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There are many weapons on EarthThe Ark, on Eligius IV, and on Sanctum which are listed here.

Primitive Melee


Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 3.09.13 PM

Bellamy's Axe

Axes are common, and can serve as utilitarian tools. As weapons, they are generally relatively easy to use for the amount of damage they can cause.

Bellamy Blake's axe appears to either be homemade or a re-purposed survival tool. He used it to open the depotClarke Griffin used it to cut John Murphy down before he suffocated from being hung.

Axes are also used by Grounders in the battles.

Russell Lightbourne kills his family with an axe, due to the eclipse-induced psychosis.


Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 3.09.01 PM

Murphy's Knife

Knives are useful tools, that despite their small size can still be effective as deadly bladed weapons. Charlotte used a knife made from scrap metal to kill Wells Jaha. John Murphy has used his knife to threaten his victims. Lexa used a Scottish dirk. Knives are also used by Grounders, too. During the Final Conclave at Polis, Kane reveals that the Blue Cliff warrior has two Corvo Knives. In Sanctum, the Guards are shown having knives as weapons.


The Grounders used swords in close quarters combat and was used by Lexa after all of the Grounders cut a traitor to give the final kill. They also use these weapons in the battles. The Children of Gabriel used swords as weapons on Alpha.


Machetes are used by Grounder warriors and the Children of Gabriel as weapons.


Sanctum Guards' staff weapon

The Guards on Sanctum use staffs.

Primitive Ranged


A spear was thrown by a Woods Clan member into Jasper Jordan's chest. By inspection, the shaft appears to be made of wood while blade appears to be discolored iron or steel. Lexa also used a spear to kill Queen Nia. The Grounders used spears as weapons for battles and for hunting.

Bow and Arrow

Used by Grounders, all bows seen have been short bows made of wood.


Only members of Floukru have been seen using crossbows.



Unity Day 076 (Jasper, Raven, and Bellamy)

Raven, Bellamy, and Jasper with M4A1 rifles

The 100 found some packed for long-term storage in an old military base. While the rifles still function well, much of the ammunition has gone bad. The 100 used M4A1 rifles to ward off Grounders attacking the Delinquents' Camp.

FNH Five-SeveN

FN Five-SeveN

Bellamy's gun: FN Five SeveN

Bellamy was given a semiautomatic pistol by Commander Shumway to kill Chancellor Thelonious Jaha. After the failed assassination, Bellamy carried it with him to Earth and had it in "Pilot" and "Earth Skills." It ran out of ammunition after Wells Jaha shot the panther in "Earth Skills."

Beretta MX4 Storm

Beretta MX4 Storm can be seen in seasons 2 & 5, used first by the security detail at Mount Weather and then by the prisoners from the mining ship. Presumably the standard issue sidearm for prison guards, which were later obtained by the prisoners.

Norinco QBZ 97

The bullpup rifle, known as the Norinco QBZ 97 chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO, is a pre-war Chinese assault rifle. it appears to be the main guard weapon used in the Ark. It is seen frequently in Season Two, used by the Camp Jaha guards.

It is unclear how the survivors of the Ark acquired them, but since it is Chinese-made, it is possible it was part of a payload of supplies sent to the Shenzhen before the creation of the Ark.

CAA Tactical Roni


CAA Tactical Roni

This gun is seen used by Finn Collins from "Many Happy Returns" to "Spacewalker". It was given to him by Bellamy Blake at the end of "Many Happy Returns".

Minigun (unknown model)

At the onset of Season Three, the vehicle used by various characters features a clearly visible minigun mounted on the front (to be used by the person in the front passenger seat). The weapon is of unknown origin, but likely originated in the now-vacant Mount Weather, as such a weapon would be illogical to use on a space station. Additionally, Mount Weather is known to have had an arsenal of heavy weaponry, such as guided missiles, so theorizing that the weapon originated there is not unrealistic.

Sniper Rifles


Mountain Men spying on Clarke Griffin.

