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Scene 1 - The Rover
[Open on Bellamy, Kane, Indra, and Monty in the rover. It's daylight and they're still trapped as of the end of Wanheda Pt. 1.]
Bellamy It’s been three hours. What are they waiting for?
Kane Even with the light, I don’t see anyone.
Monty I say we make a run for it.
Kane No. That’s what they want us to do.
Indra The boy is right. They can wait longer than we can.
Kane Okay, Bellamy. You get in the turret and you cover us. Once we get to that ridge over there, we’ll cover you.
Bellamy Copy that. Run fast.
[Bellamy stands up in the turret. Naturally, before he can do anything, a masked figure has a knife to his neck.]
Bellamy They’re here.
Pike Everybody out or the boy dies.
Kane Hey, hey, hey. Okay! Okay! We’re coming out. Don’t hurt him.
[Kane opens the door and they're all promptly pinned down].
Hannah All targets secure.
[A man goes searching for the tracker and pulls it off of Monty.]
Man Found it.
Monty It’s mine. Give it back!
Bellamy Monty, let it go!
Hannah Monty?
Monty Mom?
Scene 2 - The City of Light
[Jaha and A.L.I.E. are walking through a completely empty modern city.]
Jaha I still can’t believe how beautiful it is.
A.L.I.E. It’s perfect. In the City of Light, mankind will finally be of pain and hate and disease. Here, there will be no more suffering.
Jaha I’ll fill this place, starting with my people. You have my word.
A.L.I.E. I believe in you, Thelonious. Together, we will save the human race.
[Fade in on Jaha back in the real world, on Emori's boat like at the end of Wanheda Pt. 1., with Emori, Jaha, Otan, Murphy, and Gideon.]
Murphy Jaha. Earth to Jaha, come in Jaha.
Jaha Yes, John?
Murphy Hate to break up your little zen nap but we’re here.
Jaha Already?
Murphy Yeah. Lot faster with a motor.
[Meanwhile, Emori is passing stuff to Gideon but he gets saucy and snatches a weird metal backpack away from her.]
Emori Easy. I was just trying to help.
Murphy As I recall, last time you helped two of my friends blew up.
Emori No minefield this time. We go around the Dead Zone.
Jaha Let’s get a move on you two.
Emori Right behind you. We head west towards that rise.
Murphy This whole helpful guide act. I’m not really buying it.
Emori Then I guess you’re just going to have to keep an eye on me.
[Murphy and Emori exchange a look.]
Scene 3 - The Rover
[Back at the rover with Hannah, Pike, Indra, Bellamy, Monty, and Kane.]
Hannah I knew it.
[Monty and his mom embrace, everybody tears up.]
Pike Farm station stand down.
Kane Pike?
[Pike helps Kane off the ground and they bro-hug.]
Pike You have no idea how good it is to see you.
Kane We didn’t think you made it!
Pike Lacroix, Smith, watch our six.
Man #1 Yes, sir
Pike Everyone else, I said stand down.
[Presumably, everyone else responds.]
Man #1: Yes, sir.
Monty Where’s Dad?
Hannah Your father didn’t make it.
[Monty and his mom tearfully hug again.]
Kane How many of you are there?
Pike Sixty-three. The rest are camped in the mountains north of here. Grounder killers one and all, am I right?
[Cut to literally the most beautiful shot of Indra looking disgusted of all time.]
Bellamy Hate to cut this short. We’ve got to find Clarke.
Pike Clarke Griffin? If only all of my earth skills students were as good as her.
Bellamy It’s good to see you, sir.
[They do a weird chest bump hand thing.]
Pike You too.
Kane Okay, move the tree.
Pike Help them.
Monty I’ll be right back.
[Monty and Bellamy bond over shoving the tree out of the way.]
Bellamy You okay?
Monty I have to be.
Man #1 Now come on. Push! Push!
[Kane and Pike are discussing what happened.]
Kane 63? Farm station left orbit with three times that number.
Pike We landed with that number too.
Indra The Ice Nation can be ruthless. Take pride in the number you saved.
Kane Indra, this is Charles Pike. He was a teacher on the Ark. This is Indra. She’s leader of the Trikru and a trusted ally.
