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Scene 1 - Polis
[Open on Polis, Lexa’s throne room. Lexa is in her throne, Titus stands beside her. The 13 ambassadors, featuring Clarke and Roan, sit in attendance.]
Lexa Ambassadors of the Coalition, today we honor our covenant. The clan that stands against one of us stands against us all.
Titus Bring in the accused.
[Titus waves and the doors open and Queen Nia, flanked by two guards, enters. They walk forward to stand in front of Lexa and push Nia to her knees.]
Titus Queen Nia of Azgeda has confessed to the destruction of Mt. Weather, resulting in the death of 49 members of Skaikru. Wanheda, what say you?
Clarke Skaikru demands justice.
Nia Ice Nation does not answer to this girl.
Titus Silence. The punishment for your crime is death. Do you have anything to say in your defense?
Nia I need no defense. She does. Today is judgement day. I call for a vote of no confidence.
Titus Take this queen to meet her fate.
[Two guards step towards her, but one of the Ambassadors stands.]
Ambassador #1 Not so fast. Commander no longer.
[More and more Ambassadors stand.]
Ambassador #2 Commander no longer.
Ambassador #3 Commander no longer.
Titus Take them away too!
[The guards move to follow Titus’ orders.]
Lexa Wait.
Titus Lexa, please, execute these traitors-
[Lexa does a hand symbol.]
Lexa Let her make her move.
Ambassador #4 Commander no longer.
Ambassador #5 Commander no longer.
Ambassador #6 Commander no longer.
Ambassador #7 Commander no longer.
Ambassador #8 Commander no longer.
Clarke Commander, what is this?
Lexa This is a coup.
[Nia starts to stand. Clarke is frantic, Lexa is ever-collected.]
Nia This is the law, her law. A unanimous vote of the ambassadors or death are all that can remove a commander from power.
Clarke It’s not unanimous.
Nia We don’t recognize the legitimacy of Skaikru.
[Titus is furious and walks down to meet Nia.]
Titus We do. Yesterday, Skaikru took the brand. They are the 13th clan. This vote of no confidence fails. All these coup plotters will suffer the exact same fate as the Ice Queen.
Nia She won’t take our heads because she knows our armies will retaliate. None of us here want war.
Lexa We both know what you want, Nia.
[She stands and slowly goes down to meet Nia.]
Lexa If you think me unfit to command, issue the challenge and let's get on with it.
Nia Very well. You are challenged.
Lexa And I accept your challenge.
Titus So be it. Single combat. Warrior against warrior to the death. Queen Nia of Azgeda, who do you choose to be your champion?
Nia My son Roan, Prince of Azgeda.
[Roan looks up, blind-sided and none too pleased. Nia smiles blandly at him. Clarke is instantly terrified.]
Titus Heda, who will fight for you?
[Lexa turns and returns to her throne.]
Lexa I’m the Commander. No one fights for me.
Scene 2 - Arkadia
[Open on Arkadia, the Chancellor’s office. Kane, Abby, Pike and others are standing around the table.]
Kane Best we can tell, Mt. Weather was destroyed by an internal self-destruct mechanism. It worked as designed. 49 of our citizens were lost.
Pike So when do we strike back?
Abby We don’t. The Ice Nation took credit for the attack and the Commander will bring them to justice.
Pike So, now we’re trusting Grounders to punish Grounders? I’m sorry, Madam Chancellor, but I lost more than half of my remaining people yesterday and four times that many since we landed. Now, in my experience, Grounders understand one thing – strength. It’s simple. We need to hit them now. We need to hit them hard. Leave no survivors.
Kane There’s nothing simple about this. This attack by the Ice Nation was against Lexa, not us.
Pike Are you saying this isn’t our fight?
Kane I’m saying we were collateral damage in someone else’s war.
Pike But it’s not someone else’s war anymore. Look, if we don’t defend ourselves, they will take what we have. That’s what they do. Mark my words. The Grounders are coming for us.
Abby We’ll take it under advisement. Meeting adjourned.
