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Bellamy We were born in space. They told us the ground was uninhabited. But they were wrong. And we've been fighting for our lives since the moment we landed. Some of us have been broken by it. But most of us are still here, searching for survivors from the Ark, trying to build something real and lasting out the wilderness. A home. Our leaders believe that, to survive, we need to make peace with the grounders. But peace is a foreign concept here.
Clarke I'm not going in.
Bellamy Clarke-
Clarke Seeing their faces every day it's just going to remind me of what I did to get them here. May we meet again.
Jaha We're going to the City of Light. Take this leap of faith with me, John Murphy.
ALIE Welcome Thelonious. I've been waiting for ages. My name is ALIE.
Chris I tried to stop her. I'm so, so sorry! [Shoots himself]
Scene 1 - The Bunker
(Murphy is still in the bunker after watching the video that showed Chris' death)
Female Voice Containment door sealed.
(He stands up and walks toward the door and bangs on it furiously)
Male Voice Chris! We're leaving! Chris? Where are you, Chris? Chris? Chris!
(Murphy returns to the TV screen to continue to watch the video and see a man return to his dead friend)
Male I knew it, the news was wrong. It wasn't China. The stupid son of a bitch let ALIE out.
Other Man Help me, the radiation's coming. Unless you wanna share this place with a corpse we better get him outside. Come on.
(Murphy checks under the couch and finds Chris' gun. Time is seen to progress as Murphy is trapped in the bunker)
Chris I tried to stop her. But I lost control. I'm so, so sorry!
Male Voice 2051, Becca meets ALIE.
Becca Chris, we've got to get back to work.
Chris We are working. ALIE wanted it to be a surprise.
ALIE Hello, Becca.
Becca Who did this?
ALIE I did. You don't approve?
(Becca passes her hand through ALIE revealing she is a hologram)
ALIE As you know, I didn't think I needed an avatar. You did. Why not my creator? Why not my creator? Why not my creator?
Becca and Murphy Please state your core command.
ALIE My core command is to make life better. Is to make life better-life better.
Becca And how would you do this?
ALIE By fixing the root problem. By fixing the root problem-root problem.
Becca What is the root problem, ALIE?
ALIE Too many people.
Murphy Too many people?
Becca Too many people?
Murphy Ah, well you certainly took care of that didn't you?
(Murphy throws something at the screen, shattering it. He begins a recording)
Murphy Eighty-six days. I'm on my, um, last box of food so... Really never thought I'd miss the Ark this much, but... Anyway, Jaha if you're seeing this, that would indeed mean you're not dead. SO SCREW YOU!
(Murphy turns off the camera and presses a gun to his chin)
Female Voice Containment door released.
(Murphy runs for the door, exiting the bunker. He catches a glimpse of the outside world before recognizing the drone he and Jaha were following)
Murphy Wait, get back here!
(He soon finds the mansion)
Jaha John. There you are.
Murphy Jaha?
Jaha Welcome. We have so much to talk about and so little time. I found it, John. The City of Light is real.
Murphy You left me there!
(He prepares to attack Jaha but passes out and Jaha lifts him up)
Scene 2 - Arkadia
(Bellamy is training with Lincoln. Lincoln easily knocks Bellamy to the ground)
Lincoln He had me, but he was too aggressive.
Bellamy Whatever you say.
Lincoln Quitting so soon?
Bellamy Mapping run. Sector 7. Harper, let's get this over with.
(Harper tosses Lincoln a Guard jacket)
Bellamy The Council wants you to have that.
Lincoln I'm Trikru.
Bellamy A uniform doesn't change that. This is our home now, Lincoln. We fought for it. Too many of our friends died for it. On the Ark, the uniform meant something different. Down here, it means what we make it mean. Together. My sister will understand that eventually.
Lincoln Pair up and fight now. (to Bellamy) Hey. Sector 7? That puts you right at the Ice Nation Border.
Bellamy I know.
