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"Eighty-six days. I'm on my last box of food, so...really never thought I'd miss the Ark this much. Anyway, Jaha, if you're seeing this, and that would indeed mean you're not dead, so screw you!"
John Murphy

Wanheda (Part 1) is the first episode of the third season of The 100. It is the thirtieth episode of the series overall.

Three months have passed since the tragedy at Mount Weather and our heroes learn that a bounty has been put on Clarke's head. Unbeknownst to Clarke, a team led by Bellamy and Kane journeys deep into Grounder territory to save her. Meanwhile, Murphy finds his way to the mansion and discovers a very different Jaha on a very different mission.


Murphy is in the lighthouse and witnesses the man (Chris) commit suicide on video 97 years earlier in 2052. He looks behind him at the blood spot on the couch just as the door closes and he is locked inside the lighthouse. The video continues playing as two men enter, looking for Chris and find him dead on the couch. They say the news was wrong and it wasn't China; Chris let A.L.I.E. out. They move Chris's body out of the bunker so they are not trapped inside with his corpse when the radiation comes but they apparently never make it back in since Murphy finds the gun still sitting next to the couch.

Over the next three months, Murphy tries to break out of the lighthouse and grows increasingly desperate as he watches the videos left behind over and over again. The videos show Chris introducing Becca to the personification of A.L.I.E., who has taken on Becca's (her creator's) image as her avatar because Becca was the one who told A.L.I.E. she needed an avatar.

Murphy's mental state continues to deteriorate in the bunker and he is reciting lines from the videos he has seen over and over again while trapped. In one of the videos, A.L.I.E. relates her core command is to "make life better" by "fixing the root problem," which is "too many people." In anger, Murphy throws something at the screen and breaks it. He begins recording his own video message for Jaha, saying he's been trapped for 86 days and is on his last box of food. He tells Jaha, "screw you," before shutting off the video and picking up the gun. He is about to shoot himself when he drops the gun and gives up. The door suddenly opens and Murphy is free at last. He heads out into the sunlight and follows a Drone to the mansion where Jaha welcomes him. Jaha tells him he found the City of Light and that it is real. Murphy goes to attack Jaha and passes out. Jaha carries him further into A.L.I.E.'s mansion.

At Arkadia, Bellamy and Lincoln are sparring while a group of people, including Monroe and Harper, watch. Lincoln wins the fight and tells them that Bellamy was too aggressive and that is why he lost. Harper comes over with a bag for Lincoln and inside is a Guard's jacket that the Council wants him to wear. Lincoln tells him he is Trikru and Bellamy tells everyone that they can make the uniform mean something different down here than it meant up on the Ark. Bellamy goes to leave for a mapping mission of Sector 7, which Lincoln says puts them on the Ice Nation border and asks to go along. Bellamy tells him he can't because of the Commander's kill order on his head.

Bellamy goes to see Kane about going into Sector 7. Chancellor Griffin is asleep on a couch. Kane grants permission to go into Sector 7 with weapons but re-enforces the "non-lethal response" rule since there hasn't been any Grounder attacks since Mount Weather. Bellamy leaves and Abby wakes up and looks at the Sector map, wondering if Clarke is in Sector 7. Kane offers to send out another search party but Abby declines and tells him that they won't find her until Clarke is ready to be found. David Miller interrupts them and tells Kane that they got a signal of three clicks on the secure channel, meaning "she" wants to meet.

Bellamy searches out Monty for the mapping run. Jasper is passed out drunk under a table and Bellamy wants to leave him but Monty convinces him to bring Jasper because Jasper needs it after Maya's death. Bellamy leaves Jasper with Monty and goes over to see Gina, his girlfriend who just came back from a supply run from Mount Weather. They kiss and Gina gives him a book she brought back, The Iliad, since she knew his mom used to read it to him.

Bellamy walks over to the rover they will be using on their mapping mission and Raven slides out from underneath it. Miller shows up and Bellamy tosses him a gun. Monty walks over to Jasper and throws a bucket of water in his face to wake him up. Jasper grabs Monty and shoves him against the side of the rover. Bellamy jumps in and tells Jasper he doesn't get a gun until he is sober. Jasper says he doesn't want one and disrespectfully slaps Bellamy upside the head before getting into the vehicle. Bellamy kisses Gina goodbye and climbs in with everyone else, with Raven driving. As they are driving out, Octavia shows up on horseback and tells them to try to keep up. They leave through the gates of Arkadia and head out on their mapping mission.