[Pike, furious, turns to leave and opens the door to find Bellamy patiently waiting. He walks past him as do the other red shirts. Kane sits.]
Abby After the election tomorrow, he’s your problem.
[Abby leaves and Bellamy enters.]
Bellamy Sir?
Kane Why aren’t you at your post?
[Bellamy puts his guard jacket on the table.]
Kane Don’t do this.
Bellamy 49 of the people I swore to protect died yesterday because I left.
Kane That’s not your fault, Bellamy. Place the blame where it belongs, on the Ice Nation.
Bellamy The Ice Nation didn’t tell Gina to stay there. That was me.
[Kane stands and touches his shoulder.]
Kane Given the information you had at the time, you made a reasonable choice. You were trying to save lives.
Bellamy But I didn’t.
[He turns and leaves.]
[Open on the yard of Arkadia. Octavia is drinking water from a bucket. Jasper, wearing a backpack, is storming away while Monty chases after him.]
Monty Jasper! Jasper!
Jasper Get away from me!
[Octavia looks over, sets down the bucket, and runs over to them. She has no chill.]
Octavia Hey! Jasper, what’s wrong?
Monty He’s not going the memorial.
Jasper It’s a little late for a Mt. Weather memorial, don’t you think?
[An alarm chimes.]
Voice on PA All Arkadia security personnel, report to the main gate.
Octavia What now?
Voice on PA All Arkadia security personnel, report to the main gate.
[Monty, Jasper, and Octavia walk towards the gate to see Nyko and other miscellaneous Grounders just past the gate, surrounded by guards.]
Octavia Nyko.
[She heads towards them and Monty follows. Jasper takes the opportunity to slip away which Monty notices too late. The Grounders are being roughed up by the guard and Octavia runs up.]
Nyko Leave them alone. They’re sick!
Octavia Hey, hey, hey. That’s enough. Stop it!
[Monty hesitates, looking at the conflict, but turns and runs after Jasper.]
Octavia The Chancellor told Nyko that we would help.
Guard You’re one of them. You take them in.
[Octavia turns and puts one of the Grounders arms around her neck.]
Octavia I got him, come on.
[The whole party heads towards Arkadia.]
Nyko I heard about Mt. Weather. I’m very sorry.
[Cut to Jasper cutting open a portion of the gate with bolt cutters. Monty runs up on him.]
Monty Jasper, camp’s in lockdown, what are you doing?
Jasper Go to your memorial, Monty.
Monty Maybe I will.
Jasper Maybe you should.
Monty Fine.
[Monty watches as Jasper cuts open the panel and steps through. He hesitates, then follows him.]
Scene 3 - Polis
[Open on Polis, Lexa’s throne room. She is sitting in her throne, surrounded by the Natblidas. Clarke enters and stands next to Titus.]
Lexa What are the three pillars of being a Commander?
Natblida #1 Wisdom.
Natblida #2 Compassion.
Natblida #3 And strength.
Clarke Talk her out of it yet?
Titus No, but maybe you can.
Clarke I don’t understand. The queen’s not fighting, why should she?
Titus The queen’s strength is not in doubt. Thanks to you, Heda’s is.
Lexa Train hard and remember, you are each worthy of your Nightblood.
Titus Nightbloods!
[Titus claps and they all rise.]
Titus Follow me.
[The Natblidas follow him out.]
Lexa Aden, stay.
[Aden hangs back and stands with Lexa. Clarke steps forward to Lexa.]
Lexa Clarke, this is Aden. Aden is the most promising of my novitiates. If I should die today, he will likely succeed me. Clarke worries about our people. Tell her what will happen to them when you become Heda, Aden.
Aden If I become Heda, I pledge my loyalty to the 13th clan.
Lexa Thank you. Now go join the others.
[He bows and then leaves.]
Lexa See? Nothing to worry about.
Clarke I’m sorry if I’m worried the fate of my people lies in the hands of a child.