Lincoln Just because Azgeda is part of the Commander's Coalition doesn't mean they respect the ceasefire. I should be on that scout.
Bellamy I wish. We all do. But until the Commander agrees to lift the kill order on you, you're more trouble than you're worth.
(Kane's office, Abby is seen asleep on the couch. A knock is heard and Kane gestures for them to come in)
Kane This is the first sleep the Chancellor's had in two days.
Bellamy I'll be quick, then. We're going into Sector 7. I think we should arm the entire unit.
Kane Permission granted. But the rules of engagement still apply, non lethal response.
Bellamy Copy that.
Kane Bellamy... There hasn't been an attack since Mount Weather. It's three months. Our people believe that this is real peace. Try not to screw that up.
Bellamy Yes, sir.
(Bellamy leaves)
Abby He's come a long way.
Kane It's a work in progress.
Abby I was dreaming we were on the Ark. Before we sent the kids down.
(She stands up and makes her way to towards Kane's map)
Abby Maybe she's in Sector 7.
Kane We could send out another search party.
Abby They wouldn't find her, not unless she's ready to be found.
(They share a look)
David Miller Sir. Ma'am.
Abby I have patients to see.
(Abby exits)
David Miller Sir, we just got a signal on a secure channel, three clicks.
Kane Three clicks. She wants to meet.
(Kane goes to retrieve his guard uniform)
(The Hangar. Bellamy, Monty, and Miller are preparing for the scouting mission)
Bellamy Monty, why aren't you ready?
Monty I am. He's not.
(Jasper is lying on the ground under a table)
Monty What should we do?
Bellamy We should leave him this time.
Monty He's not getting better. Maya's death broke him. He needs this.
Bellamy Take an arm. Come on.
(Bellamy and Monty lift Jasper up)
Gina Zeke, I said produce first, art doesn't go bad.
Bellamy Monty, he's all yours.
(Bellamy makes his way over to Gina)
Bellamy Hey. Easy run?
Gina I hate that place.
Bellamy I know.
(They kiss)
Gina Got you something, though.
(She hands him The Iliad)
Gina You said your mom used to read this to you. I thought you'd like it.
Bellamy I do. Thanks.
Raven Hey! Take it easy!
Bellamy Mornin' to you too.
Miller What's the point if we can't shoot 'em?
Bellamy We can. Just not to kill. That goes for everyone. Where's Octavia?
Miller We're going outside the wall. You honestly think she'd miss that?
(Monty pours a bucket of water on Jasper's head)
Monty Sorry, was that too cold?
(Jasper shoves Monty against the rover)
Bellamy No gun for you, not until you're sober.
Jasper Don't want one.
Bellamy Let's do this.
Gina Be safe.
Raven She's too good for you.
Bellamy Shut up.
Jasper Careful. Monty might melt her.
Bellamy Enough. Raven... Take us out.
(Octavia emerges on horseback)
Miller Guess we found her.
Octavia Try and keep up.
(Raven, Jasper, Bellamy, Monty and Miller drive the rover out of Arkadia)
Day after day
I will walk and I will play
JasperBut the day, after today...
Monty No way. If you're gonna ride shotgun, you can't just dissapear.
(Jasper plugs his iPod into the rover's stereo)
Bellamy Hey. It's ok, it's a long ride.
And I will start...
(They continue driving and begin singing along)
Why can't I get just one kiss?
Why can't I get just one kiss?
Give me something I wouldn't miss
And I looked at your pants and I need a kiss
Why can't I get just one screw?
Why can't I get just one screw?
Believe me, I don't know what to do
But something won't let me make love to you
Day after day I get angry and I will say
That day, this is the wayside and I take a bow to say goodnight
Don't shoot, shoot, shoot that thing at me
Don't shoot, shoot, shoot, that thing at me
You know that you got my sympathy
So don't shoot, shoot, shoot that thing at me
Monty A tracking beacon from the Ark.
