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Your mother would be so proud of you.
— Vincent to Maya Vie. [src]

Vincent Vie was a recurring character in the second season. He was portrayed by Ian Tracey and debuted in "Resurrection". He was Maya's father, and eventually aided Bellamy Blake and the rest of the 47 Delinquents on the run from the Mount Weather Guards.

Early Life

Little is known about Vincent's early life. He was born and raised and lived all of his life in Mount Weather, eventually getting married and having his daughter Maya. His wife died fighting against Mount Weather's political policies.

Throughout the Series

In Resurrection, Maya introduces Bellamy Blake and Fox to Vincent. Maya tells her father that the Delinquents are in trouble, and he has to take in Fox so they can presume she has been dealt with. Vincent is skeptical at first about harboring Fox into his home, but Maya convinces him by saying that her mother died fighting for the same cause as her.

In Bodyguard of Lies, Bellamy visits Vincent at his home, asking for a route to the acid fog's control room. Bellamy spots another guard inside, Lee, and wields his gun. Vincent convinces him that Lee is a friend. Vincent proceeds to provide Bellamy with a plan and an acetylene blowtorch.

In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1), Vincent stops a two guards from escorting 3 delinquents and Maya to Bone Marrow treatment. Paul, one of the guards tells Vincent to step aside, but Vincent refuses. Paul is then shot in the head, and the other guard is taken down. Vincent then escorts Nathan Miller and Fox back to safety while his daughter moves forward with the others. He is then seen lying dead on the ground in the Harvest Chamber with Maya mourning his death.


Vincent appears to be a bit cautious, as shown by his hesitation in harboring Bellamy Blake, but he bears good intentions and wants to fight Mount Weather. He also proves to be somewhat clever as his able to conjecture a near perfect plan for Bellamy to shut down the Acid Fog.

Physical Appearance

Vincent is of average height, with hazel/green eyes, brown hair and a fuzzy beard.


Season Two
Episode Appearance Status
The 48Absent
Inclement WeatherAbsent
Many Happy ReturnsAbsent
Human TrialsAbsent
Fog of WarAbsent
Long Into an AbyssAbsent
Remember MeAbsent
Survival of the FittestAbsent
Coup de GrâceAbsent
Bodyguard of LiesAppears
Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1)Appears
Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2)Absent


Vincent: "You can get there through the retrofit routes. They're off limits, no cameras, no patrols. We use some to move the kids. And that's your other route."


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