Lexa Then you worry for nothing. I’ve sent Indra to raise an army from the villages near Arkadia. Your people are protected, as I vowed they would be.
[She turns and heads to her throne but Clarke chases behind her.]
Clarke This is not just about my people. You don’t stand a chance against Roan.
Lexa You’ve never seen me fight.
Clarke No. But I saw him kill three men in the time it took the first one to hit the ground.
Lexa If you’re right, today’s the day my spirit will choose it’s successor and you need to accept that.
Clarke Like hell I do.
[Clarke turns and storms out. Lexa sits in her throne.]
[Open in the streets of Polis. Nia and Roan, both handcuffed, are led through the streets.]
Nia Focus, Roan. You’re here to practice. Remember, anticipate her reflexes. When you feel overconfident, you forget that your enemy has strengths too.
Roan I don’t need your help.
Nia You’re upset that I chose you.
Roan I’m not surprised.
Nia When you kill Lexa, your banishment will be over. In the wake of your victory, our people will be more powerful than ever. That will be your legacy and your legend.
[Roan turns on her.]
Roan Don’t pretend you do anything for me, Mother.
Nia You’re right. Everything I do is for Azgeda. What’s good for Azgeda is good for you. My sword.
[A guard steps forward and puts the sheath in her hands while another undoes Roan’s handcuffs. She turns and offers the sword to Roan.]
Nia If you won’t fight for your mother, or your queen, fight for your clan.
[Roan takes the sword out of the sheath.]
Nia I want her head.
[She takes the sheath and steps away. Roan does some real over the top knife tricks. He wheels around and holds the knife to a figure with her hood up.]
Roan Is that death I hear stalking me?
[Clarke lowers her hood.]
Roan Or just the Commander of Death?
Clarke We need to talk.
[Roan puts down his sword.]
Roan We have nothing to talk about. I need to prepare.
Clarke I know you had nothing to do with Mt. Weather. That’s why I didn’t tell Lexa you gave me the knife. This is what your mother wanted all along.
Roan What do you want? Spit it out!
Clarke I want you to become the king. I know you’ve thought of it. She was willing to let you die, willing to let you be banished. I know you just want to go home.
Roan When I win today, I will.
Clarke For how long? How long until your mother finds another reason to cast you out, to sacrifice you? No one can cast a king out of his kingdom.
Roan I can’t do it. My people would never take me back.
[Clarke turns to leave.]
Roan But I can help you do it.
Scene 4 - Arkadia
[Open on Arkadia. It’s the funeral for Mt. Weather. Pike stands giving a eulogy. In attendance, among redshirts, are Bellamy, Miller, Bryan, Abby, Kane, Gillmer, Hannah, Harper, Monroe, and Lincoln.]
Pike All that’s certain is that we die. How we die is up to us. Who will speak for Iris Jones?
[Miller puts a hand on Bryan’s arm and squeezes. Bryan stands and steps to the front of the room.]
Bryan Iris was strong. Good with a knife. She saved my life. I’m just sorry I couldn’t do the same for her.
[He flicks open a knife and sets it on a table full of knick knacks, memories of the dead. He returns to his seat beside Miller, who comforts him, while Pike steps back to the front.]
Pike We will miss Iris. May we meet again.
All May we meet again.
Pike Who will speak for Gina Martin?
[Bellamy stands and goes to the front of the room, The Illiad in hand, while Pike steps aside.]
Bellamy Gina was real. She always saw the light, even here. She deserved better. May we meet again.
[He sets The Illiad on the table but guards come through the doors and everyone starts to murmur. The guards head to Pike.]
Guard Just came in. We saw a whole encampment, 300 strong just behind the tree ridge. There’s a bunch of them. It’s Grounders. They’re coming.
[Pike walks over to Abby and Kane.]
Pike Grounders are here, an army 300 strong camped less than a mile from here.
Abby We know.
Pike What?
Kane Indra radioed.
Pike You gave a Grounder one of our radios?