(They stop the rover and the music)
Jasper Hey, that was the best part.
Bellamy Who is that?
Monty Farm Station.
Miller After-after four months how?
Bellamy We'll find out. Where are they?
(Octavia opens the door to the rover)
Octavia Don't tell me I missed the party.
Monty Sector 8,
Miller That's Ice Nation.
Octavia What about it?
Raven Protocol says we go home. Let the Chancellor decide what to do next.
Bellamy Screw protocol. The Chancellor's not from Farm Station, Monty is so is Miller's boyfriend. It's your call.
Monty Let's do this.
Miller You have to ask?
Bellamy Try to keep up.
(The rover starts up again and Octavia remounts her horse riding ahead)
Scene 3 - The Mansion
(Murphy is asleep in the mansion, he is cleanly shaven and wearing new clothing. He notices a glass of water and drinks all of it. He then takes an apple off the table and takes a bite)
Murphy Jaha? Hey. Wake up.
ALIE Thelonious isn't here, John. He's in the City of Light.
Murphy I know what you are.
(He throws the apple at ALIE)
ALIE It's refreshing to be around people who understand technology again.
Jaha Let us explain.
Murphy That's a good idea. Why don't you start with why you kept me locked in a bunker while you were here living like a king.
Jaha The outside world means nothing. In the City of Light, we are all kings.
Murphy Yeah. And here I thought I was the one losing my mind.
ALIE It's the truth. I can show you.
Murphy Okay, you do know she's the one that launched the bombs that ended the world, right?
Jaha Wrong. She didn't end the world. She saved it.
Murphy I'm so outta here.
ALIE Let him go. He'll come around.
Scene 4 - Sector 8 Border
(The rover has just driven to the border of Sector 8, Ice Nation territory. Octavia dismounts her horse and Monty, Miller, Bellamy and Raven exit the rover)
Bellamy These woods must be the border.
Jasper So, where's all the ice?
Octavia Much farther north, Azgeda stretches for 1,000 miles.
Monty Good thing we only have to go 200 meters.
Bellamy Slow down. Remember rules of engagement are non-lethal force. Tight formation on my command. Raven, you stay in the rover.
Raven Yeah right.
Octavia We need every gun we've got.
Monty They're coming. 120 meters. 110. They're our people what are-?
Bellamy We hope they're our people. On my command.
(Three Ice Nation Scouts arrive on horseback)
Bellamy Ice Nation?
Octavia Yes. White war paint. Stay calm.
Ice Nation Scout Who are you?
Octavia Skaikru, looking for our people
Ice Nation Scout Looking for Wanheda
Octavia They think we're looking for Wanheda
Bellamy Who's that?
Octavia I don't know.
Monty The light. That's the beacon.
(Jasper crosses over towards the beacon)
Bellamy Hey. Get back here.
Monty Jasper wait-
Raven What're you doing?
Octavia Jasper!
Jasper It's ok I got this.
Bellamy Tell them we observe the commander's truce, do it now!
Jasper This belongs to us.
(The Ice Nation Scout pulls a knife to his throat)
Ice Nation Scout Where's Wanheda
Bellamy Let him go!
Octavia We don't know who that is. Please! We can help each other!
Ice Nation Scout You think this is funny?
(He cuts Jasper and Miller, Raven, and Monty all shoot the Ice Nation Scouts)
Bellamy Hold your fire!
Octavia Jasper, get down!
(Octavia throws a knife at the last remaining scout killing him instantly)
Kane (on radio) Rover 1, come in. Repeat, Rover 1, come in.
Bellamy What now?
Kane (on radio) Where are you?
Jasper I had him.
Monty What the hell were you thinking?
Jasper We got the beacon didn't we?
Monty Yeah but where did they get it?
Octavia He needs to get to medical.
Bellamy We had to shoot three Ice Nation Scouts. Culvert, Sector 4. Copy. Can you tell me what's going on?
