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Sky People, GroundersMountain Men, and the Sanctumites use various modes of transportation. The Sky People had trucks and a rover. While Grounders rarely used technology, a few groups used boats. Most Grounders, such as those of Azgeda and Trikru, were commonly seen riding horses. The Sanctumites use motorcycles.

Land Vehicles



In the finale of Season One, the surviving delinquents were ambushed by the Mountain Men who gassed them and brought them to Mount Weather in a troop transport vehicle.[1]

The trucks most likely belonged to the Mountain Men, due to there being a logo on the canvas and on the doors. The trucks were used to bring people in and for scouting missions. 

Before Praimfaya, the truck was used by Bellamy, Roan, Clarke and Seiku to bring barrels of hydrazine to Becca's island.



The rover is an a vehicle used by the Sky People. The rover has a mounted gatling gun on it, making it a defensive piece of equipment. The minigun is mainly used in Season 5 against the Eligius prisoners.

The rover is used in the mission to deliver hydrazine to Becca's Island. Its battery is used in Nevermore to power an EMP to free Raven from the City of Light. It also has the solar panel to power the rover.

After the Second Nuclear Apocalypse, Clarke finds the rover buried in sand. During the next six years, she and Madi use the rover for transportation and shelter. It is used throughout Season Five, before the engine gets shot in the final conflict of the Battle for Eden. It is left behind on Earth, during the Damocles Event.


Motorcycles, given by the Eligius III mission.

On Sanctum, the inhabitants have motorcycles. As said by Blythe Ann and Ryker, they kept the motorcycles running since the time they were first dropped off. Motorcycles are repaired at the machine shop. Settlers use refined ethanol derived from earth corn as fuel for the bikes. While Clarke didn't know how to ride one, she was able to take the knowledge from Josephine Lightbourne's mind after stealing Jade's motorcycle. She subsequently crashed it due to the dizziness her deteriorating condition caused.

Shaw used to own a Harley motorcycle.

In the lighthouse bunker on Becca's Island, there were some motorcycles.

Eligius Van

Eligius Van 602.png

This land vehicle was used by Mission Team Alpha for transportation. In Sanctum, the vehicle is still there, next to the Machine Shop, as seen in the background. It also has an Eligius Corporation logo on it.


Floukru boat.png

John Murphy and Thelonious Jaha use a small wooden boat to reach A.L.I.E.'s island.

Emori and her brother, Otan, own a larger boat which they used to pick up Murphy, Jaha, and Gideon from the island. Unknown to Murphy, Jaha's backpack contains A.L.I.E. They use the boat to travel to an unknown location. Later, Murphy and Emori escape on the boat, abandoning Jaha and Otan.

The Floukru also have boats. Their boat was used to get from the mainland to the oil rig in the ocean, where the clan lived.


Octavia on Helios

Horses are commonly ridden by Grounders as a mode of transportation, as they do not use much technology. Members of Trikru and Azgeda are seen riding horses, though the majority travel by foot. Floukru don't have any horses on their rig, but it is unknown if they use them to travel on the mainland. Skaikru have acquired a few horses and some members, such as Clarke, Octavia, and Raven, have learned to ride. Horses are also used for trade. In Many Happy Returns, Osias traded Thelonious Jaha to the Grounders for a horse.

A mutated two-headed horse was seen in the first season.

No horses were shown after the Second Nuclear Apocalypse and the Damocles Event made Earth uninhabitable, so horses are presumed to be extinct.



A Rocket called Vesta IV, was owned by Becca and her team on Becca's Island. It was later used by Raven Reyes, Bellamy Blake, John Murphy, Monty Green, Echo, Harper McIntyre and Emori to go to the Go-Sci Ring to escape Praimfaya. It was also used to take them to the Eligius IV ship and to take them back down to Earth. It was presumably destroyed in the Damocles Event after it was left behind in the valley.


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