[Up until now, the conversation has been hushed but Pike is getting loud and everyone’s starting to look. Lincoln is pacing in the back of the room.]
Hannah Sir, are we under attack?
[Almost everyone in the room stands.]
Kane No, we are not under attack. The Commander sent a peace keeping force to ensure that we can defend against any further attacks from the Ice Nation.
Pike Peace keeping force? Even you can’t be that naïve, Marcus!
Abby Watch your tone. You’re talking to the next Chancellor. We’re all grieving. This has been hard on all of us, but we can’t let anger drive our policy.
Pike Anger is our policy!
[Pike jumps up onto the stage.]
Pike Now if they’re here to defend us, as you say, then tell them to go home. We can defend ourselves.
[Gillmer picks up a rock from the table of mementos.]
Gillmer You!
[He points at Lincoln.]
Gillmer You don’t belong here.
[The crowd murmurs until finally, Gillmer throws the rock. It hits Lincoln in the side of the head and suddenly chaos. Bellamy runs at Lincoln as several in the crowd run to attack him – Bellamy and the guard hold people back from Lincoln as he wobbles, woozy from the hit. Fists are flying, it’s an all-out brawl. Kane is holding two people a part. Finally, Pike sticks his fingers in his mouth and whistles. Everything stops.]
Pike We do not attack our own! Fighting each other only makes us weak. The enemy is not in this camp. The enemy is out there.
[Lincoln looks like he’s barely hanging onto consciousness. Abby runs up and goes to put her hands on his face but he slaps them away.]
Abby Lincoln, are you okay?
Lincoln I’m fine.
Abby Lincoln, you need to go to medical.
[Still wobbly, he walks away. It’s fairly obvious he’s not headed to medical, even before the jump cut that shows him walking shakily along the walls of Arkadia. He drops to one knee and punches the wall repeatedly before stealing himself and standing back up.]
Lincoln Get knocked down, get back up again.
Scene 5 - The Dropship
[Open on Jasper wandering through the woods while drinking from a flask with Monty trailing behind him.]
Monty What the hell are we doing here, Jasper?
Jasper Visiting old friends.
[They turn the corner and are standing in front of the dropship. Monty looks at Jasper, concerned. Jasper holds up his flask to the dropship then takes several long draughts.]
Monty I think you’ve had enough.
Jasper You have no idea.
[He holds up one finger to Monty before dropping his backpack and heading towards the dropship.]
Jasper Time to give some back.
[Monty starts to follow him, then heads back to the backpack. He unzips it and pulls out two bottles, a knife in a sheath, and an urn. He looks at it, then opens it. It contains ashes. Murphy reaches in and pulls out a human tooth. His eyes widen as he realizes and he drops the tooth back in. He stands and turns, the urn still open and in his hands.]
Monty Tell me this isn’t what I-
[Jasper is stretched out on a hill, unconscious and clutching his flask. Monty closes the urn and goes to sit by Jasper.]
Scene 6 - Arkadia
[Open on the medbay. Abby is stitching the wound in Lincoln’s head while Pike and Kane watch.]
Lincoln No. No charges.
Kane Lincoln, we need to set an example.
Lincoln Yeah, we do.
Pike The man just lost his son, Marcus.
Abby Lincoln didn’t do that.
[Octavia comes running in.]
Octavia What happened?
Lincoln I said no charges.
Pike Thank you.
[Pike pushes past Octavia to walk away. He catches Nyko’s eye but keeps going. Kane leaves too.]
Abby He’ll be fine.
[Abby turns and leaves to head to another Grounder patient, after a reassuring touch to Octavia’s arm. Octavia steps around Lincoln to look at the wound in his head and gasps as she reaches out to gently touch him.]
Octavia Was it Farm Station?
Lincoln Doesn’t matter.
Octavia Indra’s army’s outside the wall and Lexa lifted the kill order on you at the summit. Maybe she’ll take us back. We can get out of here.
[She takes his hand.]
Lincoln The only way they’re ever gonna see us as different from Azgeda is if I stay.
