Tacoman999 (talk) 00:18, July 7, 2017 (UTC)These are all of my personal opinions but, feel free to comment your opinion below.

It is offical that Thelonious Jaha will no longer be a main character in The 100 in Season 5. As of this moment it is unclear whether he will become a recurring character or not. However, many people have speculated that this means that Jaha will die. But, in my opinion I don't think he should die.

Now I know Jaha's actor Isaiah Washington may be on another schedule but, I feel like Jaha could have great potential in Season 5. If he were to die, the only way I would accept his death is if he died trying to protect his people or dieing heroically. If he died up on The Ark I would have accepted it since it would have been a good death. I don't think his story is over yet. He could serve a great role. After all that he has been through such as survive two attempted assassinations, being shot twice, sacrificing his own life to bring the rest of his people to the ground, finding a way to go down to earth, being betrayed and ignored by the very same people he saved, survive being the first chipped, living with causing the deaths of thousands, and, sacrificing 364 of his own people. After all of that, imagine him dieing because of a little radiation or some other minor reason.

So, do you think that Jaha should die or live?

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