We will be your subjects after you recite the lineage.
— Uzac to Ontari [src]

Uzac is a recurring character in the third season. He is portrayed by actor Christian Sloan and debuts in Watch the Thrones.[1]

Early Life Edit

Uzac was born on Earth. He is a member and Coalition representative for the Broadleaf Clan.

Throughout the Series Edit

In Watch the Thrones, he watches as Queen Nia stands a brief trial after confessing to sending the assassin to Mount Weather. Before Titus orders the guards to take Nia off to be killed, she votes for Lexa to be removed from power. Eventually, all of the ambassadors, including Uzac, agree with Nia, chanting "Commander no longer!" in Trigedasleng. To settle the dispute, Roan and Lexa fight to the death. Uzac watches as Lexa bests Roan but decides to spear Nia instead, killing her. Lexa declares Roan the King of Azgeda, and she decides to pardon Uzac and the other ambassadors who defined her leadership position because she believes they were only doing what was best for their people.

In Bitter Harvest, Uzac is seen leaving a meeting with the other ambassadors as Clarke walks in to talk to Lexa and Titus.

In Fallen, he approaches Ontari and John Murphy and says that the ambassadors are ready for Ontari to recite the lineage. Ontari tells him she will do it later reaching for her sword as he leaves. Later, he demands to see Ontari, saying she must complete the ritual now. Ontari states, "I am the last natblida heir to Bekka Pramheda. I triumphed in the conclave and you are my subjects." Uzac answers that they will be her subjects once she recites the lineage. In response, Ontari gouges his eyes out, blinding him in the process.

Personality Edit

Uzac seems to take pride in his job as an ambassador for the Coalition and respects the position of Commander. However, his true loyalty is to his people and will challenge the Commander if he feels it is in the best interests of his people and their traditions.

Physical Appearance Edit

Uzac has a tall, scrawny build. He has narrow facial features with two lines tattooed on the left side of his nose. He has green eyes and a buzz cut. He's usually seen wearing baggy clothes that are partially green.

Relationships Edit

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Appearances Edit

Season Three
Episode Appearance Status
Wanheda (Part 1)Absent
Wanheda (Part 2)Absent
Ye Who Enter HereAbsent
Watch the ThronesAppears
Bitter HarvestAppears
Terms and ConditionsAbsent
Stealing FireAbsent
Join or DieAbsent
Red Sky at MorningAbsent
Perverse Instantiation (Part 1)Absent
Perverse Instantiation (Part 2)Absent

Quotes Edit

Uzac: "Your reign can not begin until you-"
Ontari: "My reign has already begun. I am the last natblida heir to Bekka pramheda. I triumphed in the conclave and you are my subjects."
Uzac: "We will be your subjects after you recite the lineage."
Uzac (to Ontari): "If you think you can intimidate me-"
-- Fallen

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • Uzac is the first member from the Broadleaf Clan to appear on-screen.


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