These firearms are known as only used by the Mountain Men. They have very good scopes and are suppressed, the first time we see it being used is in Season Two while two Mountain Men soldiers were hunting down Clarke and Lexa with a Remington model 700 in episode Coup de Grâce. At the end of the Season Four finale, Clarke Griffin and Madi also have a sniper rifle, which has the written names of people who's been lost.[1] Kara Cooper also used a sniper rifle to shoot at the Wonkru defectors.


Rocket launcher

Otan uses an RPG rocket launcher

The Rocket-Propelled Grenade launcher is a Rocket launcher used by Otan, outside in the Dead Zone.


Gun 5x11


These guns were used by the Eligius Corporation.

Small Explosive / Chemical


Hydrazine bomb concept

BTS Hydrazine bomb concept

An explosive device created by Raven Reyes and used by Guard and the Delinquents. She used rocket fuel (hydrazine) from the crashed Exodus ship and gunpowder from bullets in order to make a bomb to blow up a bridge. The device proved powerful enough to destroy the structure as well as anyone nearby. In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1), a hydrazine bomb was used to weaken Mount Weather's main door.


Raven is also able to make landmines.

In the Dead Zone, two of Jaha's followers were killed in a mine field.


Raven has been able to make explosive fragmentation grenades from available raw materials.

Knock Out Gas

DelinquentsClarke 1x13

Knock Out Gas

The Mountain Men have grenades containing a knock out gas. Knock out gas is a strong general anesthetic and is usually used to capture their test subjects.

Both Eligius IV and the people of Sanctum also had knock-out gas. When arriving on Sanctum, Clarke's group decides to take knock out gas and shock batons to try to keep from harming anyone. During the Red Sun eclipse, Clarke uses the gas to knock out herself and her friends until it's safe again.

During the Adjustment Protocol, the Adjusters uses several cans to knock out Clarke's friends and the Children of Gabriel to take them for adjustment.


Used by Mountain Men as a form of crowd control.


The last of the loose gunpowder used in the bridge bomb was taken from old bullets, Jasper was able to make more gunpowder using his chemistry knowledge. In "We Are Grounders (Part 1)," Murphy used gunpowder to blow up a part of the dropship so he could escape from the Delinquents' Camp.

Large Explosive / Chemical

Guided Missile

S03e03 guided missile

The Mountain Men had a limited arsenal of guided missiles which home in on laser designators. Such a missile was used to destroy the Trikru village of Tondc and at least one more had been used before Season One.

Nuclear Missile

ALIE and the missile

A.L.I.E. and the nuclear missile Jaha rode to Earth in.

The Ark was in possession of nuclear missiles and warheads left behind from the Nuclear Apocalypse. One was rode into the Dead Zone by Thelonious Jaha, and A.L.I.E. was later in possession of the same missile in her mansion. It was later refurbished into a backpack to act as A.L.I.E.'s power source until it was destroyed by Charles Pike.

In 2052, A.L.I.E. launched nuclear missiles that caused the Nuclear Apocalypse, including 27 ICBMs from China as she believed the problem with humanity was overpopulation. In 2054, Alpha Station launched a missile that destroyed Polaris, in order to get all 12 space stations to join the Ark. However, it's never made clear if they were using nuclear missiles or ordinary missiles.

Damocles Bomb

Main article: Damocles Event
Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 8.28.06 PM

Damocles Bomb

The "Damocles" bomb is a weapon made of Hythylodium from the asteroid Proxima VI. Hythylodium was kept in massive tanks that were attached to a rocket engine. Then it was propelled by it into the ground and exploded on impact. It could destroy a massive area and make it toxic. Toxicity of Hythylodium caused lung disease that a large amount of Eligius Prisoners suffered from.


The Gagarin has missiles that were used for blowing up rocks on the asteroid Proxima 6. When the prisoners and Diyoza along with McCreary took over Eligius IV and landed on Eden, they utilised the missiles aboard their dropship to use them against Wonkru. Raven temporarily blocked the missile launch codes while she was on Eligius IV.  

