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Jaha: Tell me what it's like.

Abby: It's...everything I dreamed. So much green. There are trees everywhere. And water. And the air. The air's sweet. It's so beautiful. Thelonious, you should be here."

— about Earth

We Are Grounders (Part 2) is the thirteenth and final episode of the first season of The 100. It is the thirteenth episode of the series overall.

The surviving 100 attempt to escape from the incoming attack. However, when one of their own is killed by Grounder scouts, they are forced to hunker down in their fortified camp. Clarke tries to save a dying Raven, while preparing for battle. Bellamy is forced to make a difficult decision regarding Octavia. Jasper races against time to save them all and Finn makes a bold and dangerous move. Meanwhile, the remaining 1,000 citizens of the Ark prepare to return to Earth.


Bellamy and Clarke leave their camp.

In the dropship at the camp, Clarke cauterizes Raven's gunshot wound caused by John Murphy. Bellamy flips through Lincoln's journal and comes to a drawing of a Reaper and asks if the Reapers might help them fight the incoming Grounders. Clarke tells him it is not an option. She then tells Raven that she cannot walk with the bullet still inside her and Finn goes to get a gurney. Bellamy calls Finn a coward for wanting to leave and Clarke interrupts, telling them it is time to go. Finn leaves and Clarke tells Bellamy she needs Bellamy with them because the Delinquents are willing to fight and die for Bellamy. Outside, on their way out of the camp, Bellamy mentions there are eighteen dead and Clarke tells him there are eighty-two people who are still alive and they did good.

Jasper: "Grounders!"

Later, after the delinquents have begun their march to the sea, Octavia brings everyone to a halt, sensing something. A blade comes flying out through the trees and embeds in Drew's head. Jasper screams out, "Grounders!" and all of the delinquents flee back behind the walls of the camp. Clarke realizes that they are doing exactly what the Grounders want them to do: returning to the camp so that they are back in place for the assault. With the Grounder scouts already outside, Clarke realizes it is not safe for them to try and leave camp again and they need to stay and fight. Bellamy tells the gunners to get to their posts and to close the gates. Octavia takes off with the gunners and Bellamy stops her, telling her she's not a gunner. She tells him she's a Grounder like he said.

Later, inside the dropship, Bellamy and Raven tell Clarke and Finn that the main entrance road has been booby-trapped with land mines and that Raven has built a couple of grenades. Bellamy plans to keep the Grounders at bay using guns, grenades, and the landmines to hold the gate. Raven notes that if the Grounders get through the gate, they will have to hide inside the dropship and close the door and pray. Clarke suggests using the remaining rocket fuel from the dropship to fire the rockets once the Grounders have surrounded the dropship, which would burn the Grounders alive. Raven says she can do it.

Sinclair explains the consequences of returning the Ark to Earth.

On the Ark, Sinclair informs Jaha, Kane, and the other inhabitants of the Ark about the workings and possible consequences of bringing the Ark to Earth, explaining that some parts of the Ark will be destroyed when entering the atmosphere along with the people inside. Jaha tells the Station Representatives that they have no other choice if they do not want them all to die.

Back on Earth, Clarke and Finn are underneath the dropship, looking for its ignition system, when Raven reveals that she cannot feel her legs anymore. Clarke discovers that the bullet is in Raven's spine and that she is bleeding internally. Finn suggests going to Lincoln's cave to get some of the coagulant stuff the Grounders use and leaves to go get it.

The Ark launches

On the Ark, everyone is strapped into different stations of the Ark. Jaha gives the Traveler's Blessing across the PA and tells Sinclair to begin their journey back to earth. Sinclair tries to remotely separate the Ark's stations from GoSci and the Earth Monitoring Station with explosives so they can then use the Ark's thrusters to blast them towards Earth, but the remote detonation fails. Sinclair informs Jaha that someone will have to manually detonate the bombs and stay behind. Kane volunteers and is ready to leave. Abby asks how much air Kane will have. Sinclair tells her that Kane will have one week, two weeks at most. Suddenly, the bombs explode, shaking the Ark. Jaha tells Abby from Earth Monitoring Station that she will see her daughter soon. The Ark's stations separate from GoSci and head for Earth as the thrusters activate.

