Hi there! Shoot me a message if you have any questions or concerns pertaining to me, my knowledge, or what I'm doing on the wiki~ :)

Checklist Edit

Regex typo fix | not done
Thenocide | not done
References | not done
Cite episode templates | not done | created; can be found here
Formatting | not done
Trigedasleng | not done (linguistics yo)

G'day, everyone! I'm Fruipit, an editor commonly found over on Avatar Wiki or Gone Home Wiki. I spend most of my time on the fanon side of the wiki, mostly with coding and categories.

I am an admin on Avatar Wiki, and an admin and bureaucrat on the Frozen Fanon Wiki. It is a very quiet wiki, but if you want to help out, I would love the support!

Who am I?

I'm just a regular editor, trying to help whatever page I land on. I'm Australian living in England, with a degree in Languages and Linguistics. I speak Mandarin conversationally and am currently learning Norwegian. I want to go back to uni and eventually get my doctorate, partially because I am a huge fan of languages, and Australia has such a rich culture of ATSI languages (many of which are endangered or extinct). Also, I want to use the 'Dr' prefix

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