Abby Lincoln? You okay to translate? Nyko’s got his hands full.
[Lincoln stands and kisses the top of Octavia’s head.]
Lincoln Octavia, it’ll pass.
[He turns and heads to stand by Abby. He looks over his shoulder back at Octavia but she’s gone.]
Scene 7 - Polis
[Open on Polis, in Nia’s chambers. She’s eating, with Ontari serving. A door opens and Clarke enters.]
GUARD Clarke of Skaikru. My Queen.
[Clarke goes to stand at the end of the table and Ontari leaves to stand along the wall.]
Nia To what do I owe the pleasure?
Clarke What if I changed my vote?
Nia Now you’re thinking like a leader of your people.
[Clarke walks around the table towards Nia.]
Clarke I would need some assurances first.
Nia Skaikru will be safe.
Clarke And me?
Nia My quarrel is with Lexa.
[She slams a knife she was eating with down into the table.]
Nia Not you. Once she’s gone, I won’t need the power of Wanheda.
Clarke Okay.
Nia Okay? You don’t want vengeance for the dead at Mt. Weather?
Clarke My priority is with the living, not the dead.
[She steps forward and pulls the knife from the table.]
Clarke We bind ourselves in blood.
[Clarke cuts herself in the middle of her palm.]
Nia I see you’ve learned our oath.
[Clarke wipes the blade twice, once on each side, on the sleeve of her shirt, then stabs it back into the table.]
Clarke Do you accept?
[Nia stands and pulls the knife from the table.]
Nia We bind ourselves in blood.
[She holds the knife to her hand.]
Ontari Wait!
[Nia freezes and Ontari slams Clarke against the table, then sniffs the spot on her sleeve where she’d wiped the blade.]
Ontari Poison.
Nia Could’ve been allies, Clarke. Instead, I declare you and your people enemies of Azgeda.
[She wipes the blade off on a napkin.]
Nia Ontari, hold out your hand.
[Ontari does so and Nia cuts the blade into Ontari’s palm.]
Nia I’m letting you live for now to send a message to Lexa.
[She holds Ontari’s hand above Clarke’s face and squeezes it, dribbling Ontari’s black blood down onto Clarke’s forehead.]
Nia I have my own Natblida, and she will be the next commander.
[Open on Lexa’s throne room. Clarke stands in front of Titus, face covered in Ontari’s now dried black blood. Titus reaches out and touches it while Lexa looks on. Titus steps away towards Lexa.]
Titus A Commander from the Ice Nation. Now all of Nia’s provocations make sense, and we played right into it. She knew you would accept her challenge.
[Clarke walks up on them.]
Clarke I’ve never seen blood that color before.
Lexa Goes back to the first Commander. When a Nightblood child is found, they’re brought here to be trained, or supposed to be.
Titus Your legacy is no longer secure. There is still time to choose a champion.
Lexa You know I can’t do that.
[Lexa walks past him.]
Titus Heda-
Lexa Leave us.
[Titus leaves.]
Clarke Titus is right. You’re giving her exactly what she wants.
[Clarke steps closer to Lexa and Lexa turns on her heels.]
Lexa Only if I lose. I know you’re just trying to help Clarke, but there’s nothing you can do here.
[She turns and walks further away.]
Clarke I can’t just let Roan kill you.
Lexa If that is to be my fate, you must. You’re driven to fix everything for everyone, but you can’t fix this. I have to do this on my own and you have to let me.
Clarke I won’t just sit there and watch you die.
[The doors open and Titus steps back in.]
Titus Heda.
[Clarke turns.]
Titus It’s time.
Lexa Then this is goodbye…for now.
[Lexa steps past Clarke and out the door with Titus.]
Scene 8 - Arkadia
[Open on Arkadia in the mess hall. Pike and Bellamy are sitting at a table together.]
Pike Let’s talk about Mt. Weather. I know you think it was your fault. That why you resigned?
[Bellamy nods, then they both take a shot.]
