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The Final Conclave takes place in "Die All, Die Merrily".


  • Each clan has one champion.
  • Champions are to fight to the death until only one is left alive.
  • The entire city is the battlefield and there is no time limit. Guns are not allowed.
  • If a clan breaks the rules, their champion is executed and they lose.
  • Each of the champions wears a sigil (dog tag) with their clan's symbol.
  • To win, the champion must collect all the sigils from the other champions and bring them to the Flamekeeper, Gaia.
  • The winning champion will tell who gets to use the Crypt of Bekka Pramheda.


Champions in the order killed:

During the opening ceremony:

  • back row: Podakru, Broadleaf, Boudalan, Sankru, Shallow Valley
  • front row: Delphi, Trikru, Blue Cliff, Plains Riders, Azgeda, Skaikru, Trishanakru



With the episode aired, I've closed the polls. Thank you everyone for voting!

Who will win?

  • Half of voters (8/16 = 50%) think Octavia will win
  • Roan is runner up with 3 votes (19%)
  • Luna got 2 (13%), Fio got 1 (6%), and Ilian got 0 (0%)
  • The last 2 votes (13%) were for another champion to win

Will they actually fight until only one champion is alive?

  • 13 out of 16 voters (81%) think they won't, that'll kill too many important characters
  • 3 voters (19%) think the Conclave will end with only one survivor

Will character survive the Conclave?

  • Majority think Octavia (12/14 = 86%) and Roan (11/14 = 79%) will live
  • Majority think Luna (9/13 = 69%) and Ilian (9/14 = 64%) will die

What will happen?

  • Luna says, "When I win, no one will be saved."
    • So, if she wins, she won't allow anyone into the bunker? Could she even enforce that? Sure, the leaders of the clans agreed to the Conclave, but a mob could easily overtake Luna if she tries to block the bunker by herself.
    • When did Luna get so bloodthirsty? Why does she want everyone, including children, to die?
  • Press release says "not everyone is willing to play fair".
    • Will non-champions try to assist their clan's champion, e.g. injuring/killing other champions?
    • Is working together with another champion against the 'rules'? Will Octavia work together with someone, e.g Ilian or Fio?
  • Will alliances hold?
    • Are some clans planning to share the bunker if one of their champions wins?
    • Right before the Conclave, Indra hugs Octavia and gives her a sword even though Octavia is representing Skaikru, not Trikru.
  • Will they actually fight until only one champion is alive?
    • If so, then we're saying goodbye to at least three notable characters: Octavia, Roan, Ilian, and/or Luna.
  • In a previous trailer, it looks like Skaikru is in the bunker.
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