Beautiful Things

     Recently I heard of Troye Sivan..y'all must know him he is kinda famous and gay,not being a Debby Downer but being gay is kind of in and all the rage and honest to God i love it but I digress.

   Im a 17 year old girl i am not saying its a phase but im stuck in that place where i dont want to be an outcast yet i abhor the mere thought of anything mainstream so I listen to songs that either scream fo acceptance,hating of societal norms or sommething else...i listen to All Time Low,P!ATD(gollly Brendon is so damn fine),Skillet,Nirvana,My Chemical Romance basically anything but pop and rap.

So on a good Friday evening,on Wattpad(best app ever,after Tumlblr) a girl with a very peculiar username tells me I should listen to him and i thought to myself "oh shit another trashy pop song" but as i played wild i fell in love with his voice,like i was mesmerised and then i waqtched the video and i kept crying..the only video that has ever made me cry was "Take Me To Church" by Hozier...but this was different like in some way i felt his pain his suffering and most of all his longing.

Now I am obsessed but hey who needs a social life anyway...

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