Pike You’re right. It was your fault. Mine too. Every life we honored at the memorial was lost because we trusted a Grounder.
Bellamy I talked you into it. I knew her and I vouched for her.
Pike No, you don’t get to own this one alone.
[Someone brings them new shots and takes the old cups.]
Pike I knew what they were capable of, but I let my guard down one day and 35 of my people died.
[He holds up his drink.]
Pike Never again.
[Bellamy holds up his drink.]
Bellamy Never again.
[They both drink.]
Pike Kane’s a good man, I know you’re close to him, but he doesn’t believe that we’re fighting a war. He thinks Grounders can police Grounders. I mean, out there in the woods, outside our home, with a peace keeping force?
Bellamy What would you do?
Pike What I wouldn’t do is wait for them to hit us. My scouts tell me that they’ve got 300 soldiers and not a single gun between them. 10 highly motivated men with automatic rifles is all it would take. I’ve got the men.
Bellamy You’re asking me to get you the guns.
[Pike nods.]
Bellamy That’s treason.
Pike That’s survival. The Grounders out there will attack this camp, and our leaders do nothing. Right now, we have the element of surprise. We wait, we die. If they want to call it treason, I’m willing to suffer the consequences to save our people. Are you?
[Bellamy nods.]
Scene 9 - Polis
[Open in the streets of Polis. A crowd has gathered to watch Lexa and Roan’s fight. There’s shouting and music. Roan and Lexa stand facing a stage where Titus stands and Nia sits. Titus holds up his hands and silence falls.]
Titus In single combat there is but one rule. Someone must die today. You may begin.
[He sits. We see Aden, presumably with the other Natblidas in the audience. Roan pulls a sword from a sheath and looks to Nia who nods. Clarke pushes her way through the crowd, hood up, to come face to face with Lexa. She drops her hood. Lexa is shocked to see her there.]
Lexa I’m glad you came.
Clarke Me too.
[Lexa pulls her sword from its sheath with a flourish and looks to Clarke. But Roan is advancing on Lexa from behind and Lexa, seeing Clarke’s expression, turns and catches his sword with hers, then cuts him along his back as he passes. Lexa strikes three times and Roan catches each of them until their swords meet with Roan’s on top and Lexa pushing up from the bottom. His strength forces her to her knees.]
Roan You’re done.
[She reaches out with her left hand and grabs the blade and forces it up, catching Roan in the chin with the hilt of her sword. Roan strikes and Lexa meets it, she ducks the second swing, but he catches her and knees her in the back, knocking her to the ground. She swings up at him on her hands and knees but he smacks the sword out of her hand and then kicks it away. She slams her fists into his knee, bringing him down, and then quickly stands to knee him in the chin and snatches his sword. She runs and grabs the other one, and twirls them like the Lextra she is. Roan looks around, panicked, before he socks a guard standing nearby and takes his spear. Not to be out extra’d, he twirls the spear too in an even more impressive display. They advance on each other and Roan swings the sword at her head but Lexa ducks it. She swings and him, spinning and attacking with both swords and succeeds in backing him up be catches every blow with the spear. Suddenly, he catches his spear between both of her blades and her jerks one out of her hand. She goes to swing the other but he knocks that one out of her hand too. Titus rises, frantic. He kicks her square in the chest and she flies before landing flat on her back. Titus sits back down, hilariously defeated. Clarke looks like she’s going to piss herself. Roan advances as Lexa lays flat on her back. Roan puts the spear to her neck before he pulls back and jabs down for Lexa’s throat, but Lexa rolls out of the way and the spear just hits the concrete. Lexa swings her legs around and catches him in the knee, flipping him onto his back. They both scramble to their feet, Lexa complete with a little cartwheel, and Roan swings at Lexa as she ducks. He stabs forward and she catches it under her arm, and smacks his arm so he let’s go. She turns the spear on him and catches him in the leg with the blade, bringing him to his knees, and then hits his face with the butt of the spear. She smacks him under the chin with the butt of the spear, throwing him onto his back. She advances and holds the spear to his neck. Nia stands.]