Pike I’ll have to take your word for it.
Bellamy Kane, it’s time to go.
Kane Monty, give them the coordinates to Arkadia. We have a settlement fifty miles south of here. Your people will be safe there.
Pike You’re my people.
Kane Good. Because we have reports that put Clarke north of here. We could certainly use your expertise.
Hannah If she’s in the Ice Nation you’re gonna need more than that.
Pike We leave no one behind. Lacroix, take the team, rendezvous with the others, get them to Arkadia.
Hannah I’m staying with my son.
Pike Damn right you are. Mount up, we’re going back into Hell.
Scene 4 - Riverbank
[Clarke, exhausted, collapses just as they're at a river.]
Roan On your feet. Looks like the great Wanheda is human after all.
[Roan nudges her with his shoe a bit and when she doesn't react, shrugs and goes to get water. Wanheda jumps on his back in an attempt to strangle him. Cut to them rolling around in the water. Clarke very nearly drowns him but lets him go too soon. Roan appears to try to drown her just out of spite and then lets her up.]
Roan Now that’s better.
[There's a very obnoxious shot of the camera zooming in on Roan's brand.]
Clarke You’re Ice Nation.
Scene 5 - Outside Arkadia
[Octavia wakes up next to Lincoln.]
Octavia Smart move, leaving that guard jacket inside.
[They kiss.]
Guard #1 Fighter approaching!
Guard #2 Where?
Guard #1 Outside pole twenty!
Octavia The kill order. We have to get you inside the wall.
[Lincoln hands Octavia the knife and he notices Nyko wobbling on a horse.]
Lincoln Nyko.
Octavia Lincoln, be careful.
Lincoln Hey, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah.
Octavia Hold your fire!
[Lincoln holds Nyko on the horse while Octavia holds the horse.]
Lincoln I got you. Come on.
Nyko Abby. I need Abby.
Octavia We’ll take you to her.
Lincoln Who did this to you? Nyko, who did this to you?
Nyko Azgeda.
Scene 6 - Arkadia
[Abby is re-bandaging Jasper's neck wound.]
Abby Generally, a follow-up appointment is about checking the old injury, not treating new ones.
Jasper I was trying to make the most of our time together, Doc.
Abby Can we talk about this one?
Jasper You said it was fine.
Abby I understand how much Maya meant to you.
Jasper What is it you want to talk about? How dead she still is?
Abby Jasper, you’re never going to get past this unless you face your feelings head on. Your friend, Finn. He never did that. And it broke him. I don’t want that happening to you.
Jasper Your daughter killed him too.
[Octavia, Jackson, and Lincoln rush in, dragging Nyko.]
Octavia Abby, Abby. It’s Nyko.
Lincoln He said it was Azgeda. The Ice Nation.
Abby Where?
Lincoln We don’t know.
[Luckily, Jackson's around to take care of business.]
Jackson His pulse is weak, he’s burning up.
Abby Clotting has stopped the flow but he’s lost too much blood.
Jackson I’ll type him. RH null.
Octavia What’s wrong? We’re universal donors. Here, take mine.
Abby No, you can’t. RH null can only take RH null.
[Lincoln wordlessly sticks out his arm.]
Octavia Well, I don’t understand. Can you save him or not?
Jackson Not here.
Abby Jackson.
Lincoln Wait, what’s he talking about.
Jackson I’m talking about Mt. Weather. The medical facility in that mountain is state of the art. They relied on blood to survive, it’s still all there.
Abby You want me to bring a grounder into Mt. Weather for a transfusion? They killed thousands of people for that blood, Jackson.
Jackson We can’t just let him die, Abby, we’re doctors.
Abby I am not just a doctor.
Jackson Maybe you should be.
Abby Lincoln, you said to me yesterday that even our supply runs were putting us at risk, they were jeopardizing our peace. How would you advise me now?
Octavia Lincoln.
Lincoln He’s my friend. Save him.
Abby Get him ready for transport. I hope you’re ready to face your feelings.
Scene 7 - Niylah's Trading Post
[Open on Roan's friend beating up Niylah. She's putting up a good fight, but he clearly had the jump on her and also has quite the strength advantage.]
