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Clarke “I was born in space. I’ve never felt the sun on my face or breathed real air or floated in the water. None of us have. For three generations, the Ark has kept what’s left of the human race alive, but now our home is dying, and we are the last hope of mankind, A hundred prisoners sent on a desperate mission to the ground. Each of us is here because we broke the law. On the ground, there is no law. All we have to do is survive, but we will be tested by the Earth, by the secrets it hides, and most of all by each other.”
Clarke "Previously on the 100..."
Abby "These children need more time."
Kane "We don't have time. Engineering needs six months to fix life support, or we'll be out of oxygen in four."
Abby "No matter what happens you launch that pod. The second you find those kids, you radio back. Three hundred innocent people will die if you don't."
Guard [to Kane] "Sir...a pod launched."
Scene 1 - The Bunker
Finn "Hey."
Clarke "Hi. [stroking Finn's hair] It's almost dawn. We should probably get going, can't just lie around in bed all day."
Finn "Or we could lie just lie around in bed all day."
Clarke know that last night wasn't just about needing someone. I needed you. I wanted it to be you. You understand that, right?
Finn "Sure. And I should probably tell you that last night, for me, wasn't really about you. I just wanted to have my first Earth sex."
[They giggle]
Finn "You were around. Passably cute."
Clarke [snorts] "Jackass." [she climbs back on top of him]
Scene 2 - Ark
[Abby coughing]
[door opens]
Sergeant "Prisoner. Step to the rear of the cell."
Abby "Have we heard from Raven?"
Jaha "You can leave us alone, Sergeant."
Sergeant "Sir." [exits]
Abby "Has Raven started her descent?"
[Jaha hands Abby tablet]
Abby "Environmental numbers."
Jaha "As of this morning, oxygen is down sixteen percent. CO2 and methane are heading to red levels."
Abby "Our projections said we wouldn't be critical for another three months."
Jaha "Your husband's projections were wrong. The council has granted you work release pending review. Medical is overwhelmed. Dizziness, fatigue, vision problems."
Abby "It's pulmonary toxicity. I know how they feel."
Jaha "The prison section has been on half-air since midnight." [pulls out oxygen mask]
Abby "No. I'm not gonna take more than my share. We start choosing who gets extra O2 and were one step closer to choosing who lives and who dies."
Jaha "Abby...the council approved Kane's population reduction plan three hours ago."
Abby "You voted without me?"
Jaha "We followed the rules of order. It wouldn't have mattered. Their approval was unanimous. We start in twelve hours."
Abby "How many?"
Jaha "Three hundred and twenty people will be excised from the grid."
Abby "No, murdered, Theolonius. Three hundred and twenty people will be murdered. We need to wait for Raven to report back."
Jaha [holding up tablet] "Look at those numbers. Every hour that passes we put more people in danger."
Abby "She risked her life for those people."
Jaha "No, you risked her life...when you let her believe loving a boy somehow meant trusting her life in a hundred year old metal coffin. And that trust is going to kill her. Another child dead, just like all the others. Just like our own. [hands Abby oxygen mask] Take this. People our suffering. You can help."
Abby [takes oxygen mask] "Raven will make it to Earth, I know she will.
Jaha "Godspeed to her."
[Abby breathes through mask]
Raven "Okay. RCS RCS thrust pressure good. [exhales] "Attitude. Good. Heat shield. Good." [flips switch on dash] "Okay. Don't let me blow up." [pushes lever forward] "Uhh!" [Pod beeping]
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Scene 4 - Earth
Clarke "It's so quiet."
Finn "Hey, where'd you get that shirt?"
Clarke "Oh, well there were more than just art supplies in the bunker, Finn. We should share."
Finn "If we brought the stuff back, then they'd know that we'd found some place and where we would go next time someone pulls a Murphy and goes ballistic?"
Clarke "Yeah"
Finn "I wanted it to be you, too." [they kiss]
Clarke "Finn, look."
Finn "A shooting star. You should make a wish."
Clarke [laughing] "Why?"
Finn "It's a thing people used to do a long time ago. I read about it."
Clarke "But it's just a rock burning up in the atmosphere, why would that make your wish come true?"
Finn "All right. Romance killer."