Nia Get up! If you die, you don’t die a prince, you die a coward!
Roan Get it over with.
Lexa Blood must have blood.
[She turns and hurls the spear at Nia, pinning her to her throne. There is an instant uproar.]
Lexa The queen is dead. Long live the king.
[The crowd cheers.]
Crowd Heda! Heda! Heda! Heda!
Scene 10 - Arkadia
[Open on Arkadia. It’s nighttime. Bellamy, Pike, Gillmer, Hannah, and several redshirts head towards the gate. Pike gestures towards one of the guards and they nod. As they get closer to the gates, Lincoln, Monroe, and Harper step out in their way. Bellamy steps forward.]
Bellamy You need to step aside right now.
Harper What are the guns for?
Bellamy There’s an army out there. We need to hit them before they hit us.
Lincoln That army was sent to protect us.
[Pike and the others step up closer behind Bellamy.]
Pike Do we have a problem?
Bellamy No. I have always done what is best for us. I need you to trust that I’m doing that now. Monroe.
[Monroe turns and walks away.]
Bellamy Harper.
Harper Sorry, Lincoln.
[She leaves.]
Pike You too, Lincoln. You want to prove you’re one of us, let us pass.
Lincoln I’m not moving.
[Gillmer pulls his gun on him.]
Gillmer Get out of the way, Grounder.
[Lincoln immediately disarms him with an elbow to the face and they begin to fight, Lincoln pretty efficiently kicking his ass. Lincoln pulls a knife on Gillmer and everybody point their guns at him.]
Bellamy Put the guns down. Guns down!
Pike Do what he says now.
[Everyone lower their weapons.]
Hannah So much for the good Grounder.
Pike Quiet, Hannah. Whose people are you defending here, Lincoln?
Bellamy Lincoln, put down the knife. No one has to get hurt here.
Lincoln Can’t let you start a war.
Pike We’re already at war.
Bellamy You can’t stop us.
[Alarms blare.]
Voice on PA All Arkadia security personnel, report to the main gate. All Arkadia security personnel, report to the main gate now.
[Octavia comes running up to Lincoln. She rounds on Bellamy.]
Octavia What’s wrong with you?
[The guards quickly arrive to disperse the Murder Squad, along with Kane and Abby.]
Pike Calm down, people. Farm Station, guns on the ground. On the ground!
[Pike puts his gun on the ground as do the others.]
Kane Lincoln, it’s alright. Let him go.
[Lincoln releases Gillmer and shoves it away. Abby storms up to Pike.]
Abby What the hell do you think you’re doing?
Pike What you didn’t have the guts to.
[Kane turns to Bellamy.]
Kane Did you arm these people?
[Bellamy stares him down and Kane turns and walks away.]
Abby Guards, take them to lockup now.
[The guards move to lead Pike's regime away.]
Abby Everybody back to your quarters. It’s over.
Pike Nothing is over.
[Everyone stops.]
Pike We are surrounded by warriors who want us dead.
Kane That’s enough.
Pike No it isn’t. Not even close. Why don’t you show us all what you let the Grounders do to you yesterday? Come on, Kane. I think that the people who are about to vote for you have a right to know.
[Kane pulls back his sleeve and holds up his arm.]
Kane It’s the mark of the Commander’s coalition. It means we are the 13th clan. It means we are in this fight together.
Pike No. It’s what farmers used to do to their livestock.
Hannah Right before the slaughterhouse!
Gillmer Sir, you should be on the ballot tomorrow.
Abby That’s enough. Take him away.
[The guards pull him away.]
Bellamy Pike! Pike!
Crowd Pike! Pike! Pike! Pike!
[Pike, Hannah, Bellamy and the others are led away while Abby, Kane, Octavia, and Lincoln look on, horrified.]
Scene 11 - The Dropship
[Open on the dropship. Jasper is laying alone, but there’s a fire nearby and Monty’s sitting by it. Jasper comes to with a groan and climbs to his feet.]