Bounty Hunter I know that Ice Nation scum came back for her. Where is Wanheda? Where is Wanheda? I’m only asking once more, and then you lose a hand. Where i-
[Bellamy shoots him. Bellamy, Kane, Monty, and Hannah look around aimlessly while Indra looks around with a bit more purpose.]
Bellamy Are you okay? You all right?
Indra Bounty hunter. We’re here to help.
Pike English!
Kane Pike, go outside. Take Monty and Hannah, search the perimeter. Make sure he was alone.
[Pike, Monty, and Hannah go outside.]
Indra We’re looking for Wanheda.
Niylah So was he.
Bellamy Please. She’s in danger.
Niylah You’re Skaikru?
Bellamy Yeah.
Niylah She was here last night.
Kane Did she say where she was going?
Niylah She was here when I fell asleep and gone when I woke up.
Kane She give you any indication of where she might go?
Niylah No. But he did. He said that his partner came back for her. He was Ice Nation. I hope you find her.
Bellamy Thank you.
[Monty comes back in. Presumably, Hannah and Pike are small-talking outside.]
Monty Good news. I found fresh track.
Bellamy Great, start the rover.
Monty That’s the bad news. Too many trees. We have to go on foot.
Scene 8 - Field
[Roan and Clarke are crouched in something resembling waving fields of grain.]
Roan Quiet. Ice Nation scouts. Come on, we backtrack, then we go around.
[Clarke quietly listens to his explanation and then promptly proceeds to scream her head off.]
Roan Their deaths are on you. Easy. I don’t want trouble.
Scout #1 He’s Ice Nation. Who’s this?
Roan Wanheda. A prisoner for our Queen. I told you. I don’t want trouble.
Scout #1 We’ll be set for life. Take her.
Roan I can’t let you do that.
[Roan drops Clarke's leash and she promptly makes a run for it.]
Scout #1 What are you doing?
Scout #2 I’ll get her, kill him.
[Roan easily kills the 2 scouts that stayed with him and then shoots the 3rd through the back with an arrow just before he catches Clarke. He lands on her and she grabs his dropped knife just before Roan comes up behind her.]
Roan Didn’t have to be this way.
[Roan picks Clarke back up and she stabs him in the stomach. They tussle and he ends up with a knife to her throat.]
Clarke If you were gonna kill me you would have done it already.
Roan There’s still time.
Scene 9 - Mount Weather
[Abby, Jackson, Lincoln, Jasper, Octavia, and Nyko have all made it to Mt. Weather and have reached the floor they need in the elevator. As they rush Nyko to the infirmary, Jackson inexplicably asks-]
Jackson How you holding up?
Abby Don’t worry about me, just get the blood. I’ll prep him.
[They round the corner. Octavia hangs around to wisely shout at Jasper.]
Octavia Don’t do anything stupid.
Jasper You mean like coming back here?
Scene 10 - Field
[Monty, Hannah, Pike, Kane, Bellamy, and Indra are hiking through aforementioned fields.]
Monty You haven’t told me what happened to Dad.
Hannah All your father wanted was to find you. He loved you. That’s what matters.
[Hannah walks ahead of Monty.]
Pike Ask you a question? Last report we got on the Ark, you were under attack by Grounders. What changed?
Bellamy Turns out we had a common enemy.
Pike What happened to them?
Bellamy We won.
Indra Quiet. Listen.
Kane War drums.
Indra Azgeda.
Monty You can tell it’s Ice Nation from the sound?
Indra No, from them.
[The 2 dead bodies of the men Roan killed are on the ground in front of them.]
Pike We need to get those bodies off the field unless you’re good with them thinking we did this.
Kane Go, hurry.
Bellamy Wait. two people at twelve o clock.
[He looks through the scope of his rifle and see the blonde hair and Roan.]
Bellamy It's Clarke.
[He immediately starts to sprint after her. Pike jumps in front of him.]
Pike Hey, hey, hey. Woah.
Bellamy Get out of my way!
Pike You’ll never make it in time.
Monty He’s right. Look. No way we get across without being seen.
Pike We should lay low, let the army pass, then we find Clarke.
Monty Guys. There’s a cave.
Pike We just got lucky.