While driving along, Jasper is listening to music on headphones and Monty makes Jasper share the music with everyone. Jasper starts singing along with the song (Add It Up by the Violent Femmes) and soon Raven and Miller join in. Their sing-a-long is interrupted by the sound of a tracking beacon from Farm Station going off after four months. They stop and Octavia rides up on her horse, asking why they stopped. Monty says the signal is coming from Sector 8, which is Ice Nation. Since Monty and Miller's boyfriend are both from Farm Station, Bellamy says Monty and Miller get to decide whether or not they go into Ice Nation territory and they both agree.

In A.L.I.E.'s mansion, Murphy wakes up clean and shaved and finds glass of water and an apple on the table in front of him. He drinks the water and spots Jaha kneeling down in the center of another room. He calls out to him but Jaha doesn't respond. A.L.I.E. pops up behind him and tells him that Jaha is in the City of Light. Murphy tells A.L.I.E. he knows what she is and throws the apple through her. Jaha awakens from his meditative state and tells Murphy to let him explain. He says that the outside world means nothing in comparison to the City of Light. Murphy tells Jaha that A.L.I.E. is the one who launched the bombs to end the world and Jaha says that she saved it.

In Sector 7, they reach the border to Sector 8 and Ice Nation territory. Octavia tells them the Ice Nation stretches for thousands of miles and the ice is farther to the north. Bellamy reminds them to use non-lethal force as the beacon signal draws nearer to them. Three Ice Nation warriors break through the tree line on horses, identified by their white war paint. Octavia tells them they are Skaikru looking for their people. The Ice Nation warrior asks if they're looking for Wanheda.

One of the warriors is wearing the Farm Station beacon that was transmitting the signal. Jasper staggers his way forward as Octavia tells the warriors that they observe the Commander's alliance. Jasper grabs the beacon as Octavia tries to diffuse the situation. The warrior takes Jasper hostage and puts a knife to his throat, asking where Wanheda is and Octavia says she doesn't know who that is but they can help each other. Jasper is laughing and the warrior starts to slit his throat. Bellamy shots him in the arm while Raven and Miller kill the other two warriors. The wounded warrior rises up to kill Jasper and Octavia throws her sword at him, killing him.

Kane comes in over the radio, asking for Bellamy to come to Sector 4. Raven, Jasper, and Miller take the Ice Nation horses and go with Octavia back to Arkadia while Monty and Bellamy take the Rover and head to Sector 4. Once Bellamy and Monty arrive at Sector 4, they walk to meet Kane. Monty tells Bellamy that Jasper is damaged and getting worse. They encounter Kane and Indra. Indra has come to warn them that Clarke is being hunted by everyone.

In the forest, a rabbit is left as bait for a panther. As the panther approaches, a red-haired Clarke leaps out of a tree and attacks it, getting swiped on the back in the process. It pounces and she kills it, saying, "yu gonplei ste udon." She drags the carcass to a trading post that Niylah runs with her father and waits for Niylah's father to leave before bringing in her kill to trade for her regular supplies. They chat in Trigedasleng and Niylah offers her a drink. Clarke notices Niylah is wearing one of the Delinquents' wristbands.

Abby, Jackson, and Lincoln come running to the gates of Arkadia as Octavia, Miller, and Raven bring back the injured Jasper. Jackson takes Jasper to Medical as Abby asks Raven about Clarke. Octavia comments negatively on Lincoln wearing the Guard jacket and walks away from him to take care of her horse. Abby helps Raven off her horse because she can't get down on her own. Raven limps off to take care of her horse on her own.

Indra and Kane are riding in the back of the rover with Monty driving and Bellamy in the front seat. Indra looks nervous and Kane tells her he is still getting used to the vehicle himself. Monty asks if Kane is sure he doesn't want to notify the Chancellor and Bellamy comments on the kill order on Clarke. Indra clarifies that it is a bounty and that Clarke is a symbol known as Wanheda, the Commander of Death. The Grounders believe that when they kill someone, they get their power. Killing Wanheda means they will command death. Clarke's actions at Mount Weather weakened Lexa's power and now the Ice Nation Queen wants Clarke's power. If her people believe she has Clarke's power, then she will be able to break the Coalition and start a war, which Indra cannot allow to happen. They drive into Sector 7 and Indra tells them to start at the trading posts in order to find Clarke.