Clarke "Finn, that's not a shooting star."
Scene 4 - Dropship
Delinquent "Check it out."
Delinquent "Bellamy, get out here." [points skyward] "There."
Jones "They're coming to help us. Now we can kick some grounder ass."
Delinquents "Yeah!"
Roma "Please tell me they brought down some shampoo."
Scene 5 - Bunker
Clarke "We should stop at camp. Get some gear." [blows out candle] "Weapons." [blows out another candle]
Finn "They send some down? It was too small to be a dropship, I'm thinking cargo pod."
Clarke "No. They wouldn't arm a bunch of juvenile delinquents. It's probably nutrition packs. Medical supplies. There'd be a radio."
Finn "We can talk to the Ark."
Clarke "That is if the radio wasn't fried in the landing."
Finn "That means we're not alone down here anymore. That's a good thing.
Clarke "Yeah, not for Wells. Or Charlotte. Or Atom."
Finn "Nobody thought any of us would survive. But we did. You should take a minute to appreciate that."
Clarke [nods] "Okay. Minute's done." [blows out last candle]
Scene 6 - Tent
Delinquent "If it cleared the ridge than it's probably near the lake."
Octavia "We should get moving." [to Bellamy] "Everyone's ready."
Bellamy "No one's going anywhere. Not while it's dark it isn't safe. We'll head out at first light; pass the word.
Octavia [blocking Bellamy's exit] "Everyone for a hundred miles saw this thing come down. What if the grounders get to it first? Bell, we should go now."
Bellamy "I said we wait till sunrise."
Scene 7 - Ark
Reese [eye test from Abby's tablet] "Blue triangle. Orange square. Yellow triangle. Green circle, a little smooshed.
Tor "That's an oval."
Reese "Thanks, Dad. I forget, whose eyes are they testing?"
Abby "Okay, Reese, now the other eye."
Reese "Nothing, it's just black."
Abby [flashes light in Reese's eye] "Okay, let me know if you see anything at all."
Reese "Are you doing it?"
Abby [turns off light] "We're finished. Why don't you wait outside while I talk to your dad."
Tor "Wait with Ms. Lucy. Hey, wait."
Reese "It's fine."
Tor [attempting to clip Reese's hair] "Let me get this out of your eyes a little. I don't know how you can see."
Reese "I can't see; that's why we're here. Duh."
Abby "Don't worry the rolling of the eyes and the attitude doesn't last for long. Ten, fifteen years maybe."
Tor "It's just an act. She's scared. It's not getting any better."
Abby "The decline has been accelerating for the past few days."
Tor "The air's never been this bad. They're gonna fix it, right? Like always?
Abby "I hope so." [moves around him]
Tor "Hey, she's a nine year old girl. What's she gonna do with the rest of her life blind in this place."
Abby "She's strong."
Tor "She shouldn't have to be." [scoffs and leaves]
Jackson [to Abby] "Hey. You all right?"
Abby "I just saw a little girl with optic nerve damage because of chronic oxygen deficiency. She's going blind and I can't do anything about it, so, no, nothing about any of this is right.
Jackson "Hey, you're doing what you can."
Abby "Why aren't you monitoring the radio listening for Raven?"
Jackson "Well, have you looked outside? We're slammed. It's still transmitting the automatic hail."
Abby "I'll take care of medical and you listen to that radio. Making contact with the ground is the only way we can really help these people.
Scene 8 - Escape pod
Abby [over the radio] "Pod one, Pod one, this Ark station medical. If you are receiving please respond. Pod one, Pod one, this Ark station medical. If you are receiving please respond. Pod one, Pod one, this Ark station medical. If you are receiving-"
Scene 9 - Camp
Finn "Looks like everybody's up."
Fox "Did you guys see that? You know it's from the Ark, right? It had to be."
Clarke "Grab your stuff. Let's find out."
Fox "Bellamy said we're gonna wait until sunrise."
Clarke "Where is he?" [enters Bellamy's tent]
Roma [covering herself] "Ever hear of knocking, bitch?" [Finn enters] "Oh, great, it's a free show. Anyone else want to take a look?"
Clarke "Where the hell is Bellamy?"
Roma "He took off a while ago."
Finn "Gear's gone."