Octavia saves Bellamy's life.

On the outsides of the camp, Grounders start to appear. Bellamy joins Miller and Monroe in a foxhole as other gunners start reporting Grounders moving across their lines of vision. Bellamy then sees Grounders moving around and Monroe and Miller start firing as Bellamy tells them to hold their fire but they are already out of ammo. Meanwhile, Clarke searches for an orange wire that is the dropship's ignition. When Clarke finds the wire she discovers it to be broken. Raven asks Clarke if she knows how to splice a wire. Over the walkie-talkie, Jasper informs Raven and Clarke that the landmines are working. Raven realizes Jasper can splice a wire. Clarke calls for Jasper to get to the dropship. Outside, in the west fox hole, Jasper realizes the Grounders are drawing their fire to deplete their ammunition and he tells the gunners to stop firing. Bellamy orders the gunners to not shoot unless the Grounders are directly attacking.

In the woods, the Grounder troops lead by Tristan and Anya have one of the walkie-talkies and hears Bellamy's commands while they have John Murphy tied to a tree. The Grounder general, Tristan, stabs Murphy in the leg for not telling him about the minefield and decides to go in for the attack. When the Grounders finally attack their foxhole, Monroe flees, Miller is hit in the shoulder with a spear, and Bellamy is knocked down. The Grounder who knocked Bellamy down tries to choke him but his head is impaled by a sword as Octavia saves Bellamy. Octavia is hit in the thigh with an arrow quickly after and Bellamy tries to carry her back to the dropship.

Finn gets to Lincoln's cave and looks for the coagulant. Lincoln appears and gives him the coagulant and hears the battle over the radio. He decides to go with Finn to the camp. Finn sees one of Lincoln's sketches of a Reaper and is reminded of Bellamy's idea to use them.

Clarke and Fox watch the Ark fall to Earth.

Clarke and Jasper are underneath the dropship and Clarke asks Raven to repeat the direction but receives no response. When Clarke goes to check on her, she sees Raven has lost consciousness. One of the gunners announces through the walkie-talkie that the Grounders have broken through, Clarke tells Jasper to finish the wiring of the ignition system while she goes outside to check out the situation. She tells the gunners they need more time and to stay at their posts and hold off the Grounders while the others get inside the dropship. A bright light suddenly lights up the night sky, distracting everyone on the ground. Clarke realizes that it is the Ark, entering the atmosphere. One of the Ark stations explodes, killing everyone inside.

Finn and Lincoln arrive back at the camp, having led the Reapers to Anya and Tristan and the other Grounder warriors outside the camp. The Reapers and Grounders engage in a violent battle as Finn escapes into the camp through the tunnel entrance.

Octavia leaves the battle with Lincoln.

Lincoln comes across Octavia and Bellamy and says he can help her but they must leave now. Bellamy tells Octavia that his life did not end when Octavia was born, but that it hadn't started until then. Bellamy tells Lincoln to keep Octavia safe. Lincoln carries a crying Octavia away while Bellamy hides behind a tree near the battling Grounders and Reapers. Anya, Tristan, and their warriors succeed in killing the Reapers and they turn toward the camp's wall.

Inside the dropship, Clarke injects Raven with the coagulant. Miller comes in and informs them that the Grounders are taking down the gate. Jasper announces that he is ready with the ignition system. The Grounders breach the gate and Clarke yells at the people outside to get inside the dropship. Bellamy returns through the secret entrance but sees Tristan slaughtering the delinquents. He picks up a gun but there are no bullets and Tristan begins attacking him. Finn grabs a gun and runs to Bellamy's aid but the two of them are left outside while Clarke reluctantly goes inside the dropship and closes the door as the Grounders breach the camp. Anya, however, quickly jumps over the door and is locked inside with the delinquents. Anya stands, ready to fight the delinquents with two blades. Clarke tells Jasper to push the button but it doesn't work. Outside, the Grounders are making their way up the sides of the dropship while Anya begins to attack. She is easily overpowered by the numerous delinquents as Clarke stops Miller from killing Anya by reminding them they are not Grounders. Jasper realizes he forgot the magnet and reroutes the connection through a magnet, blasting the dropship's rockets, incinerating the Grounders outside.

