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    If the directors, writers, and producers decide that they want to make a spin-off series (or several) to the show, what would you want the story to focus on?

    Here are my ideas:

    • Lexa uniting the clans (set in the 2140s)
    • First Grounders learning how to survive (set in the 2060s)
    • First Sky People learning how to survive
    • First Mountain Men learning how to survive
    • Mountain Men discover the Outsiders and start doing tests on them (set in the 2090s)
    • One of the Ark Stations on Earth far away from the others trying to survive (possibly in Plains Riders territory)
    • Before Praimfaya 1 (set in the 2040s and 2050s)
    • Becca doing her Becca things

    Let my know what you think of these and what other spin-offs you would like to see.

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    For a few months, I've slowly been working on a map that documents the locations of the stuff from The 100. The distances shown on the map are based on stuff seen onscreen, worked out using other onscreen stuff, and real-world approximations between locations (Washington-Baltimore, Baltimore to NYC, Washington to Atlantic coast).

    If you have anything else for me to add to this map, tell me the measurements and I'll add it on.

    Stuff I want to add are the Blockade of Arkadia (don't know distance from Arkadia), Farm Station Survivor Camp (don't know where it was in Azgeda), Floukru Oil Rig (don't know how far offshore it is) and the other clans (don't know where they are).

    Let me know what you think...

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    This blog post is about an alternate plot theory I have been thinking about for a while now: What is Mount Weather won the Mount Weather War? I have thought of several questions for the community to think about and answer. Please answer any of the following questions in the Comments section:

    • What would they have done to the Grounders and Sky People after they didn't need them anymore?
    • Would they move to the Ground permanently?
    • Would they stay in Mount Weather some of the time still?
    • What would they do to avoid invasion from the Grounders and Sky People?
    • What would their new territory be called? New America? Weather?
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    March 26, 2015 by Dr. Legendary

    Nothing much is known about the early life of Airan, except that he is the cousin of Lincoln.

    He has been shown to be very understanding and peaceful, yet he can fight and kill if he must. He is loving to his family and friends.

    Airan has dark hair, dark skin and dark eyes. He has long hair that is heavily braided. He also has a short beard.

    • He was the first and only Grounder to escape Mount Weather alone.
    • His marriage to Raven Reyes is the first Grounder-Sky Person marriage
    • His son, Finn, was the first Grounder-Sky Person Hybrid child, the second Hybrid being his cousin Lincoln's son George Blake with Octavia Blake
    • His name comes from the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum
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    My thoughts

    March 1, 2015 by Dr. Legendary

    This is a list of things that I(and some other people) think is stupid about what people theorize about characters.

    • I think people who think Charlotte is still alive are so stupid.
      • She jumped off a cliff which had a bottom so far down it could not be seen, so she must be dead.
      • She was evil.
      • She did nothing good.
        • Apart from jumping off that cliff of course.
      • She was only on a couple of episodes.
        • 3 was it? Or 2?
      • She killed a main character for no logical reason.
      • She killed a main character who did nothing to her.
      • Rothenberg and the writers confirmed she died after jumping off that cliff at ComicCon.
      • She didn't even apologize.
    • People who think Charlotte was from Mount Weather are really stupid
      • She would have died from the radiation within a minute.
      • They wo…
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