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Clarke Previously on "The 100"...
Clarke Bellamy, don't do this. Don't do this.
Bellamy No! He deserves to die!
Clarke No! We don't decide who lives and dies!
Sinclair The Exodus ship is still tied in to all our major systems. If it launches, the Ark will be crippled, and everyone left on board will die.
Diana Sydney Launch!
Anya You started a war that you don't know how to end.
Lincoln You have no idea what your people have done.
Octavia We had to stop the attack.
Lincoln You stopped nothing.
Finn Clarke, come on.
Anya Take him away and kill him.
Clarke No. No. No! No!
Scene 1
Jaha Every simulation has been run. Every system modification has been made. The hard and simple fact is that in 51 hours, life on the Ark will no longer be possible. I choose to find consolation in one remarkable truth. The surviving members of the 100 have proven themselves to be more resilient than we could've ever imagined. Our legacy will go on, and for that... I am not only grateful... but I am proud.
Woman So what do we tell our constituents to do now? What do we do now?
Jaha Look inside. Find your peace. In the meantime, I'm releasing all available resources to the surviving citizens of the Ark. There will be no more rationing. What we have belongs to all of us. Are you all right, Abby?
Abby Yes. I have a patient. She was hurt in the bomb blast. I need to go.
Kane Sir, is it wise to waste rations when we don't know for sure?
Jaha But we do know for sure.
Kane Well, I can't just do nothing. I have to find a solution.
Jaha Hey, I know this is hard to accept, but if you'd like to spend your remaining time rerunning simulations, by all means, you can do that. I, however, will be spending my time with family and a bottle of 97-year-old scotch.
Scene 2
Bellamy Come on. These foxholes aren't gonna build themselves. Better hope those landmines work. All the gunpowder we're wasting, we could be making more grenades.
Raven You want to come over here and test one?
Bellamy Cute. I need this entire section mined by morning. Then you finish the south field.
Raven Hey... I told you, we're going after Finn, Clarke, and Monty in the morning.
Bellamy And I told you, nobody leaves this camp.
Raven I'm talking to you. We can't just abandon our people. You want to lead them, show them you give a damn.
Man Whoa! What the hell was that?
Bellamy Hey... What the hell is the matter with you?
Sterling I'm sorry, man. I fell asleep. I've been on watch all day.
Bellamy We've all been on watch all day! That bullet was one less dead grounder.
Octavia Bell, you're scaring people.
Bellamy They should be scared! The bomb on the bridge bought us some time to prepare, but that time is up! The grounders are out there right now, waiting for us to leave and picking us off one by one when we do! Clarke, Finn, and Monty are gone, probably dead, and if you want to be next, I can't stop you, but no guns are leaving this camp! This camp is the only thing keeping us alive! Get back to work!
Scene 3
Tristan Your left flank is vulnerable.
Anya My archers are in the trees with orders to kill anyone hostile. You're not hostile, are you, Tristan?
Tristan So this is who's beating you?
Clarke Who are you?
Tristan I'm the man sent to slaughter your people.
Anya The commander sent you?
Tristan Your unit is mine now. My rangers are hungry and at the river. Go feed them. We march on the invaders' camp at first light. I'll make quick work of what you failed to do, starting with this one.
Man Anya, look! Over there.
Anya A signal fire.
Tristan Reapers.
Anya Let them know we see it. I'll send my fastest rider to warn the commander.
Tristan No. There is no time. Kill the prisoner. Get to the river.
Anya Is the boy dead?
Grounder Mm-hmm.
Anya Good. Kill the girl, then catch up.
Scene 4
Bellamy Don't you think I want to go after them, too?
Jasper If it was you out there, you think Monty, Clarke, or Finn would hide behind these walls?
Bellamy No. They'd go after me. Then they'd be dead, too. I am doing what I think is right for the group.
Jasper It's funny, you didn't think that way when Octavia went missing.
Bellamy Where are you going?
Jasper More gunpowder for your minefield... sir.
[Myles moaning]
Myles Water... please.
Bellamy I'll get you some.
Myles Water.
[Muffled shouting]
Murphy This is for tying the noose that they hung me with. Say hi to Connor for me.
[Shouting stops]
Murphy He stopped breathing. I was... I was trying to help him.
Jasper Murphy, just put the gun down.
Murphy He tried to kill me. Hey, don't move.
Jasper Ok. Ok. It's cool.
Murphy No, it's not. You know what'll happen to me if you tell Bellamy.
Bellamy [on walkie-talkie] Tell Bellamy what?
Murphy Give me the radio, Jasper.
Jasper Murphy has a gun. He killed Myles.
Bellamy Murphy, what the hell are you doing?