In Shifting Sands, Diyoza orders Shaw to fire a missile at the Wonkru camp. They hit the empty camp, while Wonkru survives in a sandstorm.

In Damocles (Part 2), Paxton McCreary intended to use the Gagarin's missiles to take out Wonkru but was stopped by Clarke.



Contents Under Pressure 037 (Antidotes)

Poison antidote

Used on knives/arrows/spears. The toxin is natural and derived from plant life similar to manchineel tree sap. The antidote comes from the beetles that feed on the river moss.[2] It does not appear to be fatal in small doses as Lincoln was able to taste a poisoned arrow, determine it was poisoned and spit it back out without worrying about becoming ill himself. Known symptoms include fever, shortness of breath, seizures and fluid build up in the lungs ultimately becoming fatal when untreated with the antidote.

In "His Sister's Keeper," Finn is stabbed with a poisoned blade by Lincoln who believes Finn is trying to kill him. In "Contents Under Pressure," Clarke struggles to treat Finn with the help of her mother via radio, successfully removing the blade. However, as Finn's condition grows worse, Clarke realizes that he's been poisoned. When Lincoln refuses to give up the antidote, Octavia slashes herself with the poisoned blade and Lincoln indicates the correct vial, saving Finn and Octavia.

In "We Are Grounders (Part 2)," Octavia is hit in the thigh with a poisoned arrow which Lincoln discovers in "The 48." Having given his med kit to Finn in order to help save Raven from a gunshot wound, Lincoln is left without an antidote and instead tries to find the beetles without success, later returning to his village for more of the antidote when Octavia's condition grows worse. Though Lincoln is captured by his people, his friend Nyko saves Octavia with the antidote for Lincoln's sake in "Inclement Weather."

Acid Fog

Earth Kills 039 (Acid Fog)

Acid fog

Main article: Acid Fog

Acid Fog or the Veil was a poisonous gas created by the Mountain Men. The Grounders had a warning system where they blew a horn to alert others of the fog. In "Bodyguard of Lies," Bellamy Blake destroyed the Acid Fog machine so it is no longer a threat.

Red Drug

Red Drug

Red Drug

Main article: Mountain Men/Cerberus Project

The Red Drug is an addictive drug created by the Mountain Men. It was used to turn the captured Grounders into Reapers.

Hemorrhagic Fever

I Am Become Death 014 (Clarke and Murphy)

Murphy is infected with the Hemorrhagic fever.

A virus used by the Grounders on the Delinquents to "soften the battlefield" prior to engaging with footmen for hand-to-hand combat. The Grounders infected John Murphy with Viral Hemorrhagic Fever[3] and let him escape their prison camp. Murphy returned to the Delinquents' Camp and infected the Delinquents, causing at least three known deaths. While there's no cure, the surviving delinquents were able to recover on their own.


Main article: Parasite Worms
Worms 5x10

Worms after being dumped by Clarke

During Wonkru's march on the Shallow Valley, the worms attacked their scout, Obika. He was taken to Wonkru's camp in the wasteland. One of the worms that got out of him, attacked Octavia and got into her body. Clarke managed to take out the worm and put it into a jar. Kara Cooper experimented on the worms. Octavia wanted to use them as a weapon, to wipe out Eligius IV prisoners in the Shallow Valley, but Clarke unintentionally took the worms with her in a rover and dumped them in the wasteland. 

Red Sun toxin bomb

612 Red Sun Toxin bomb

Red Sun toxin bomb

The Red Sun toxin bomb was used as a weapon for the Adjustment Protocol, in order to prevent a rebellion in Sanctum. It was a weaponized form of the Red Sun toxin that gets released during the Red Sun Eclipse.


Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 2.43.42 PM

Ark Guard baton

Ark Guard baton

A Shock Baton or a Stun Stick is a short-range melee weapon. As an electrically powered stun baton, it is essentially a high-tech club that can also immobilized targets with a powerful electrical shock.