At the trading post, Niylah asks Clarke to pick something because she owes her more for the kill Clarke brought in. Clarke asks Niylah about the wristband just as the door opens and Roan enters with another warrior. Clarke walks away as Niylah goes to talk with Roan. Roan notices Clarke before asking if Niylah has seen the woman in a picture he is carrying around. Niylah tells Roan that Clarke was there two days ago and that is how she got the wristband but Clarke left to travel north, following "Eden's Path" into the Ice Nation. Roan and his warrior leave to hurry after Clarke. Clarke asks Niylah how long she has known who Clarke was and Niylah tells her since the beginning. Niylah switches to English and offers her a drink again while they wait for Roan and his companion to leave. Clarke asks why Niylah is helping her and Niylah tells Clarke that her mother was taken by the Mountain and Clarke stopped the Reaping.

Abby has called Lincoln to see her in Medical and tells him about her plans to make another trip to Mount Weather for medical supplies. Lincoln warns her that it might start to look like the Skaikru are colonizing the Mountain, which would break the truce. Jasper comes stumbling out of Medical with Jackson chasing after. Jasper claims he is fine as Raven arrives and says he is not fine. Abby lets Jasper go as long as he promises to come back in the morning. She dismisses Lincoln and tells Jackson she will be back in Medical in a minute. Jackson complains about the backlog of patients, including four contraceptive implant removals but he leaves. Abby corners Raven, asking about her hip and the pain she has had since the explosion at the dam three months ago. Abby tells Raven she is not handling it and that she pushed Kyle Wick away. Raven tells Abby that she should stop hiding her own pain and fix herself because she is failing at being both a chancellor and a doctor.

Niylah is treating Clarke's panther injury on her back and asks about the lack of kill marks. Clarke tells her that her back is not big enough. Niylah asks about the Mountain and Clarke says she did what she had to do. Niylah tells her she wiped out their greatest enemy by herself. They start kissing and have sex.

Lincoln approaches Octavia where she is brushing down her horse, Helios, and asks how they are doing in Trigedasleng. Octavia comments that he can still speak it at least. She tells him that he might wear the Guard jacket but he will never be one of the Skaikru. He tells her there cannot be an "us or them" and that Kane and Abby are trying for peace like he is. Octavia thinks they are using Lincoln and tells him she doesn't want them to live with the Skaikru and wants them to go far away to Luna's clan. Lincoln says they can't because Luna is hiding. Octavia starts crying and Lincoln tells her Trikru is in the heart and goes to kiss her but Octavia is too bothered by the jacket and turns away and leaves.

Murphy is on the shore of the island when a boat horn is heard in the distance. Jaha and Gideon arrive and Jaha apologizes to Murphy for keeping him in the bunker, but he claims they needed the time to convert the nuclear warhead into a power source so A.L.I.E. could complete the work she started with her creator. Jaha tells Murphy he needs him and wants to prove what they can do. Murphy tells him he is crazy as Jaha holds out his palm to give Murphy a device used to "experience" the City of Light for himself. He says there is no pain, hate, or envy. Murphy refuses and tells him that without pain, hate, or envy, he has nothing left. Jaha puts the device in Murphy's pocket and tells him to decide later. The Boat arrives and it is Emori driving it. Gideon gets on the boat and Murphy asks Emori who she stole the boat from. A.L.I.E. pops up and tells Jaha she told him Murphy would come around.

Back at Arkadia, Raven and Gina are in a common room with numerous other Sky People sorting through supplies from the last Mount Weather supply run when one of the Sky Persons, Macallan, tries to pocket some jewelry and Raven catches him. She sells it to him for a literal song and Macallan walks over to the piano brought back from Mount Weather and begins to sing a rendition of Add It Up. Abby approaches Raven and Raven asks if Abby is there as her chancellor or her doctor. Abby says she is there as a friend. Raven tells her to "shut up and drink" as Gina pours them shots.

