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Greetings Edit

I'm not completely new to the whole wiki scene, i have edited on various wikis before, but i'm starting anew today. I absolutely love the 100, and i thought the season finale to season 2 was amazing, especially the lengths that Clarke was willing to go to in order to save her people. I also liked the ending with Jaha and Murphy, where they both find out vital clues to who - or rather what caused the apocalypse 97 years before.

Predictions for season three Edit

I think there is a lot of interesting theories that we can think of going into the third season.

The most obvious one is - where will Clarke go? My guess is that she'll go for a walk, and end up encountering some desert Reapers or something, or she may even find the infamous "City of Light". Bellamy will remain at Camp Jaha, and try to assert some sort of leadership role in Clarke's absence. There will obviously be tension between Jasper, Bellamy and Monty, following the events of the season 2 finale. And i think Abby and Kane will realise that the Delinquents are the ones in charge, and there's little they can say or do that will give themselves any kind of power over situations.

We know from the season 2 finale that everyone in Mount Weather is dead - or are they? We know that Carl Emerson survived, and it's unclear where he goes following the war. He may crop up in season 3, although it's thought he won't pose much of a threat on his own. And then there's Cage, who was apparently killed by Lincoln, who chops off his hand and injects him with the fluid used to turn Grounders into Reapers. Although it's implied that Cage is dead, we don't see Lincoln stab him through the heart or even chop his head off. So just maybe, Cage is still alive, and waiting to seek his vengance. And then there was Jasper's heartbreaking goodbye to Maya, who leaves him with the words "none of us is innocent".

And last but by no means least is Jaha and Murphy. At this point, Jaha is a changed character. He's willing to sacrifise innocent lives so that he himself can survive. After following a drone and effectively leaving Murphy for dead, Jaha arrives at a large mansion, occupied only by a sentient AI called "Allie". She appears to have knowledge on Jaha, and has somehow got hold of the nuclear warhead that Jaha used to get to Earth. Murphy meanwhile finds refuge in an abandoned lighthouse, where he watches a video of a unnamed man, who after complaining that "she" destroyed Earth, shoots himself. They have both vital information on what caused the nuclear apocalypse, which is clearly down to AI. Maybe a machine uprising, or something even more mysterious?

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