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My favorite pagesEdit

Favorite/Best Season

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My Favorite CharactersEdit

  • Raven Reyes - Jomp em op en yu jomp ai op (Attack her and you attack me)
    The calm raven reyes
  • Lexa
  • Clarke
  • Indra
  • Lincoln (deceased)
  • Octavia
  • Bellamy
  • Monty
  • Abby
  • Jaha
  • Murphy

Favorite Moments in the SeriesEdit


Love the look on Tristan and Anya's faces when the Ark descends. Anya uttered one word which said it all - Reinforcements

Bell fox hug1 2x13

Love the emotional relief in this scene


Two warriors

I'm in charge

"You maybe Chancellor, but I'm in charge". Potent moment between Mother and daughter

Oct bell1 2x04

When the siblings reunite in 'Many Happy Returns'

Survival of the Fittest pic 1

Oh my God! Throwing the knife into Quint's arm like that....there are no words.

Survival of the Fittest pic 2
Mountain men 9897

The Mountain men have arrived


She deserved it.

Lincoln injects Kane

"First dose is the worst"

Mount Weather casualities

They weren't all bad, but they never would've stopped

Indra forgives Linoln 2

At least someone appreciates the hard work that I do

Indra forgives Lincoln 1
Indra forgives Lincoln 3
Faven-finn-raven-twilights-last-gleaming 2

You moved way to fast Clarke. You should've been mourning your best friend

Faven-finn-raven-twilights-last-gleaming 1

Everyone reunites

Clarke and Bellamy
Clarke and Octavia
Raven cries 1

It was time for Finn to go. But, Raven's emotional outburst damn near broke my heart

Raven cries
Lexa epi 13

I couldn't stop caring.

Epiosde 13match clarke
Lexa leaves clarke 1

Wait a minute, what's going on? You promised

Lexa leaves clarke 1A
Lexa leaves clarke 2
Lexa leaves clarke 3
Lexa & Roan 1
Lexa & Roan 3
Lexa & Roan 2
Lexa kills Nia
Lexa kicks IN off balcony

The show quickly turned to shit after episode 4

Thirteen 111
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