(This is my first time create blog! I just want to try it!)

Season finale of season four got me shocked by the end, because I was confusing because Clarke seem doesn't thrust those prisoners on the ship that Clarke and Madi saw.

I think Clarke and Madi will try to have a good relentonship those people, but since Jason Rothenberg mention that people on the ship will be antagonists for next season.

I feel like there will be bad leader that try to keep and control the land. When the 100 sent to ground, they seem innocent kids for while until killing grounders.

I think Indra and other grounders will have bad thought this season because remember when Anya and grounders thought that Clarke and other deliquents are try to attack them but they didn't. But I think prisoners will be bad people, who try to killing Sky people and grounders. (Just like The Walking Dead, when Negan and his men try to killing Rick's group)

I think Octavia and Indra will bring back memory when they first met at the dropships. Maybe there will be arguments about this. Because they will realize how bad and bloodbath when war will go on.

I think Raven take 6 years to build dropships to get back to earth, maybe there a problem back on ark while Clarke waiting for Bellamy, I feel like Bellamy and Raven will be good leaders during 6 years in ark.

Maybe at beginning of season five, Clarke and Madi get kidnapped and Bellamy and others immediately return to eart to save them, and they might get kidnapped too, and maybe nearly died until Octavia rescue them. But what if Bellamy and Octavia won't see each other for 5 episodes, because those bad people got them separate.

Maybe Abby and Kane having baby.

If Madi actually became Clarke adopted Madi, became mother and daughter. Maybe Abby will died because she might will sacrifice for her daughter so Clarke could protect Madi.

I think Jaha will be killed because he been trying to get sky people follow him and try to be good person. I think leader of bad people do same thing Jaha do. Jaha could be sacrifice for his people.

Maybe not all of prisoners are bad, maybe are just like Clarke and others. Maybe some of them will disagree with their leaders.

I don't think Bellarke will have become a couple right after they reunion. Maybe at end of Season 5!

Of course those might won't happened, but this is only my guessing. Not all those list will be truth! Please don't get mad at me if this is true!

Please comment if you disagree or agree! If you disagree, tell me your other opinions! Thank you for read my first blog!

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