Indra I can’t go with you.
Kane Why?
Indra Ice Nation has crossed the border. They’re marching against my commander, I have to warn her.
Kane We’ll get Clarke.
Indra You better. If the Ice Queen gets she’ll be dead and we’ll be at war.
[Indra runs off towards Lexa, Clarke and Roan head off towards the Ice Queen, Bellamy, Kane, Pike, Monty, and Hannah all head towards the very convenient cave.]
Scene 11 - The Woods
[Roan's wobbling through the forest, consulting a map, and dragging Clarke along behind him. They get to the top of the steps of what may have been a subway station.]
Roan Scream again and we’ll both be dead.
Scene 12 -
[Murphy and Emori are collecting wood Gideon and Jaha are zoning out. Otan crouches beside him.]
Otan Hey. You really been to the City of Light?
Emori Shut up, Otan. I’m not listening to that skrish again.
Jaha Come, walk with me.
[They wander away on the path of creepy enlightenment.]
Murphy Thank God he’s got somebody else to preach to now, huh?
Emori Not a believer?
Murphy I believe you’re here for a reason, just don’t know what it is yet.
Emori We were recruited.
Murphy Recruited by who?
Emori I don’t know her name. She comes to us in the flying machine.
Murphy You mean the drone, yeah, it’s how she found us too. So what do you do for her?
Emori We collect tech.
Murphy You mean steal it.
Emori When we have to. We bring it to the island, to him. That’s how we survive. This time, she said they needed a ride.
[Emori looks over at Gideon, still peacefully spacing, and gets up to head towards him. Murphy stops her.]
Murphy What are you doing?
Emori Don’t try to be a hero and I’ll leave you on your feet this time.
Murphy Oh, a hero? And here, I thought you got me. Come on, really, are you about to steal from the people you steal for?
Emori Shh, we have other buyers. Now be quiet.
Murphy Bad idea.
[Naturally, Emori is not as sneaky as she'd like to be and Gideon picks her up and proceeds to strangle her in mid-air.]
Murphy Ok, oh, oh, easy, easy. Come on, hey, big fella, no harm done just put her down. Just put her down, alright?
[Murphy picks up a stick and whacks Gideon over the head with it several times. Gideon could not care less. He turns to Murphy to inform him.]
Gideon There is no pain in the City of Light.
[This allows Emori enough time to grab a knife and slash Gideon's throat with it. Blood spurts everywhere. Emori grabs the backpack and proceeds to run in the direction opposite of Otan and Jaha.]
Emori You coming or what?
[Murphy jogs after her.]
Scene 13 - Abandoned Subway Station
[Roan and Clarke are in the subway type thing. Clarke's tied to a pole, Roan's lit a fire and is heating a blade.]
Roan Another inch and I’d be dead. Maybe you’re not the Commander of Death after all. Now she’s quiet.
Clarke Why are you hiding from your own people?
Roan Why’d you run away from yours?
[Roan cauterizes his wound with the heated blade and flinches. He walks over to wave the knife in Clarke's face.]
Roan The great Wanheda. Mountain slayer.
Clarke I’m no one.
Roan Lot of people out there right now looking for no one.
Clarke You’re obviously not loyal to the Ice Nation, so why are you taking me there? Look, whatever the Ice Queen is giving you, my people will offer you more.
Roan Doubt that. Not for someone who abandoned them.
Clarke You don’t know anything about me.
Roan I know you took the coward’s way out.
Clarke Like you’re so different. You’re in disguise, same as me. You’re on the run, same as me. In the wilderness, same as me.
Roan I was banished. Nothing like you. You had a choice. And no, I can’t take you home to your people because you’re the way back home to mine.
Scene 14 - Cave
[Bellamy is wearing tracks in the floor of the cave while Kane, Monty, Hannah, Pike and also the 2 dead bodies nonchalantly chill.]
Bellamy We’re losing her.
Kane Relax. Save your energy.
Pike Kane’s right, son. The army will move soon. You’ll need your strength for what comes next.
[Monty goes to sit with his mom.]
Monty I need to know what happened.
Hannah Monty.
Monty Please.
