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    I don't blog often but this is just something I thought was important enough to be addressed. Originally, I was going to just post it in a comment but it ran a bit long so I decided to create a whole new blog post for it.

    Does anyone even pay attention to what the other characters say about Lexa? You learn a lot about Lexa through their perspectives. It's interesting because while you learn about Lexa through her actions, other characters' perspectives teach you a lot as well.

    Titus recognized a major difference in her that set her aside from all the previous Commanders. Indra told everyone in 'Remember Me' that Lexa was merciful for only requesting Raven's life instead of everyone's after the poisoning. Lincoln knew Lexa was merciful and po…

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    Dear Bob...

    February 6, 2016 by TheOmegaWerewolf

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    What are everyone's favorite moments from Season Two?

    1. Kane's badass entrance into the season when he killed Tristan (The 48).

    2. Clarke breaking out of her Quarantine room (The 48).

    3. Finn, Bellamy, Sterling, and Monroe trying to take down Tristan (The 48).

    4. Octavia taking Nyko hostage (Inclement Weather).

    5. Octavia working with/fighting with the Grounders to free their people from the Reapers (Reapercussions).

    6. Bellamy and Octavia's reunion (Many Happy Returns).

    7. Bellamy and Octavia finding Reaper Lincoln (Fog of War).

    8. Lexa and Clarke meeting each other for the first time (Long Into an Abyss).

    9. Clarke and Abby turning Lincoln back into a Grounder (Long Into an Abyss).

    10. When Clarke spoke Trigedasleng for the first time (Remember M…

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