Clarke "He told everyone to stay. Whatever's in that thing, he wants it. We've gotta get there before he does." [Finn and Clarke exit]
Delinquent "You're welcome."
Finn "This isn't your fault, Clarke."
Clarke "I should've known he'd go for that radio"
Finn "How are you supposed to know something like that?"
Clarke "Because he spent every single minute since we landed making sure no one on the Ark finds out were alive."
Finn "That doesn't mean you can predict what people are gonna do."
Clarke "That's exactly what I have to do. I screwed up. Let myself get distracted."s
Scene 9 - Woods
Octavia "Bellamy! What are you doing?"
Bellamy "Go back to camp. It isn't safe."
Octavia "You lied to everyone. You lied to me. You just want whatever's in that pod."
Bellamy [shoves Octavia] "Just go home!"
Octavia "You always want to play big brother, huh? Well, guess what? Jokes on me. You're just a selfish dick."
Bellamy "I did this for you! To protect you. If the Ark finds out we're alive, they'll come down. And when they do...I'm dead."
Octavia "What did you do?"
Bellamy "I shot him. I shot Jaha."
Octavia "What?"
Bellamy "I found out they were sending you to Earth. I couldn't let you go alone. Someone came to me with a deal. Do this, kill him, and they'd get me on the dropship. And I did it."
Octavia "You killed the chancellor?"
Bellamy "He floated our mother. He locked you up. He deserved it."
Octavia "I didn't ask you to do that."
Bellamy "You're right. I made the choice. This is on me. Whatever they sent down, I'll take care of it."
Octavia "I didn't ask for any of this." [leaves]
Scene 10 - Ark
Kane "At 1930 hours all hatches and vents leading to section seventeen will be sealed. It will appear to be a malfunction of the fire containment system."
Jaha "So it'll look like an accident."
Kane "It's essential to maintaining public order after the culling takes place. All residents of section seventeen will be in their sleep period. The council has already issued a writ of consent, giving the chancellor permission to carry out the population reduction. A sleep inducing gas will be introduced into the air. On your command, the oxygen supply to section seventeen will be cut off. It should be painless. Document needs your approval. [hands tablet to Jaha]
Jaha [takes tablet] "You have it." [hands it back] "With one alteration. You'll give the order to cut off the oxygen." [stands up]
Kane "I don't have the authority."
Jaha "In your capacity as chancellor. Tonight I will be in section seventeen, inspecting repairs to the hull, and when those doors are closed on those people, their fate will be my fate."
Kane "Your fate. Don't do this."
Jaha "My mind is made up. I'm leaving you in terrible times, Marcus. But have a strength that is not weakened by sentiment. And that's exactly what is going to take for us to survive."
Scene 11 - Escape pod, the woods
Abby [over the radio] "Pod one, Pod one, this Ark station medical. If you are receiving please respond. [Bellamy opens door] "Pod one, Pod one, this Ark station medical. If you are receiving please respond. Pod one, Pod one, this Ark station medical. If you are receiving please respond." [Bellamy cuts wires to radio, runs to river and throws it inside]
Clarke "Should we split up?"
Finn "Yeah. You go that way."
Clarke "Okay."
Finn "I'll check the bottom."
Clarke "Okay."
Raven [awakens, removes helmet, and touches bloody forehead] "Aahh. Crap. That's not good." [Clarke opens door]
Clarke "Oh, my God!"
Raven "Hi. I made it? [Clarke smiles and nods] [on the ground looking up] "Aaah. I dreamed it would smell like this. Is this rain?"
Clarke [nods] " Welcome home."
Finn "Raven!"
Raven "Finn!" [runs to him] "I knew you couldn't be dead."
Finn "Your'e bleeding."
Raven "I don't care." [kisses him and then laughs]
Finn "How did you get here?"
Raven "You know that big scraphold? The one on K deck?
Finn "You built that from scrap?"
Raven "I kind of rebuilt it." [Finn laughs] "Please, like that's hard. It just needed a couple parts and some love."
Finn "You're insane."
Raven "I'd do more for you and worse. Just like you would for me." [staggers]
Finn "Come on, sit down. [leads her to a rock] "Sit down here." [takes jacket off and puts it around her] "Let me get something for that." [jogs over to Clarke and takes ice pack] "I'm sorry."