Kane (on radio) When you get here. Over and out.
Raven Sector 4? Why's Kane so far outside the wall?
Bellamy Take him home!
Jasper I'm fine, thank you for asking.
Bellamy Miller!
Miller Yeah.
Bellamy Get one of their horses. Raven said you can't ride, you're on the back. Monty, you're with me. Let's go.
Monty Okay.
(Bellamy and Monty drive the rover before stopping and entering a tunnel)
Monty You were right about Jasper. Okay? Is that what you want me to say?
Bellamy Quiet. Keep your eyes peeled. I could've said no.
Monty He's getting worse isn't he? I-I mean getting drunk every night is one thing but smiling with a knife to your throat? That's next level damage.
(Kane and Indra emmerge)
Monty Who's he with?
Bellamy Indra.
Monty That's Indra?
Bellamy He must have told her we broke the truce. Sir, before you say anything there was a good reason--
Kane I'll deal with that later. This is about Clarke.
Bellamy What about her?
Indra She's being hunted.
Monty By who?
Indra By everyone.
Scene 5 - The Forest
(Clarke is hunting a panther. She wrestles with it before making the kill)
Clarke Yu gonplei ste odon (Your fight is over)
Niylah Os fragon. (Good kill.)
Clarke Mochof... Jos otaim prepon. (Thanks... the usual supplies.)
Niylah Otaim yu kom op jus pas taim ai nontu gonout. Os manaplei. (You always come right after my father leaves. Good timing.)
Clarke Ai ste hos raun you. (I'm in a hurry.)
Niylah Ait. Kom otaim. Steiks-de kom yu las fragon. Ge fleiva op en ge sonop. Thau osir kodon. (Right. As always. The meat from you last kill. Salted and dried minus our share.)
Clarke Chit daun bilaik? (What's that?)
Niylah Souda. Kos yu na ste set raun. (A drink. For while you wait.)
(Niylah pours Clarke a drink. Clarke notices Niylah is wearing a tracking wristband from the Ark)
Niylah Ai na hos op hashta ostof. (I'll be back with the rest.)
Scene 6 - Arkadia
David Miller Open the gate!
Octavia Jasper's hurt. What took you so long?
Abby What happened?
Octavia Ice Nation.
Abby Get him to medical.
Jackson Come on. I've got you. Keep pressure on it.
Abby Clarke?
(Raven shakes her head)
Octavia (to Lincoln) Nice Jacket (to Raven) You want me to take 'em?
Raven Uh, it's ok I'll bring her in.
(Octavia walks off with the other horse)
Abby You can't get down, can you?
(Raven shakes her head)
Abby Ok. Come here. Ok
(She helps Raven off the horse)
Raven Thanks.
Abby Raven-
Raven I'm good.
(Raven walks off with the horse)
Scene 7 - The Forest
Kane (to Indra) I'm still getting used to it myself.
Monty Sir, we're almost out of range. Are you sure you don't want to tell the chancellor?
Kane I'm sure. I don't wanna worry Abby until we know something.
Bellamy We know there's a kill order. Your people are big on those.
Indra It's not a kill order. It's a bounty. Clarke's a symbol. She's known as Wanheda. The Commander of Death.
Bellamy The Ice Nation guys we killed asked about Wanheda. They're looking for Clarke, why?
Indra My people believe that when you kill someone you get their power. Kill Wanheda and you command death.
Kane She's just one girl.
Indra So was the commander. What Clarke did at Mount Weather weakened her. The Ice Nation emboldened. Their Queen wants Clarke's power. If her people believe she has it, she'll break the Coalition and start a war. I can't let that happen.
Monty Welcome to Sector 7. Where to now?
Indra If she's here, she'll need supplies. We'll start at the trading posts.
Scene 8 - Niylah's Trading Post
Niylah So what did you decide? I told you. I owe you more than this. Pick something.
Clarke Tell me about this.