Abby sees Earth for the first time.

Up in space in the remnants of the Ark, Jaha attempts to contact any surviving stations and is able to reach Abby on Mecha Station who was with Kane and Sinclair . She tells them they landed successfully and goes outside and describes her experience of the Earth to an emotional Jaha. Kane joins her outside and spots smoke in the distance in the mountains. Abby thinks it may be one of the other stations and Jaha advises her to go check it out. Jaha then goes out to the airlock and watches Earth as he uncorks a bottle of liquor named "The Baton," which is "To be opened on Earth", and opens it up, saying "this'll have to do". Jaha, alone on the Ark and having only one or two weeks left of oxygen, toasts to the survivors of the Ark, saying "may we meet again."

The delinquents step out of the dropship only to be knocked unconscious by an unknown group using knock-out gas.

The delinquents and a bound Anya leave the dropship to find the ashes and skeletons that were a result of the rockets' ignition. All of a sudden, several red smoke grenades are thrown over the camp's walls, and Anya says fearfully, "Mountain Men!", as the red smoke begins to knock out the Delinquents and Anya. Clarke's last image is of several men in gas masks and military outfits with laser-sighted rifles enter the camp and a Mountain Man pointing his gun and laser at her.

Clarke awakens in an unknown white room, all alone and wearing new clothes, an IV stuck in her.

Clarke awakens in a completely white room where she is being monitored. It is furnished with a bed, a toilet, a couch, and several other items. She is wearing a white tank top, white pants, no shoes, and has an IV stuck inside her, which she immediately pulls out. On the wall, Clarke notices Vincent Van Gogh's "The Starry Night." She then goes to the locked door and sees Monty banging on the door of a similar room across the hall but his door is also locked. A plaque on Monty's side of the hall says "Mount Weather Quarantine Ward". Clarke has a panicked look on her face.



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Bellamy: "Can't run away fast enough, huh? Real brave."
Finn: "Dying in a fight you can't win isn't brave, Bellamy. It's stupid."
Bellamy: "Spoken like every coward who's ever run from a fight."
Clarke: "We can't do this without you, Bellamy."
Bellamy: "What do you want me to say, Clarke?"
Clarke: "I want you to say that you're with us. Those kids out there, they listen to you."
Bellamy: "They're lining up to go. They listen to you more."
Clarke: "I gave them an easy choice. But five minutes ago, they were willing to fight and die for you. You inspire them. And I'm afraid we're gonna need that again before this day is through."
Bellamy: "Whoa, whoa, whoa. You're not a gunner."
Octavia: (holds up a sword): "No, I'm not. Like you said - I'm a Grounder."
Thelonious (to people in the Ark): "No one said that this will be easy, ladies and gentlemen. Just that if we don't try it we all die."
Miller (to Bellamy about Octavia): "She left five minutes ago - didn't say where to. She thinks she's a damn samurai."
Raven: "Guess we finally found something you're not good at. (pauses) I used to be picked first for everything - Earth skills, zero-g mech course... first - every time. So how the hell did I end up here?"
Clarke: "Hey... Raven. I'd pick you first."
Raven: "Of course you would. I'm awesome."
Jaha (about Earth): "Tell me what it's like."
Abby: "It's... everything I dreamed. So much green. There are trees everywhere. And water. And the air. The air smells... it's sweet. It's so beautiful. Thelonious, you should be here."
Clarke: "You did good, Bellamy."
Bellamy: "Eighteen dead."
Clarke: "Eighty-two alive."
Kane: "Salvation... comes at a price."
Abby: "Thelonious, where are you?"
Jaha: "Right where I'm supposed to be."
Raven: "It's not rocket science."
Clarke: "It is rocket science, actually."
Fox: "Is that from the Ark?"
Clarke: "That is the Ark."
Clarke: "What did you do?"
Finn: "I kicked the hornets' nest."
Bellamy (to Octavia): "I told you my life ended the day you were born. The truth is, it didn't start until then."
Clarke: "We are not Grounders."

