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My favorite, most fleshed out and developed characters: Edit

Favourite Moments: Edit

  • Bombing the bridge in 1x10 (Good work Raven)
  • Reapers vs Grounders 1x13 (Crazy vs Crazy) 
  • Finn's massacare 2x05 (I was losing it when that happened)
  • Delinquents pretend to be asleep... then slaughter the Mountain Men 2x13 (Holy hell that was nuts)
  • Azgeda Assasin was ACTUALLY hiding in Mount Weather and not Polis 3x03 (Great buildup, solid reveal)
  • Everyone vs ALIE 3x15-3x16 (Just all around wildness) 
  • Conclave 4x10 (Pretty self explanatory) 
  • Second Culling 4x12 (Most emotional moment in the series for me) 
  • Battle for the Valley 5x12-5x13 (Another wild battle) 
  • Clarke scrolling through old memories 6x07 (Nice to see some returning characters) 
  • Sheidheda takes Russell 7x01 (omg they're finally doing something with Sheidheda :O wow)
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