(Two Ice Nation scouts open the door and enter)
Niylah You got something to trade? I asked you a question.
Roan Have you seen this woman?
(He shows Niylah a cloth with a drawing of Clarke on it)
Niylah That's not a very good likeness.
Roan Then you have seen her.
Niylah She was here two days ago. That's how I got this.
(She shows him the tracking wristband)
Niylah She said she was going north following Eden's Pass.
Ice Nation Scout Ice Nation. We have to hurry.
Roan Thank you. You've been more helpful than you can imagine.
Clarke How long have you known?
Niylah How long you been coming in here? I would wait. Give them a chance to clear out. Have that drink.
Clarke Why are you helping me?
Niylah My mother was taken by the Mountain. You ended the reaping.
Scene 9 - Arkadia
(Abby is treating a patient)
Lincoln You wanted to see me?
Abby Yes. I'm considering making another run to Mount Weather for medical supplies.
Lincoln You want my advice?
Abby That's why you're here.
Lincoln The last one just got back. If it looks like Skaikru is colonizing the mountain, the truce will break. And we'll be at war.
(Jasper is rushing out of medical)
Jackson Jasper, wait!
Abby Woah!
Jackson He hasn't been discharged!
Jasper I'm fine!
Raven He's not fine-
Jasper Shut up, Raven!
Abby Ok, ok. Enough. If you promise to come back in the morning, I will examine you then. Okay?
Raven You're just gonna let him go?
Abby That'll be all, Lincoln. Thank you.
Abby (to Jackson) I'll be in there in a minute.
Jackson Abby, we have 12 patients waiting, including four contraceptive implant removals. (sighs) You'll be right in.
Raven Abby, he had a knife to his throat and he smiled.
Abby I want to talk about you, Raven. How's your hip?
Raven You don't have a broken compressor, do you?
Abby When did the pain start?
Raven After the explosion at the dam.
Abby Three months.
Raven It's nothing I can't handle.
Abby You're not handling it. You're lying. To your friends, you're lying to your doctor. You pushed Wick away because he was trying to help-
Raven Don't
Abby Raven you don't-
Raven Fix yourself, Abby! Maybe if you weren't so busy being Chancellor and doctor to avoid your own pain you'd realize you suck at both jobs. Good talk.
Scene 10 - Niylah's Trading Post
(Niylah is cleaning Clarke's wounds)
Niylah The cat got the worst of it. No kill marks.
Clarke My back's not big enough.
Niylah Tell me about the Mountain.
Clarke There's nothing to tell. I did what I had to do, that's all.
Niylah That's all? You killed our greatest enemy. You wiped them out by yourself.
Clarke Niylah, would you mind not talking? No.
(Niylah rests her hand on Clarke's shoulder and Clarke covers it with her hand. They begin kissing and have sex)
Scene 11 - Arkadia
(Lincoln finds Octavia with a horse)
Lincoln Hey Helios, how's our girl doing?
Octavia At least you still speak the language.
Lincoln Hey.
Octavia You can wear their jacket. But you'll never be one of them.
Lincoln There can't be an "us" or "them" we want to survive.
Octavia You're being naive. Most people aren't like you, Lincoln.
Lincoln Kane and Abby aren't like most people. They're trying to forge a lasting peace and so am I.
Octavia They're using you. "Look at that nice Grounder in his uniform." They think it proves we can live together.
Lincoln It does.
Octavia What if I don't want to live together? And don't tell me about the kill order, we can far away. Luna's clan will take us in.
Lincoln No, they won't. Luna's hiding for a reason. She won't risk the attention. Hey, hey. Listen to me. Listen to me. Trikru is in here. Not out there. And nothing can take that away from us.
Octavia That uniform does.
Scene 12 - The Island
Murphy You're leaving, huh?
Jaha So are you.
Murphy Not with you, I'm not.
Jaha I'll be right there, Gideon.
Murphy I see you've made a new friend.