Notes and Trivia

  • The title is retrieved from a line used by Bellamy Blake in the previous episode, We Are Grounders (Part 1): "We are on the ground now, and that means we are grounders!"
  • On screen graphics identify Alpha, Arrow, Factory, Hydra, Mecha, Tesla, and Go Sci stations as major parts of the Ark.
    • Intercom voices identified: Hydra, Mecha, Factory, Arrow, & Power Stations. "Power Station" may be an alternate name for Tesla Station.
    • The related Closed Captions read: Mecha, Orchid, Flint, Hydro, & Aero. While it is not certain if "Hydro" = Hydra, and "Aero" = Arrow; having separate stations with names so similar would defy most logic.
    • However, if someone counts all of the names of the stations listed above (Alpha, Arrow, Aero, Factory, Hydra, Hydro, Mecha, Tesla, Power, Go Sci, Orchid & Flint) they will count a total of 12 stations, which is the amount of stations that created the Ark. If this turns out to be true, it implies Mir-3 & Shenzhen had their names changed after the formation of The Ark.
  • There is a Brazilian flag painted on the side of Mecha Station as shown when Abby and Kane go outside.
  • The Mountain Men appear to be armed with FN Herstal SCAR-L assault rifles which (apart from the laser sights) have FN EGLM grenade launchers attached.
  • The camera feed in Clarke's cell, shows "C. Griffin". This means the Mountain Men know who she is.
    • They know her name thanks to the other delinquents inside Mount Weather, as revealed in The 48.
  • According to an interview with Jason, there are 48 Delinquents in Mount Weather at the end of season one.[1]
    • This means that 28 delinquents (including Drew) died in the conflict.
    • Numbers: 18 (deaths before), + 28 (deaths after) + 48 (in Mount Weather) + 6 (delinquents unaccounted for) = 100 delinquents
    • The 6 unaccounted for delinquents: Octavia, Finn, Murphy, Sterling, Monroe, and an unnamed delinquent.
    • Bellamy and Raven are not a part of the original 100.
  • In the last scene of the remaining parts of the station, the Ark is not rotating, yet in a previous episode it was stated by Chancellor Jaha that the rotation created the gravity. However, he is not floating when he should be.
  • In Season Two, it's revealed that only three Grounders survived the battle: Anya, Tristan and the Grounder left to guard Murphy. The latter two die in "The 48" with the unnamed Grounder being shot by Raven in self-defense and Tristan killed by Marcus Kane. Anya is later killed by the Ark Guard after escaping from Mount Weather with Clarke.
  • In order to save Raven, Finn goes to get coagulant from Lincoln. Though the coagulant is different from the poison antidote, Lincoln appears to give Finn his whole kit, resulting in Lincoln not having the antidote in "The 48."

Body Count

Behind the Scenes

  • On screen graphics show "Projected Landing: 37.5020° N 79.000° W" A rural location southwest of Amherst, Va. (between Earley Lake and the James River), around 160 miles south of Mount Weather.
  • The painting hanging on the wall of Clarke's room in the Quarantine Ward is The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh.
    • One of the real world functions of the Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center is to save the most important fine art in the event of a nuclear apocalypse.[citation needed]
    • The painting depicts the view from Van Gogh's asylum room.
    • This season started with Clarke drawing a starry night on the floor of her cell on the Ark. The final scene of the season is Clarke in a cell with The Starry Night on the wall. Jason Rothenberg stated that this was intentionally done to "bookend" the season.[2]
  • The Mount Weather Quarantine Ward, "CAM 62", observing "C. Griffin", counted down from "06:27:02:34:02" to "06:27:02:25:44".
    • The smallest timer unit is sixtieths of a second, implying a 60 frame per second High Frame Rate camera.
    • The second largest unit would thus usually be hours, but reads 27.
      • The Mountain Men may not possess a solarium to calculate the hours based on the sun so they could have thought of a new timeframe early on in the 97 years inside Mount Weather.

Production Notes

  • This episode aired on June 11, 2014.
  • "We Are Grounders (Part 2)" was watched by 1.68 million viewers and had a ratings/share of 0.5/2 in the key 18-49 demographic.[3]
  • The Special and Visual Effects Team of the episode was also nominated for an Emmy Award on July 10, 2014.[4]



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