Hannah We landed in the snow. Your father said it absorbed some of the impact. That’s why we survived. The snow looked so beautiful, it- Charles?
Pike The children were playing in it. They were the first to die. Fifteen of them. If not for your father, would’ve been more. He pulled four kids back into the ship. All four alive today. They got him when he went back for the fifth. Your father died a hero, Monty. We’ve been fighting Grounders ever since.
Kane That was the Ice Nation. Not all Grounders are the same.
Pike They are to me.
Scene 15 - The Boat
[Murphy and Emori are by the boat. Murphy's trying to break open the backpack.]
Emori As soon as Otan gets here we can leave.
Murphy Partners in crime, huh?
Emori Whatever’s in there, we’ll split it three ways. You earned that.
Murphy Yeah, and all we had to do was kill a guy.
[Emori leans in and kisses him on the cheek.]
Emori Thank you for saving my life. Let me.
[She pops the pack open like an oyster with a knife through the slit. Murphy throws up his hands.]
Murphy I could’ve done that.
[Inside is some very important looking technical stuff.]
Emori Now that’s tech.
[Murphy digs out the weird pill to compare.]
Murphy It’s more than just tech. The stupid son of a bitch brought her with him.
[Otan shows up, not wearing his head scarf.]
Emori Took you long enough.
Otan You shouldn’t have opened that.
Emori We needed to see what we had. Check it out. You’re not wearing your scarf.
[Otan closes it and hits a series of buttons to lock it. Murphy jerks it away from him as all 3 stand.]
Murphy How’d you know how to do that?
Otan Give me the backpack, John.
Murphy No.
[Otan grabs Emori and puts the knife to his throat.]
Murphy Oh, easy, easy, easy, come on, easy.
Emori What are you doing? Otan, let me go.
[Jaha, sensing danger, has appeared over the horizon.]
Jaha Doesn't have to be this way, John.
Emori What the hell is going on?
Murphy Otan ate the damn chip, that’s what’s going on.
Jaha No one else has to die today.
[Murphy holds the backpack over the water.]
Murphy Tell me, is your imaginary friend waterproof? Should we find out?
Jaha She’s not imaginary. She’s very, very real, and she can help you. All you have to do is say yes.
Murphy All you have to do is let her go.
Jaha You’re in a lot of pain, John. I’ve been there. Losing my son almost killed me. The City of Light unburdened me. It made me whole. I can unburden you, John. You just simply return what’s mine.
Murphy I got a better idea.
[Murphy stoops to drop A.L.I.E. in the water, Jaha jumps.]
Jaha Stop!
Murphy You want me to stop? You let her go right now or I’m gonna drown the bitch in the red dress.
[Jaha motions for Otan to let her go and he does.]
Murphy Good. Emori, get in the boat.
Jaha Now give me the pack.
Murphy It’s all yours, Chancellor.
[Murphy chucks the backpack and it lands in the water about a foot from shore. Jaha and Otan run after it. Murphy jumps onto the boat.]
Murphy Start the boat, we’re leaving. Bon voyage, Jaha.
[We're in the City of Light with Otan, A.L.I.E., and Jaha now.]
Jaha We should go after them.
A.L.I.E. There’s no need. They’ll understand.
Jaha How can you be so sure?
A.L.I.E. Because I haven’t told you the best part. You know there’s no pain here. There’s no death in the City of Light, either.
[Gideon is shown to be alive.]
Scene 16 - Mount Weather
[Abby, Jackson, Lincoln, and Nyko are in the infirmary. Abby goes to Lincoln.]
Abby He’s waking up.
[Lincoln and Nyko Bro-Hand-hold.]
Lincoln Hey. Welcome back, brother.
Nyko The mountain?
Lincoln Only way to save you.
Nyko Thank you, Abby.
Lincoln When can we move him? It doesn’t look good for us to be here.
Jackson This place just saved his life.
Lincoln It’s not that simple. Our people, they’ll never see anything but death here.
Nyko Our people are wrong, Lincoln. We can change their minds. Places are not evil, brother. People are.
Jackson Abby. This place, it could do so much good. For our people and theirs.
Lincoln We have to find hope somewhere.
Abby Okay.
Jackson Okay, what?
Abby Okay, let’s open it up.