Jaha I'm sorry we kept you in the bunker, John. Is that what you want to hear? But the truth is, I knew you were safe. And with all the things that we had to do, I needed the time.
Murphy Yeah, I could tell you were pretty busy back there.
Jaha We converted a nuclear warhead into a power source. With the added power, ALIE was able to complete the work she began with her creator 100 years ago.
Murphy Whatever, okay, I'm still leaving this place in the row boat.
Jaha I need you.
Murphy Of course you do. More food for the Sea Monster, right?
Jaha Let me prove to you what we can do
Murphy Listen to me, I've seen what she can do.
Jaha No, you haven't. Not even close.
Murphy How is it possible you sound even crazier than before?
Jaha I can tell you about the City of Light but you won't understand until you experience it yourself.
Murphy And that's supposed to take me to the City of Light?
Jaha No pain. No hate. No envy.
Murphy No thanks.
Jaha John-
Murphy No. Pain, hate, envy... Those are the ABCs of me. You get rid of them and there's nothing left. So why don't you get that thing out of my face!
Jaha Take care of yourself, John.
(Jaha places the key to the City of Light in Murphy's shirt pocket)
Jaha Decide later.
[Sound of a boat horn]
Emori John? I don't believe it.
Murphy Emori?
Emori What are you waiting for? Come on.
Jaha Change your mind?
Murphy Bite me. Emori, who'd you steal the boat from?
ALIE Told you he'd come around.
Scene 13 - Arkadia
(Raven catches Macallan stealing a bracelet.]
Raven Not so fast.
Gina I say we float him.
Macallan Come on. What do you guys want for it?
Raven One song.
Macallan Done.
(Macallan begins to play a rendition of "Add It Up")
MacallanDay after day. I will walk and I will say
But the day after today
(Abby enters the Mess Hall and approaches Raven)
Abby You were right. I am spread too thin.
I will start...
Raven I'm still not having the operation.
Abby Raven that's-
Raven Are you here as my chancellor? Or my doctor? Because I don't want to talk to one of you.
Abby I'm here as your friend.
I've given you a decision to make
Things to lose, things to take
Raven Good. Now shut up and drink.
Just as she's about ready to cut it up
She says, "Wait a minute, honey, I'm gonna add it up!"
Add it up! Add it up!
Wait a minute, honey, I'm gonna add it up!
Day after day
(Lincoln discards his guard jacket and returns to Octavia before cuddling next to her)
I get angry and I will say.
That the day is in my sight
When I'll take a bow
And say goodnight
(Clarke wakes up from a nightmare and finds Niylah still asleep beside her. She redresses herself)
Oh, ma-mama, mama-mo-ma-mum
Take a look now at what your boy has done
(Emori, Murphy, Jaha, Gideon, and ALIE are seen on the motorboat)
He's walking around like he's number one
Went downtown and you got him a gun
(Monty, Bellamy, Indra and Kane are still in the rover. Kane offers Indra a gun but she declines)
So don't shoot, shoot, shoot that thing at me
Don't shoot, shoot that thing at me
You know you've got my sympathy
So do shoot, shoot, shoot that thing at me
(Jasper enters the Mess Hall)
Day after day
Raven Hey. Hey. Relax.
I get angry
Jasper These belong to people. So did that piano.
Raven Jasper! Jasper!
Jasper A bunch of grave robbers!
(Jasper tackles Macallan)
Raven Get off of him!
(A man restrains Jasper)
Abby Enough!
Scene 14 - The Forest
(Monty is still driving the rover and halts it at the sight of a huge tree)
Monty We have to move it.
Indra Wait. It's been cut down.
Bellamy You don't know that.
(Bellamy peers out of the rover raising his gun. A tree falls trapping them)
Indra We do now.
Scene 15 - Outside Niylah's Trading Post
(Clarke is exiting Niylah's trading post. Suddenly a man appears behind her and holds a knife to her throat)
Roan Hello Wanheda