Clarke "Let's not talk about this."
Finn "We've known each other our whole lives."
Clarke "We don't need to talk about this. [walks back with him towards Raven] "She needs to put pressure on her wound."
Raven [takes ice pack] "Thanks."
Finn "This is Clarke. She was on the dropship too.
Raven [stands] "Clarke? This was all because of your mom."
Clarke "My mom?"
Raven "This was all her plan. We were trying to come down here together. If we waited-- Oh, my God. We couldn't wait because the council was voting whether to kill three hundred people to save air.
Clarke "A- when?"
Raven "Today. We have to tell them you're alive. [ they all run back to the pod] "The radio's gone. It must've gotten loose during reentry. I should've strapped it to the A-strut. Stupid! [hits pod in frustration]
Clarke "No, no, this is my fault. Someone got here before us. We have to find him."
Scene 12 - Ark
Abby [enters Jaha's quarters] "Tell me it's not true."
Jaha "Today there are so many things I wish weren't true."
Abby "Spare me the noble speech. You know what I'm talking about. You joining section seventeen."
Jaha "How could I ask anyone to make a sacrifice that I'm not willing to make myself?" [moves past her]
Abby "So, you're gonna die peacefully and leave humanity in the hands of Kane? Chancellor Kane?"
Jaha "Yes. He won't hesitate to do what needs to be done."
Abby "Theolonius, this is all happening too fast."
Jaha "We've waited as long as possible."
Abby "There are things we can do to buy us time. We should reconsider forcing an algae bloom to boost oxygen production."
Jaha "You've read the studies. That would only contaminate the water supply."
Abby "We can induce people into comas to reduce their resource consumption."
Jaha "We've gone through all the possibilities. This is the only solution."
Abby "No, it can't be this."
Jaha "I am doing what is right."
Abby "You're running away. You think what you're doing is right, but you're a coward. [walks past him then turns back] "How are you going to explain it to Wells? How would you tell your son that you let these people die without doing absolutely everything in your power to save them?" [she leaves and retrieves Jake's recording]
Jake Griffin [on screen] "People of the Ark, my name is Jake Griffin. I'm senior environmental engineer and deputy resource officer. Today, I need to talk to you about our future."
Abby "Okay."
Scene 13 - Woods
Octavia [runs and trips]
Clarke [to Bellamy] "Hey! Where is it?"
Bellamy "Hey, princess, you taking a walk in the woods?"
Clarke "They're getting ready to kill three hundred people up there to save oxygen, and I can guarantee you it won't be council members. It'll be working people." [taps his chest] "Your people."
Finn [shoves Bellamy] "Bellamy, where's the radio?"
Bellamy [shoves Finn back] "I have no idea what you're talking about."
Raven "Bellamy Blake? They're looking everywhere for you."
Bellamy "Shut up."
Clarke "Looking for him, why?"
Raven "He shot Chancellor Jaha."
Clarke [to Bellamy] "That's why you took the wristbands. Needed everyone to think we're dead."
Finn "All that 'whatever the hell we want'? You just care about saving your own skin." [Bellamy starts to walk away]
Raven [follows him] "Hey! Shooter! Where's my radio?" [moves in front of him]
Bellamy "Get out of my way."
Raven "Where is it?"
Bellamy "I should've killed you when I had the chance."
Raven "Really? Well, I'm right here." [Bellamy throws her against a tree and Raven points a knife at him] "Where's my radio?"
Clarke "Okay, stop it." [Bellamy releases Raven and moves away]
Bellamy "Jaha deserved to die. You all know that."
Raven "Yeah, he's not my favorite person either, but he isn't dead."
Bellamy "What?"
Raven "You're a lousy shot."
Clarke [approaching Bellamy] "Bellamy, don't you see what this means? You're not a murderer. You always did what you had to do to protect your sister. That's who you are. And you can do it again by protecting three hundred of your people. Where's the radio?"
Bellamy "It's too late."
Scene 14 - Ark
Jake Griffin [on screen] "People of the Ark, today I need to talk to you about our future. The things I need to tell you are serious..."
Commander Shumway "Sir, have you been on the network?" [shows tablet]
Kane "No."