Bellamy Murphy! Murphy! Open the damn door!
Murphy You try to be a hero, Jasper dies.
Scene 5
Clarke Finn. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I don't understand how...
Finn Lincoln saved my life. He killed one of his own people to do it.
Clarke Signal fire? That was you?
Lincoln We needed a distraction.
Finn I'd say it worked.
Lincoln Not well enough.
Finn What's it mean?
Lincoln It means Anya knows Clarke is not dead. We need to hurry. Let's hope they follow the horse.
Finn Hey, what do we do now?
Lincoln Now we run. Come on. It's right up here.
Finn What is?
Lincoln Someplace they won't follow.
Clarke Oh, wait. Where does it lead?
Lincoln Everywhere. There's a tunnel to your camp. If we make it through, we should get there before Tristan. Go. Go!
Anya Lincoln!
Tristan Anya, no. We know where they're going... If the mine doesn't kill them first. Go. Come on!
Scene 6
[Monitor beeping]
Jackson Abby, BP is dropping down to 96 over 55. Never should've opened her back up.
Abby It was the only way to save her.
Jackson Save her for what? She'll be dead in two days. We all will. She's crashing.
[Sustained beep]
Abby Another amp of epi. Starting CPR. Come on.
Jackson We can't give her any more epi, Abby.
Abby Rationing is over. Now get me the damn epinephrine.
Jackson There is no more epinephrine. We're all out.
Abby Come on. Come on. Breathe.
[Beeping stops]
Jackson You have to let her go.
Abby I failed. I failed.
Jackson You did the best that you could. You always do.
Abby She's gonna hate me forever. She blames me for her father's death. I'll never get to make that right now... Never get to hug her. Can't protect her anymore.
Jackson Clarke doesn't hate you, Abby. She's just... she's just strong-willed... like her mom. You gave her that. That's how you're protecting her, and that's what will keep her alive on the ground.
Abby Thank you, Jackson. Now get out of here. Go on.
Scene 7
Octavia I just heard Murphy has Jasper.
Bellamy Yeah. South foxhole all done?
Octavia What? Bellamy, my friend's in there with a killer.
Bellamy O, look around. No one's working. If the grounders attack us right now, we're all dead.
Octavia Murphy! Murphy, if you even touch Jasper, I swear to God, you're dead.
Bellamy Octavia, I got this.
Octavia Really? Because it doesn't look like you're doing anything about it.
Raven Bellamy, you were right. There's a loose panel on the back. If I can pop it, we can get in through the floor.
Octavia Sorry.
Bellamy Murphy, I know you can hear me. All our ammo and food is in the middle level. You know that. You're leaving us vulnerable to an attack. I can't let that happen.
Murphy Yeah, well, in case you haven't noticed, you're not exactly in control right now.
Bellamy Come on, Murphy. You don't want to hurt Jasper. You want to hurt me. So what do you say? How about you trade him for me?
Octavia No.
Bellamy All you have to do is let him go, and I'll take his place.
Murphy How?
Octavia Bellamy, if you do this, he'll kill you.
Bellamy If I don't, he'll kill Jasper. Simple. You open the door, I walk in, he walks out.
Murphy Just you, Bellamy, unarmed.
Bellamy Take this.
Murphy 10 seconds, or I'll put one in Jasper's leg. One...
Octavia Raven will find a way to get you out.
Bellamy I can handle Murphy. Get everyone back to work. The grounders are still coming.
Murphy - 4... 5...
Bellamy I'm here
Octavia Oh, Jasper, are you ok? Ok. Come on. Get up.
Scene 8
[Stones clacking together]
Finn You were right. They didn't follow us.
Lincoln Reapers use these tunnels. Tristan wouldn't risk running into them.
Finn What the hell's a reaper?
Lincoln Pray you never find out. We have to keep moving.
Finn Lincoln, you're hit.
Clarke Hey, let me look at that.
Lincoln I've fought battles with worse wounds than this.
Clarke We're not in a battle right now.
Lincoln Yes, we are.
Clarke Why are you helping us?
Finn This can't just be about Octavia.
Clarke Fine. Don't tell us. Give me your knife. Heat the blade. You might want something to bite down on.
Lincoln [Scoffs] You people are so soft. If you don't learn to be more... aah! What my people are doing to yours is wrong.
Scene 9
[Hiss] [Groans]
[Two thuds]
[Raven grunts]
[Distant, muffled voices]
Raven Very cool.
Jasper Stop thinking like a mechanic and find me something to shoot through.
Raven Well, this mechanic's gonna hotwire the door.
Jasper There's the hatch.
Raven Locks from above. Forget it. I give you an order, you follow it, right?
