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    Lexi's leadership is both great, and horrible beyond words.

    • She let Clark kill Fin, & did nothing.

    If I was a grounder, I'd be pissed we didn't get our justice.

    • She killed her 2nd/bodyguard

    I get it, but if she let Clark get away w it 1 day earlier, why not him too?

    • She let her ppl die to save herself

    They were the main targets, but she could've warned the other leaders of each clan.

    • She kissed Clark

    What war-harden leader tries to start a relationship 1 day before war?!

    • She betrayed the Sky People
    • She stopped a war to save 150+ of her own ppl, when the night before 200+ of her own people didn't matter! Instead of ending the war that night, it will continue for years.

    (Cept Clark stopped it...but she didn't know that would happen)

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  • Lorisa214

    Best Reunion!

    March 21, 2015 by Lorisa214


    They haven't seen each other since they both lived in space. His dad though he died months ago, they he gets a shimmer of hope when they get to the ground his son might be alive, meanwhile Miller doesn't even know the rest of the Arc is on the ground, then BAM his dad is in front of him! Then after hours of anticipation, they get to hug!

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  • Lorisa214


    March 21, 2015 by Lorisa214

    I remember when I thought I was the only one shipping Bellarke in the beggining. Like 2 episodes in. I wanted them together, BUT NOT YET. They were not ready for each other. Now they are very much on their way.

    Just re-watcing S1. They got each other's backs! 100% They are the Ying to the other's Yang.

    Jason's confirmed they WILL become a couple in a later season, and like I was originally thinking, basically he doesn't think they r ready yet either. It's all about the journey with him. (I posted his quote on Bellake page under 'producer's notes)

    so THAT'S exciting! I'm not mad about the Lexi thing anymore, I mean she's dead to me after she left, but more so on the kiss. As long as I know the plan is for them to end up together, I don't care …

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  • Lorisa214

    Flynn n Clark

    March 20, 2014 by Lorisa214

    OK I DO ship Flynn & Clark together! He's a bit of a stereotypical bad boy, he he seems to like Clark & is very sweet on here. But we shall see if it lasts when they get back to camp...

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