If the directors, writers, and producers decide that they want to make a spin-off series (or several) to the show, what would you want the story to focus on?

Here are my ideas:

  • Lexa uniting the clans (set in the 2140s)
  • First Grounders learning how to survive (set in the 2060s)
  • First Sky People learning how to survive
  • First Mountain Men learning how to survive
  • Mountain Men discover the Outsiders and start doing tests on them (set in the 2090s)
  • One of the Ark Stations on Earth far away from the others trying to survive (possibly in Plains Riders territory)
  • Before Praimfaya 1 (set in the 2040s and 2050s)
  • Becca doing her Becca things

Let my know what you think of these and what other spin-offs you would like to see.

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