Monty What the hell were you thinking?
Jasper Home sweet home.
Monty Does Abby know you took these?
[He holds up the ashes. Jasper takes a swig from his flask.]
Jasper Since I stole them, probably not. It’s memorial day, alright?
[He snatches the urn from Monty and opens it.]
Jasper Let’s scatter them with the others.
[Monty climbs to his feet.]
Monty Finn’s ashes aren’t yours to scatter. What about Raven? Besides, if Abby still has them, it means she’s saving them for Clarke. Who cares who it hurts? Yeah, whatever Jasper wants. Screw the rest of us, right?
Jasper No. No, screw Clarke. You are both mass murderers as far as I’m concerned. I get why she did it and why Bellamy helped her, but you- Maya was your friend, she was- How is it that you can wipe out an entire civilization, yet I’m the one that can’t sleep at night? How-how can you just be fine?
[Jasper shoves Monty.]
Monty I’m not fine! Just because I’m not drinking myself into a stupor every night doesn’t mean I’m not screwed up. But we had no other choice.
[Jasper laughs maniacally and walks away, holding up the ashes.]
Jasper You hear that, Finn? He thinks he’s innocent. None of us is innocent.
Monty Float you!
[Monty advances on him.]
Monty For three months I’ve watched you torture yourself and everyone around you – mostly me – but I’m done being your punching bag. Either you pull yourself together and you get on with your life or you fall a part alone.
Jasper Are you done?
Monty I miss my best friend.
Jasper He died that day, too.
[Monty turns and walks away.]
Jasper You’re leaving?
[Jasper heads after him and waves the urn at him.]
Jasper See you on the other side!
[He trips and hits the ground. Finn’s ashes poof out of the urn, and Jasper crawls up onto his hands and knees. He half tries to push them back into the urn and begins to hyperventilate. He sobs and holds his hands to his face.]
Scene 12 - Polis
[Open on Polis. Clarke stands, looking out her bedroom window. There’s a knock at the door and Clarke answers it to see Lexa.]
Clarke Is this “I told you so”?
Lexa No, this is “thank you”.
Clarke Come in.
[Lexa steps over the threshold and Clarke takes Lexa’s bandaged hand.]
Clarke Sit down. Let me change that for you.
[Clarke closes the door as Lexa sits. Clarke comes and sits beside her with a towel.]
Clarke That girl that was with Nia, Ontari, what will happen to her?
[She starts to unwind Lexa’s bandage.]
Lexa She won’t be back until the conclave after my death.
Clarke Do you ever talk about anything other than your death?
[Lexa smiles. Clarke tears off a new bandage and begins to rewrap Lexa’s hand.]
Lexa Thank you for backing me.
Clarke I was just doing what was right for my people. Your Ambassadors betrayed you. How do you move forward?
Lexa They were doing what they believed was right for their people, too.
[Clarke stands.]
Clarke Good night, Commander.
Lexa Good night, Ambassador.
[She turns and walks out the door.]
Scene 13 - Arkadia
[Open on Arkadia, the next day. Kane, flanked by two guards, goes to the prison, where Pike, Bellamy, Hannah and the other's are. One of the guards enters the keycode. Kane opens the door and enters. Pike stands.]
Kane Congratulations, Mr. Chancellor.
Pike Where’s Abby?
Kane Wishes she could be here.
[He holds out the Chancellor pin. Pike takes it.]
Kane The vote was close. Our people are now your responsibility, Charles. I hope you take that seriously.
Pike Thank you, Marcus. I certainly intend to.
[He pins the pin to his shirt.]
Pike For my first official action as Chancellor, I pardon myself and the others. For my second official action, I reject the brand that made us the 13th clan. For my third, let’s finish what we started.
[Everyone heads out the door but Kane steps in front of Bellamy before he can leave.]
Kane It’s not too late to choose the right side.
Bellamy I already have.
[Bellamy steps past him and heads out the door, leaving Kane looking very concerned in the cell alone.]