It was initially used as a non-lethal weapon by the Ark Guard to police the Ark residents. Once the Sky People arrived on Earth, under the Exodus Charter, the stun stick was then also used as punishment in the form of shock lashes.

Tone generators

Frequency Generator

Frequency Generator

A hand-held device that generates a specific tone that incapacitates any nearby Reapers. Used by Mount Weather Guard to disarm Reapers during harvesting.

The Sky People also used them in the Mount Weather War.

Mining Drill

Big advanced weapon 5X03

A Mining Drill, also known as a Sonic Drill, uses sound waves to pulverize rocks. "[It] is the ultimate tool for interplanetary excavation. Company protocols dictate that operators must wear protective gear at all times, and the drill should be secured prior to use."[4] The Eligius prisoners have repurposed these drills to be used as weapons against their enemies.

Shock Collar

Pulse collar

BTS-Shock Collar

The Shock Collars, also known as the Pulse Collars, are electrical collars[5] used by the Eligius Corporation to control prisoners. After the prisoners' successful uprising, they use it on people they can't trust and for torture.

During Season Five, Michael Vinson was considered so dangerous by the prisoners that they kept a shock collar on him at all times. In "Damocles (Part 1)," after Vinson attacked Marcus Kane and severely wounded him, Abigail Griffin used the collar to kill Vinson with a fatal shock. In "Damocles (Part 2)," Raven Reyes grabbed onto Paxton McCreary when Clarke activated her collar, transferring the shock to McCreary and stunning him.

In "Nevermind," Clarke, with the help of a projection of Maya Vie, places a shock collar onto Josephine Lightbourne within her Mindspace in order to trap Josephine within a cave in one of her memories. However, Josephine purposefully activates the collar to fry her as Josephine's Mind Drive can reboot her.

In "The Old Man and the Anomaly," a shock collar was planned to be used as part of an EMP device, replacing the Delinquents' wristband used in the original version created by Raven and Jacapo Sinclair. However, as the device was later used to disable the radiation shield temporarily, it is unclear if the shock collar was ever actually incorporated into the device.


The Grounders use different various types of traps.

Bear Trap

There were bear traps in Shallow valley. One of which Clarke was lured on by Madi

Paxton McCreary said he almost stepped on one over the radio when trying to hunt down Madi.


  • Tranquilizer gun - Pilot
  • Tranquilizer dart - Pilot
  • Bellamy's gun: FN Five-SeveN - Pilot
  • Woods Clan spear - Pilot
  • Lincoln's knife (poisoned) - Contents Under Pressure
  • Bow and Arrow - Unity Day
  • Gunpowder - I Am Become Death
  • Raven Reyes's bomb - I Am Become Death
  • Bridge bomb - I Am Become Death
  • M16 - We Are Grounders: Part 1
  • Bow and arrow - We Are Grounders: Part 1
  • Bellamy holding a gun - We Are Grounders: Part II
  • Bellamy with a gun - We Are Grounders: Part II
  • Landmine - We Are Grounders: Part II
  • Machete knife - We Are Grounders: Part II
  • Mountain Men gun - We Are Grounders: Part II
  • Type95 Guard rifle - The 48
  • CX-4 pistol carbine - The 48
  • Arrow head - Inclement Weather
  • Missile diagram - Inclement Weather
  • Machete knife - Inclement Weather
  • Jaha with a nuclear missile - Inclement Weather
  • Pistol - Reapercussions
  • Guard gun - Reapercussions
  • Gun - Reapercussions
  • Bellamy holding a gun.
  • Kane holding a handgun.
  • Lexa with a knife
  • Bellamy with a Type95 Guard rifle
  • Bellamy holding a pistol.
  • One of Raven Reyes's bombs
  • Pistol
  • The Chosen
  • The Chosen
  • Sniper rifle
  • Prisoner holding a weapon.
  • Prisoner holding a weapon.
  • A Sonic Drill
  • Clarke's drawing of weapons.
  • Red Sun Toxin gas
  • Red Sun Toxin gas


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