I did some math. Shaw said his mining mission with Eligius IV  was supposed to be 24-years long. That's 12 years to get there and 12 to get back. Unfortunally, one of the engines broke because of the explosion and they arrived in 2156, six years after Praimfaya II. We know Diyoza took the ship in 2047 from the captain's log so they started their way back to Earth in that year. That means it took them 109 years with the broken engine, for a journey that was supposed to be 12 years. That's about 9 times slower. Let's assume now that Eligius III and Eligius IV are very similar ships with about the same speed. It took Eligius IV 75 years to get to Sanctum. That means it took Eligius III like 8 years (75 years divided by 9). Did they go into cryosleep for that? If so, that seems unnecessary expensive for the Eligius Corporation. But if they didn't, did the children grow up and get their education on the ship during their journey? I find it hard to believe someone as young as Josephine was already a educated biologist before their departure on Earth if she was 8 years younger then. What do you all think?

I'm sorry if my english is crappy but it's not my native langauge xD

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