Is anyone else waiting for Season 5 of Jason Rothenberg's "The 100"? From what we know, the show's producers have been releasing a few stills from Season 5. They're giving us a small sneak peek at what Clarke and the rest of everyone have been up to. In addition to that, there's been an introduction of the cast in season 5, with the usual cast and some new faces. We have Mike Dopud as a serial killer named Vinson, Lola Flanery as Madi (Clarke's apparent daughter), Jordan Bolger as a space explorer named Zeke, Ivana Milicevic as a military strategist named Charmaine, and William Miller as the show's new "Big Bad". As stated by the cast at San Diego Comic Con, "Praimfaya" destroyed the world, and sent the show 6 years into the future. It showed Clarke with Madi (her supposed daughter), also a Nightblood, at her side. It kind of left us with no idea what happened to everyone else, including people in the bunker, the group in space, and Clarke herself. Octavia is now in command of the Polis people in the bunker, and her brother is back on the Ark with Raven, Monty, Harper, Echo, Murphy, and Emori. We also see a Season 4 recap, with Clarke talking about her friends and family to Madi-but in a more simplified version. She tells her about the monsters (people they were fighting), and the heroes (her friends). Madi then asks her, "What if the monsters come back?". She answers in a different tone of voice-"The we kill them all". 
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