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In television and film, a title sequence is a visual segment that usually shows the title of the work, as well as presenting key cast and crew. In each episode, the title is after the teaser, which is the sequence of opening scenes (which are usually preceded by the "previously on" recap sequence). The sequence concludes after 30 seconds.

Season OneEdit

The title sequence during The 100's first season was a short piece, showing only the title of the show and it breaking apart.

Season Two Edit

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Scenes from second season

A new title sequence was introduced in the second episode of Season Two. The new sequence is much longer, displaying each main actor's name as a new location is revealed. This is much more epic and reflects the changing tone of the show. As the characters begin to explore the ground, the world of the show will expand, the title shows us glimpses of that world from above. It shows the ruins of Great America, destroyed towns, Mount Weather, the Dead Zone, Arkadia, The Dropship and other locations.

The title sequence was created by L.A.-based design company Royale, with music written by show composers Evan Frankfort, Doc Dauer and Liz Phair. Royale worked closely with Jason Rothenberg, they developed an intro that harkens back to a more traditional prologue that both sets the stage for the show's complex narrative and reveals a unique perspective on locations and characters within. They wanted to expand on the show and give viewers a reason to pay close attention to the titles. Everything from the locations to the telemetric data being displayed is pulled straight from the show's canon.[1]

Season Three Edit

The 100's third season offered an updated title sequence. It introduced new locations that coincided with our principal characters exploring the world beyond their immediate surroundings. It shows PolisBecca's Island, Drones and the Oil Rig.

Season Four Edit

The title sequence during season four remained unchanged at first. However, as Praimfaya drew closer within the show's timeline, the clouds in the background grew steadily darker. It also shows Becca's Lab instead of the Oil Rig.

Season Five Edit

The title sequence changed to show the scorched lands that Praimfaya left behind. At the beginning of the sequence, Praimfaya can be seen covering the places previously shown in the titles. Then, Earth can be seen entirely destroyed, with only few ruins remaining. At the end, the Eligius mothership appears in space with a view on the Valley from space, before the Gagarin's landing is shown. Finally, Jason Rothenberg's name arrives with behind it the ruins of Polis, with tower disappearing. Sometimes Eden is shown.

Season SixEdit

The title sequence for season 6 shows the new habitable world, Eligius IV, the bugs, the radiation shield, Sanctum, and the two eclipsing suns. It is much different compared to the other title sequences due to it being an entirely new location.

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • The title sequence offers hints as to what new locales will be featured throughout the season.
  • The opening and closing shots change depending on the episode.
    • The vast majority matched the scene before and after the credits.[2]

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