Jake Griffin [on screen] "The Ark is dying. This city in space that has been our sanctuary-"
Commander Shumway "It's playing everywhere. Tech's trying to shut it down."
Kane "We should never have let her out of the cell."
Jake Griffin [on screen] "Time is running out. This is an undeniable reality, but we have pledged our lives to make sure that humanity does not share that fate. Now, while there's still time, we must come together and face this crisis head on. I believe it will bring out the best in us. Our strength, our humanity, our faith, that we will come together in this time of uncertainty-" [feed interrupted by Abby]
Abby "My husband was killed for trying to warn us. In twelve hours, three hundred and twenty people will be sacrificed to extend our oxygen supply unless we take action." [someone pounds on the door]
Guard "Dr. Abigail Griffin, open this door immediately!"
Abby "The future doesn't belong to the chancellor or to the council, it belongs to all of us." [turns off screen]
Scene 14 - River
Finn [to Clarke] "I should've told you about her."
Clarke "It's okay."
Finn "I didn't think I'd see her again."
Clarke "But you wouldn't take off your wristband. You had hope. It's okay, I get it. I was around. Passably cute. And now it's over."
Jones "Hey! I found it!" [they all run over and Raven takes the radio]
Clarke "Can you fix it?"
Raven "Maybe, but it'll take half the day just to dry out the components to see what's broken."
Bellamy "Like I said, it's too late."
Clarke [marching up to Bellamy] "Do you have any idea what you did? Do you even care?!"
Bellamy "You asked me to help. I helped."
Clarke "Three hundred people are gonna die today because of you!"
Raven "Hold up. We don't have to talk to the Ark. We just have to let them know we're down here, right?
Finn "Yeah, but how do we do that with no radio?"
Scene 15 - Ark
Jaha [to Abby] "You've taken an impossible situation and made it worse. This will cause a riot."
Abby "Good. Maybe we need one."
Kane [to Jaha] "Guards are double strength and on station wide alert. I've posted riot teams in all public areas."
Jaha "Any reports of unrest?"
Kane "Not yet, but people are gathering. There's a crown of four hundred strong right outside. [to Abby] "That's what you've done."
Jaha "All we can do now is determine our best option."
Kane "Options? We have no options. We need time, or everyone on this station is going to die. Either by an uprising or by suffocation. Those are the options she's given us."
Council member [whispering to Jaha] "Sir, they've sent an emissary to speak with Abby."
Jaha "All right. The people outside are sending someone in to talk..." [to Abby] "to you."
Abby [seeing Tor] "His daughter's a patient of mine." [goes over to him]
Tor "Hey, Doc. I saw your, uh, video thing. Crap news, it sounds like."
Abby "I'm sorry you had to hear it like that."
Tor "No good way to hear it, right? Anyway...I'm here to volunteer, I'd guess you call it. [puts ID badge on table]
Jaha "Volunteer? For what?"
Tor "Section seventeen, sir. Any way you do the math, some of us are gonna have to jump ship if everyone's gonna make it so...I'm gonna jump."
Abby "You'd leave Reese without a father?"
Tor "This morning, you told me that my daughter was going blind and there was nothing I could do to help her. Turns out there is. Count me in." [walks out]
Arker "Chancellor, sir, [removes ID badge from around neck] I'll take a spot in seventeen. Give my wife a little extra air." [walks out as other Arkers file in and put down ID badges]
Jaha [to Abby] "Jake was right. It would bring out the best in us."
Scene 16 - Escape pod
Raven "We need to launch those flares ASAP if we have any hope of saving those people. Finn, get that control panel to camp. You, pull out those fire circuits in one piece or they won't work. Clarke, can I have a hand?" [hands her a wrench] "Work these bolts here gently. Rocket fuel likes to go boom. We're gonna need power to fire."
Clarke "They're tying in the batteries on the dropship. Should be ready when we get there."
Raven "Great. So what's the problem?"
Clarke "Nothing. I just, uh...Well if we get the rockets to launch, will they see them from the Ark?"
Raven "Like the good book says, it's all about burn time and cloud cover." [Clarke nods] "But I know your mom will be watching. I've never seen anyone love someone the way she loves you. You know that, right?"
