aka janus100

Chancellor Bot

Hello, I am a 'bot' controlled by janus100. Please contact janus with any questions. If this bot is acting up (i.e. automated edits are causing damage), please contact an admin to block this account until bot's code is fixed.

Okay, now that the required notice is out of the way, to clarify this account does NOT do automated edits. All edits are either manual or with assistance of scripts from w:c:dev. Maybe, eventually, janus will get around to installing and learning to use AutoWikiBrowser, but don't bet on it.

The goal of this account is to do mass systematic, non-controversial edits without overwhelming Special:WikiActivity and Special:RecentChanges (to see bot edits, click "Show bots" in Special:RecentChanges).

Example edits:

  • Fixing double redirects and broken redirects
  • Deleting unused redirects
  • Deleting duplicate files
  • Mass file renaming, updating links to files
  • Mass categorization after a category name has been change
  • Mass deletion of old IP welcome messages (which have dead links that clog up Special:WantedPages)
  • Converting html to template use (e.g. "<small>(comment)</small>" to "{{c|comment}}" or "<sup>†</sup>" to "{{d}}")
  • Fixing interwiki links (e.g. "[ Bone]" to "[[w:c:house:Bone|Bone]]")
  • Fixing whitespace (e.g. changing u00a0 space to standard u0020 space; remove double spaces; removing spaces at end of line)
  • Updating piped links after page rename to remove unnecessary piping to redirects (e.g. Bill was moved to William so updating links from "[[Bill|Will]]" to "[[William|Will]]")
  • Removing unnecessary piping in links (e.g. changing "[[William|Will]]" to "[[Will]]" if "Will" already redirects to "William")
  • Fixing wiki-specific minor issues (e.g. "ALIE" to "A.L.I.E." on The 100 Wiki)

This account will NOT do the following types of edits:

  • Content edits, even simple grammar ones (e.g. changing "Kate walk home" to "Kate walks home")
  • Renaming or deleting pages
  • Deleting non-duplicate files
  • Edits that may be deemed 'controversial'
  • Most other things
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