Jasper Damn it. He's up there because of me.
Raven [Whispering] Help me find the door circuit.
Jasper We lost Clarke. We can't lose Bellamy, too.
Raven Jasper, shut up. They are, like, right above your head.
[Muffled voices continue]
Jasper Good. I'll have to shoot through the floor. I just need to figure out where Murphy is.
Raven Bad idea.
[Fluid sloshing]
Raven Holy crap. There's tons of it.
Jasper The engines fired late on the way down. We can make more bombs.
Raven Yeah. Put that on our to-do list. But from now on, no shooting, you got me?
[Gunshot above]
Murphy That's good. Then do what I said.
Octavia [over walkie-talkie] Bellamy? Bellamy! Are you ok?
Murphy You want her to know you're alive? Start tying.
Octavia Bellamy! Do you copy?
Bellamy I'm fine. Just a misfire. Now stop worrying about me and get back to work, all of you... And tell Raven to hurry her ass up.
Murphy All right, that's long enough. Tie those two ends together.
Jasper Get that door open.
Murphy All right. Now get up and toss it over.
Bellamy What do you want me to say? You want me to apologize? I'm... I'm sorry.
Murphy You got it all wrong, Bellamy. I don't want you to say anything. I want you to feel what I felt, and then... Then I want you to die.
Scene 10
Jaha What are you two doing over there? Come on. Let's rehearse for the Unity Day pageant.
Wells The stations...
Jaha The other stations.
Wells The other stations saw this and wanted to be together, too.
Jaha That's very good.
Wells When all the stations were joined, they called themselves the Ark.
Jaha Good job, Wells.
[Young Clarke clapping]
Wells Daddy, how does the Ark stay in space?
Jaha Good question. By keeping out of the Earth's gravitational pull.
Clarke My daddy says it's the thrusters.
Jaha Well, your daddy's right, Clarke. There are thrusters all over the Ark. Every station has them. They keep us spinning so that we generate our own gravity. They help us stay in orbit and they help us steer.
Jaha Yes.
Scene 11
Finn Wait. If you never were down here, how'd you map it?
Lincoln Spoils of war.
[Distant shouting]
Clarke What is that?
[Shouting continues]
Lincoln Reapers.
Scene 12
Murphy Stand on it. Put it over your head.
Bellamy This is insane. The grounders could...
Octavia No.
Jasper We need to do this now.
Raven I'm working as fast as I can. The wires for the door are mixed in with the ignition system. Sparking the wrong one would be bad.
Murphy Put it over your head.
Bellamy Happy now?
Murphy You're so brave, aren't you? I mean, you came in here thinking you're just gonna turn this whole thing around, that you were stronger than me, and maybe one of your friends would come and help you. Well, what are you thinking now, Bellamy? Hmm?
Scene 13
Finn This can't be the only way. Check the map.
Lincoln If you want to get home before Tristan slaughters your people, this is the only way.
[Distant shouting]
Finn Clarke. The carts.
Clarke What the hell is this?
Lincoln The tunnel on the right will lead you through the woods into your camp. Take this.
Finn What are you gonna do?
Lincoln I'm gonna lead them away. Wait until they follow me, then run. For Octavia.
Clarke Wait a second. If they catch you, they'll kill you.
Lincoln Worry about yourselves. Most of Tristan's rangers will be at your gate by nightfall, but he'll send riders ahead, scouts. All of you have to be gone before they arrive.
Finn One of them's coming.
Clarke Where are we supposed to go?
Lincoln In my book, there's a map. Chart course to the eastern sea. There's a clan there, led by a woman called Luna, a friend. Tell her I sent you.
Finn Thank you.
Lincoln Just get Octavia out of there.
Reapers Aargh!
Finn Let's go.
Clarke Oh, my God. Did you see that?
Finn Clarke, we need to keep moving.
Clarke They're alive.
Clarke Oh, my God.
Finn [Growls] Clarke, look out!
Clarke They're coming back. Finn, come on. We've got to go. Get up, get up.
Scene 14
Murphy You know, I got to hand it to you, Bellamy. You got 'em all fooled. They actually look up to you, almost as much as they look up to Clarke. Yeah, well, we know the truth, don't we? You're a coward. I learned that the day you kicked out the crate from beneath me.
Raven I think I found it. Get outside. Be ready when it opens.
Murphy Isn't that what you said? That you were just giving the people what they wanted, right?
Bellamy I should have stopped them.
Murphy Yeah, it's a little late for that now.
[Muffled voices continue above]
Bellamy You think they're just gonna let you walk out of here?
Murphy Well, I think the princess is dead... but I know the king's about to die, so who's really gonna lead these people, huh? Me, that's who, and, yeah, maybe I'll have to kill your grounder-pounding little sister...