Clarke "I did." [at Raven's look] "It's complicated."
Scene 17 - Ark
Kane "Here's the final list of volunteers." [hands Jaha tablet] "They report to B deck in less than an hour."
Jaha [stands up] "This is more than enough."
Kane "We rejected almost a hundred. Essential personnel and minors. Abby's announcement proved to be very convincing."
Jaha "I don't think she or her husband convinced anyone. They spoke to something that was already inside of them. The new chancellor should remember that. I better get to seventeen. Don't want to be late for my own funeral."
Kane "Sir. You don't need to do this now."
Jaha "I know what I'm doing is right for my people. They've inspired me."
Kane "No, they volunteered because you inspired them."
Jaha "Jake Griffin inspired them and I executed him. I executed my friend."
Kane "One decision does not define a man. Jake Griffin is gone. You're here. Our survival depends on having a leader who can inspire people to self-sacrifice. You're that man. Not me."
Reese "Why do you have to work the double shift? It's not fair."
Tor "Sorry. Things need to get done. You be good for Ms. Lucy."
Reese "Thanks, because I was gonna totally be terrible-"
Tor "Shhhh-"
Reese "-If you didn't remind me."
Tor [reaches to clip her hair] "Come here."
Reese [dodging him] "Stop it."
Tor "I can't even see your face."
Reese "Seriously."
Tor "Okay. Just give me a kiss." [she kisses him on the cheek and turns to leave] "Hey." [he pulls her back for a hug] "I love you."
Reese "I love you, too." [leaves with Ms. Lucy]
Man [over intercom] "All nonessential personnel please vacate section seventeen."
Abby [to Kane] "Have we heard from Raven?" [Kane shakes his head]
Scene 18 - Camp
Delinquent "Move it, move it, move it!
Scene 19 - Ark
Man "You must vacate section seventeen"
Abby [watching Jaha shake hands with Arker] "What changed his mind?"
Kane "Just the truth. I reminded him that transitioning to a new chancellor would be...destabilizing. We can't afford anymore upheaval."
Abby "No, we can't."
Scene 20 - Camp
[delinquents building bonfire]
Scene 21 - Ark
Kane "I left two men monitoring the radio. If there's any word from Raven they'll call down immediately. I gave clear orders."
Abby "Thank you."
Jaha [shaking Tor's hand] "Mr. Lemkin, I want to thank you for your sacrifice."
Tor "Don't. This is for my daughter. You just think about doing right for the people that are left behind. [For My Help by Hayden Calnin starts to play]
Scene 22 - Camp
Delinquent "Here you go"
Scene 22 - Ark
[Volunteers file into section 17]
Scene 23 - Camp
[Delinquents add rockets to metal braces]
Scene 24 - Ark
Sinclair "Sir, all vents and hatchways to section seventeen are closed. We have a hard seal." [Jaha remains quiet] "Sir? The order?" [Jaha moves Sinclair's hand and presses the button himself]
Scene 25 - Camp
[rockets blast off]
Scene 26 - Ark
[volunteers start to pass out]
Jaha [over scenes of delinquents watching rockets and volunteers dying] "And we hereby commit these souls to the deep who at their last gave all to the world of the living. May they be remembered forever. Until there is no more pain, no more suffering, and the abyss itself shall give up her dead and return them to us." [Tor dies and drops Reese's hair clip]
[Arkers go to collect the bodies]
Scene 27 - Camp
Bellamy [to Clarke] "You think they can see it from up there?"
Clarke "I don't know. I hope so. Can you wish on this kind of shooting star?" [Bellamy gives her an odd look] "Forget it."
Bellamy "I wouldn't even know what to wish for. What about you?" [Clarke looks over at Raven and Finn. Raven smiles at her]
[Octavia wakes up to find Lincoln standing over her]
Scene 28 - Ark
Jaha [to Abby] "You should sleep."
Abby "How?" [Jaha sits next to her, takes a swig from bottle and hands it to her]
Jaha "We make the best choices that we can, and then we put our faith in a forgiving God."
Abby "Do you think we deserve to be forgiven?" [Jaha takes bottle back as flares from Earth become visible from skylight] "Did you see that?" [Jaha looks up]