I'm fine. 

Anders: You're not fine. What happened to her? Who did this? We need her well for the mission she's about to undertake. 

Man: It wasn't us, sir. No one's been in or out for the last 24 days. She had another M-Cap session with Levitt. His report should be in your system. 

Anders: I've seen it. It was worthless to us. Unlike Octavia, she knows nothing about the key. Be careful of this one. She turned an L-7 and set free our most important asset before getting captured. Roll up her sleeve, see what's wrong with her. 

Hope: Touch me, and I won't do your bidding. 

Anders: Oh, I think you will. Your mother's life depends on it, and that is not a weapon we gave you. It's a tagging device. This is what happens when you value individuals above the collective.

Hope: It's called love, you son of a bitch. It's why Dev turned. 

Anders: It's why you're a prisoner dressed like a savage so you can get close enough to stick that blade into Aunty O and bring her back to me. 

Hope: Why do you care about her?

Anders: I don't. I care about Clarke. She's the key to everything.

Man: It's go time, captain.

Anders: Remember, because of time dilation, no one will come for you if you fail. 

Man: We understand. 

Anders: Good. I want Clarke Griffin back here unharmed. The shepherd is counting on you. 

Man: What about the girl -- Hope? She's clearly a threat. 

Anders: Once her job is done, terminate. 


Octavia: Hope. 

Hope: I couldn't get out of it. He has my mother. I'm so sorry, Octavia. 

Bellamy: Octavia, what's happening? 

Echo: Knife! 

Bellamy: O. 


Anders: Hello, Miss Blake. Be thankful you came back in one piece. Get her to medical. I want her back in M-Cap by the end of the day. We're not finished yet.



Murphy: Okay. Now that just tickles. 

Trey: That's enough. It's time. 

Murphy: Really? I was just starting to enjoy that. 

Trey: Looks like you'll finally burn for your blasphemy. 

Murphy: We can talk about this. You don't have to do this! 

Man: Shut up, false god! You burn today! 

Murphy: Get the hell off of me! 

Trey: Russell, Kaylee, hallowed be your names. 

Murphy: Hey, sis. 

Zev: Silence, false god. 

Russell: False God? 

Trey: Yes, Holiness. This man is an impostor. It's not Daniel Prime. 

Russell: I wasn't speaking to you. 

Zev: It's the truth, my lord. Daniel Prime and I were close. This man didn't recognize me. He couldn't even name the four pillar-- 

Russell: I should tear your tongue through your throat for that. 

Indra: Russell, get to the point. 

Russell: Daniel, Kaylee, and I are the last of the Primes. Just tonight, he gave me his blood so that this body would live after one of the fallen tried to take my life. I love him like a son. Now release him! 

Murphy: Certainly took you long enough. 

Emori: Had to find the right dress. 

Murphy: You did. 

Russell: My, my, my. What foolish little lambs you are. The last thing I want is for all of you to die. In the same night your uprising stayed my execution, you thought it wise to sacrifice yourselves? You're the only thing keeping me alive! 

Trey: Please forgive us, Russell. 

Russell: You want forgiveness, then show me your fealty. 

Trey: Anything. Just tell me what to do. 

Russell: Kneel. All of you, kneel or die. 

Emori: Indra, what's wrong? 

Indra: I've heard that before. 

Russell: That's better. No go home and pray on your sins. 

Murphy: Good show. 

Russell: You're welcome. 

Indra: There's a spider on your shoulder. 

Russell: Too bad you can't kill me. 

Indra: Escort Russell Prime back to the lab. 


Indra: Leave us. Now we know what happened to the code when we saved the commander. 

Russell: She was too weak to be a commander, and you know it. I've been wondering... did your parents kneel when I conquered Trikru? 

Indra: 'If you must know... my father had already died in the battle. When it was over... yes, my mother did kneel. I thought her weak for it.

Russell: And you know what happens if you make me a martyr. 

Indra: Yes. The same thing that happens if anyone finds out who you are. Only then, as the people riot for the loss of their god, I can slit your throat. Come in! 

Russell: What's the meaning of this? 

Nelson: Up. 

Indra: I might not be able to kill you, but I can make sure when I do, you don't come back. 

Nelson: Death to Primes. 

Jackson: For the pain. 

Indra: No... let him feel it. For Abby. 



Levitt: Octavia! I'm so sorry this happened to you. I did everything I could to help Hope, including surgically implanting a message in her arm. I'm sorry to say this will be our last session. 

Octavia: Why?

Levitt: They're taking me off your case. I think they think I've gotten too close. Listen to me. Whoever takes my place, you can't fight them. Your brain will hemorrhage, but you can beat the machine if you keep your mind focused on a single thought, a mantra like your mom had you say under the floor. 

Octavia: 'I'm not afraid.'

Levitt: Yes. Good. Let's try it. Can I help you, sir? 

Anders: Her brother is here. I need her to talk him down. No one else has to die. 



Octavia: I am not afraid. 

Echo: Levitt? 

Octavia: I am not afraid.

Hope: It's not him. Hey. Aunty O. Aunty O, it's me. 

Octavia: I am not afraid. I am not afraid. 

Echo: Her brother, where is he? Show me, or I take an eye. 


Octavia: Hey, big brother. 

Bellamy: Let her go right now. 

Anders: We can't do that. These good men, who you killed, brought you here from Sanctum for a reason. Let the conductor go, and then we can talk. 

Bellamy: Her first. 

Anders: There's no other way out of this for you, Mr. Blake. 

Octavia: Bell, he's right. Open the bridge and send him back to Sanctum. I'll tell you everything you want to know, even about Clarke. 

Bellamy: What the hell are you talking about? 

Man: No. Sir, you can't. The--

Anders: Shut up! 

Octavia: Bell, it's okay. I can't let you die to save me. Jump through. I'll be okay. 

Bellamy: No way... not without you.  

Guard: I do the shepherd's bidding for all mankind. 

Octavia: Bellamy, get down! 


Echo: That can't be real. Is that real? 

Gabriel: Time's up. They know we're here! Echo, I'm sorry about Bellamy, but we need to take him as a hostage. 

Hope: Echo. Echo. No. We need him. We'll never find my mother.