Lincoln is no longer wearing the guard jacket as he enters his and Octavia's room in Arkadia but Octavia is not there. He goes out to the forest where she sleeps and brings her a blanket, placing it over her before lying down behind her and wrapping her in his arms.

Clarke is sleeping next to Niylah when she awakens from a nightmare. She starts to get dressed.

Jaha, Murphy, A.L.I.E., Emori, and Gideon are on the boat and crossing the sea back to the mainland.

Monty is still driving Bellamy, Kane, and Indra in the rover to Sector 7. Kane offers Indra a gun and she shakes her head at him.

Jasper enters the common room where Raven and Abby are and gets upset about all the stuff from Mount Weather being re-purposed when it had belonged to people and they are robbing graves. Raven tries to calm him down but he gets upset at Macallan playing the piano from Mount Weather and tackles him and Macallan punches him. Jasper is held back as Abby calls, "Enough!"

Monty slams on the breaks when the rover's path is blocked by a felled tree. Indra tells them it was cut down but Bellamy doesn't believe her until another tree falls behind their rover, effectively trapping them.

Clarke leaves the trading post when she is snatched from behind and a sword is placed at her throat. Roan greets her as Wanheda.



Guest Starring


  • Chris Shields as David Miller
  • John DeSantis as Gideon
  • Graham MacDonald as Bill
  • Dino Dinicolo as Zeke
  • Gardiner Millar as Scarfaced Grounder
  • James Neate as Chris
  • Nathan Barrett as Young Man #1
  • Ian Collins as Young Man #2
  • James Jenkins as Lead Ice Grounder
  • Mark Gibbon as Grounder #1


A.L.I.E.: "As you know, I didn't think I needed an avatar; you did. Why not my creator?"
Becca Franko: "Please state your core command."
A.L.I.E.: "My core command is to make life better."
Becca Franko: "How would you do that?"
A.L.I.E.: "By fixing the root problem."
Becca Franko: "What is the root problem, A.L.I.E.?"
A.L.I.E.: "Too many people."
Becca Franko: "Too many people?"
John Murphy: "Eighty-six days. I'm on my last box of food, so... really never thought I'd miss the Ark this much. Anyway, Jaha, if you're seeing this, and that would indeed mean you're not dead, so screw you!"
Marcus Kane: "Bellamy, there hasn't been an attack since Mount Weather. That's three months. Our people believe that this is real peace. Try not to screw that up."
Raven Reyes (regarding Gina): "She's too good for you."
Bellamy Blake: "Shut up."
Jasper Jordan: "Careful, Monty might melt her."
Raven Reyes: "Fix yourself, Abby. Maybe if you weren't so busy being Chancellor and doctor to avoid your own pain, you'd realize you suck at both jobs. Good talk."
Octavia Blake: "And don't tell me about the kill order. We can go far away. Luna's clan will take us in."
Lincoln: "No, they won't. Luna's hiding for a reason. She won't risk the attention."
Thelonious Jaha: "No pain, no hate, no envy."
John Murphy: "No thanks."
Thelonious Jaha: "John."
John Murphy: "No. Pain, hate, envy... those are the ABC's of me. Hey, get rid of them, and there's nothing left."
Niylah (observing Clarke's back): "No kill marks."
Clarke Griffin: "My back's not big enough."

Notes and Trivia

Body Count

Behind the Scenes

  • This marks Richard Harmon's 20th episode on The 100.
  • Ricky filmed a scene with Marie.[2]
  • At least two scenes got cut from the episode: A friendly fight/training scene with Harper and Monroe, and a scene where Roan considers an exit strategy.[citation needed]

Production Notes

  • Filming for this episode started on July 15.[citation needed]
    • This included the Bellamy/Lincoln training scene and the panther scene
  • This episode was watched by 1.88 million viewers.
    • It also got the second highest demographic share, an 0.7, so far. The episode shares this spot with "Earth Skills" which also got an 0.7.
  • Eliza told fans at Unity Day 2018 that the crew threw a gigantic studded panther and she have to tackle it, which made her feel stupid.[3]



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DNA Alienation Clairity Purchase
Add It Up N/A Violent Femmes Purchase
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