[Jasper is frantically digging through the gallery for the painting Maya showed him. He throws and breaks stuff before it falls into his lap. He stands it up and sits in front of it.]
Jasper Where is it?
[Octavia comes in and quietly sits cross-legged beside him.]
Octavia Hey.
Jasper I’m fine. This was her favorite. Represents the second circle of Hell, which is pretty ironic if you think about it. I told her I liked it, but I don’t know. I miss her.
[She puts his arm around him and rests her head on his shoulder.]
Octavia It’ll get better.
Jasper When?
Scene 17 - Cave
[Monty is still back in the cave with Kane, Pike, Hannah, and Bellamy.]
Monty Forty-two of us got out alive. We did what we had to.
Pike You did the right thing. Kill or be killed. So Mt. Weather is ours’ now?
Kane Yeah. Yeah, we use it for supplies.
Pike Supplies? It’s a nuclear hardened underground city.
Kane We established a truce. We need to think about perception.
Pike We need to think about what happens when the Grounders break that truce, because they will.
[Bellamy has stripped one of the Azgeda scouts and snuck out, all without anyone noticing.]
Monty Oh, crap. Bellamy, what are you doing?
Scene 18 - Field
[Bellamy wanders through the army. Azgeda soldier just thinks Bellamy is very confused so he turns him in the right direction. Bellamy follows the direction Clarke and Roan went and sees Roan's blood trail go down the steps. He goes down and sees Clarke tied up. He beams at her and brushes her hair out of her face.]
Bellamy I’ll get you out of here.
Clarke Look out!
[Roan's got the jump on oblivious Bellamy and has him flat on his back with a knife to his throat.]
Clarke Oh please, please don’t. I’ll do anything, I’ll stop fighting. Just please don’t kill him.
[Roan takes the knife from his throat.]
Clarke Thank you.
[Roan promptly stabs Bellamy in the leg and then kicks him in the chin.]
Roan Don’t follow us.
Scene 19 - The Woods
[Bellamy's limping along as Pike, Hannah, Monty, and Kane run up behind him.]
Monty Bellamy! He’s hurt!
Kane He’s here. We told you to wait for the army to move.
Monty What happened?
Bellamy I almost got her.
Kane Pike, find their trail.
Pike It’s useless. He knows he’s being followed now.
[Bellamy's still limping along so Kane stops him.]
Kane Hey. You can’t even walk.
Bellamy So what, we give up? Let him kill her?
Monty I want to find her too, but look at your leg. You could die out here. We have no trail.
Bellamy We can’t lose Clarke. We can’t lose her.
Monty We’ll find her, Okay, we will figure something out, I promise. But this isn’t the way.
Bellamy Okay.
[Bellamy throws an arm over Monty's shoulder as they turn around.]
Monty I got you, now, come on.
Kane Let’s head back.
Scene 20 - Polis
[Roan leads Clarke into a brightly lit room of the Ice Queen's camp with a bag over her head.]
Roan Wanheda, as promised.
[Roan removes the bag. Instead of the Ice Queen, Lexa is seen.]
Lexa Hello, Clarke. The deal was for you to bring her to me unharmed.
Roan She didn’t come easy.
Lexa I expect not.
Roan I’ve done my part, now do yours’. Lift my banishment.
Lexa I’m told your mother’s army marches on Polis.
Roan That has nothing to do with me. Honor our deal.
Lexa I’ll honor our deal when your Queen honors my coalition. Lock Prince Roan of Azgeda away.
[Grounders take Roan away, leaving Lexa, Clarke, Indra, and a random dude.]
Lexa Leave us. You heard me. Help her up. I’m sorry.
[Lexa pulls the gag from Clarke's mouth. It's tender on Lexa's part but you can tell Clarke's fit to spit.]
Lexa It had to be this way. I had to ensure Wanheda didn’t fall into the hands of the Ice Queen. War is brewing, Clarke. I need you.
[Clarke spits on her. Clarke is a sudden screaming mass of rage as the Grounders drag her away.]
Clarke You bitch. You wanted the Commander of Death, you got her. I’ll kill you. No!
[Lexa wipes the spit from her face and turns to walk out on her balcony.]
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