Raven Aah!
Murphy I'm guessing that's her right now.
Bellamy No!
[Gun clicking]
Murphy Using your hands is a cheat. Mine were bound, remember?
[Door creaking]
Jasper Raven, you did it!
Octavia Bell! Hold on! Yeah! Bell, breathe!
Jasper Breathe! Can you breathe?
Octavia Come on! Good. You're ok. You're ok.
Jasper Raven, he's fine!
Bellamy Murphy! Murphy! It's over! Murphy! There's only one way out of this for you now!
Murphy You want to bet?
Scene 15
Finn This doesn't look right.
Clarke What the hell was that back there?
Clarke [Panting] Why... why would they keep them alive? I swear to God, the more we learn about this place, the less we know.
[Water splashing]
Clarke Hey, hey, hey. He would have killed us. You did what you had to do. We all have.
Finn I should have fought for you.
Clarke Finn, don't.
Finn Clarke. I love you. I'm in love with you.
Clarke You broke my heart. I'm sorry. I... I just can't.
[Distant explosion]
Finn It came from the camp.
Clarke We're too late.
Scene 16
[Bellamy grunts]
Bellamy Murphy!
Jasper The guy knows how to make an exit. Should we go after him?
Bellamy No. Grounders will take care of Murphy. We're going after Clarke, Finn, and Monty. You and Raven were right. We don't abandon our own. Two guns... you and me. That's it. Raven stays here to build up defenses. We lost a day because of this, and our gunpowder. Raven!
Jasper Bellamy, wait. Look, I just... Thank you. Long way from "whatever the hell you want."
Miller [on walkie-talkie] All gunners! We got movement outside the south wall!
Man Someone's coming! Get ready! Stay together!
Miller Wait! Hold your fire! Clarke and Finn! Open the gate! Get in!
Man Get the gate! Move it! Move it!
Female Delinquent Clarke and Finn! They're back!
Clarke Hey, we heard an explosion. What happened?
Bellamy Murphy happened.
Jasper Thank God! Where have you been? Where's Monty?
Clarke Monty's gone?
Finn Clarke, we need to leave, now. All of us do. There's an army of grounders, unlike anything we've ever seen, coming for us right now. We need to pack what we can and run.
Bellamy Like hell we do. We knew this was coming.
Octavia Bell, we're not prepared.
Bellamy And they're not here yet. We still have time to get ready. Besides, where would we go? Where would we be safer than behind these walls?
Finn There's an ocean to the east. People there will help us.
Octavia You saw Lincoln.
Finn Yeah.
Bellamy You expect us to trust a grounder? This is our home now. We built this from nothing with our bare hands! Our dead are buried behind that wall in this ground! Our ground! The grounders think they can take that away. They think that because we came from the sky, we don't belong here. But they're yet to realize one very important fact: We are on the ground now, and that means we are grounders!
Delinquents Yeah! Grounders with guns!
Bellamy Damn right! I say let 'em come!
Clarke Bellamy's right. If we leave, we may never find a place as safe as this. And God knows, in this world, we could be faced with something even worse tomorrow. But that doesn't change the simple fact that if we stay here, we will die tonight. So pack your things. Just take what you can carry, now. Where is he?
Raven Help me.
Finn Raven! Raven!
Bellamy Murphy shot her.
Clarke Get her onto the dropship.
Bellamy Clarke, leaving here is a mistake.
Clarke The decision's been made.
Bellamy Crowds make bad decisions. Just ask Murphy. Leaders do what they think is right.
Clarke I am.
Scene 17
Kane What if we jettison sections 3 through 7?
Sinclair Sir, we've run every scenario twice. There are no more options. I would really like to be with my wife...
[door opens]
Sinclair Chancellor on deck.
Jaha At ease, Sinclair. Anything to report?
Kane No, sir. Nothing we've tried will save the Ark.
Jaha Have you tried not saving it?
Abby What is this about?
Jaha It's about going home. From where I stand, we have two options... die in space or probably die trying to get to the ground.
Kane We have no more Exodus ships, sir.
Jaha You're wrong, Kane. There is one. We call it the Ark. Sinclair, please tell us what would happen if we use the thrusters that keep the Ark in orbit to propel us into the atmosphere instead.
Sinclair The Ark would break apart, first into its original 12 stations, then further as the violence intensified. 95% of the structures would explode on the way down.
Jaha You think you're smart enough to pinpoint the 5% that wouldn't?
[Sets down schematic]
Kane Are we really gonna do this? Bring the Ark to the ground?
Jaha Have a better idea? What do you say, Abby? You ready to see your daughter again?