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Information regarding the actual date is vague but a relatively accurate timeline of events is possible.

Before the series


These are all of the events that were referenced/mentioned throughout the series that have happened prior to the landing of the 100 on Earth. All dates are backtracked from the confirmed date of the nuclear apocalypse, stated to have been in 2052. This is used as Ark Year 1 (year zero doesn't exist in common calendars), the first year people lived on the Ark.

Date (CE) Ark Year Event
1959 −93 The Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center is founded.
Oct. 20 1987 −64 Bill Cadogan is born
Around 2000's −52 Charmaine Diyoza, Paxton McCreary, Michael Vinson, Russell Lightbourne, Simone Lightbourne are born.
Around 2010's −42 Nikki, Hatch, Priya Desai, Caleb Mason, Cole McAdams, Grace Cadogan are born.
2001 −51 Association football (FIFA) game is played as seen in flashbacks on the Ark.
2019 −33 Mir-3, predecessor of the Ark, is presumably launched.
Around 2020's −32 Chris, Gabriel Santiago, Josephine Lightbourne, Dave, Miles Shaw, Peri Gordon are born.
2025 −27 Becca Franko is born.
Around 2030's −22 August, Reese Cadogan, Ryker Desai, Jasmine Mason are born.
2034 −18 Callie Cadogan is born.
2035 −17 Becca Franko went to Harvard University when she was 10 years old.
Around 2040's −12 Daniel and Kaylee Lee are born.
July 4
−11 A terrorist group, called the "United Liberation Army", led by Charmaine Diyoza, launched a terrorist attack on Thursday, July 4. 80 civilians were killed.
2042 In South America, Bill Cadogan travels to Peru's Machu Picchu, where he discovered the Anomaly Stone there, in a secret observatory underneath the Temple of the Sun. He decides to bring it to the United States.
Aug. 12
−10 The "United Liberation Army" launched a terrorist suicide bombing attack in Washington, D.C. that resulted in 19 civilians killed.
Dec. 5
−9 Charmaine Diyoza was arrested.[1]
The severe droughts has led to the dust storms someplace on Earth: Olivia, Josephine and Dave mention that the water was being rationed and it was very dusty outside.
Dave commits suicide.
2045 −7 Eligius III arrives to a habitable world, known as Alpha, where a mission team is dropped. 21 days later, one of their members suffers psychosis and kills almost everyone in the camp.
? ? After dropping off Mission Team Alpha on Sanctum, Eligius III headed towards Beta, where its transport ship crashed there. Colin Benson was the sole survivor of the crash. He discovered Anomaly Stone and began his research on the Temporal Anomaly. He also figured out the code sequence required for opening.
April 4
−5 Charmaine Diyoza, along with the other prisoners, take control of Eligius IV.

Earth loses contact with Asteroid Mining Penal Colony.

2048 −4 Two dozen mega reactors had been built to withstand any disaster, even a nuclear attack.[2]
Oct. 20
−1 (0) A.L.I.E. chooses her avatar to be Becca and confirms her mandate is to "make life better" by "fixing the root problem" of "too many people."
May 10
1 A.L.I.E. causes the Nuclear Apocalypse.[3]

Chris records a video of himself on the day of the nuclear apocalypse, revealing that "she got the launch codes". He then kills himself during the recording.
The world's first human brain transplant successfully performed in Bangalore.[4]
Wyoming joins 32 other states in legalizing the recreational use of Psilocybin mushrooms.[5][6]
Dubai's Alpha Centauri Group debuts the first orbital hotel.[7]

Oct. 1
2 The Alpha Station destroys the 13th Station, known as Polaris, leading to the unification of the 12 remaining stations into The Ark.

Becca descends to Earth with A.L.I.E. 2.0. A week later, Becca was burned alive by the Second Dawn cult members, led by Bill Cadogan.
Callie Cadogan and some of the Second Dawn members, who are all inoculated with Nightblood, defects from the Second Dawn Bunker and head towards the surface, becoming the ancestors to the Grounders. Bill Cadogan and the other Second Dawn members, who remained in the bunker, opens up a portal to Bardo, where they settled there, becoming the ancestors to the Disciples.

2070 18 Gabriel Santiago and Russell Lightbourne successfully brought back Josephine Lightbourne using a Nightblood host and her Mind Drive.
2086 34 Dante Wallace is born.
2093 41 The doors of Mount Weather are opened, 54 people die of radiation, including Dante's sister and mother. Dante goes outside for 5 minutes.

Presumed beginning of the experimentation on Outsiders.

2102 50 MIR-3 salvaged and incorporated into The Ark.

Thelonious Jaha is born.

2107 55 Marcus Kane is born.
2109 57 Abigail Griffin is born.
2126 74 Bellamy Blake is born.
2128 76 Lexa kom Trikru is born.
2131 79 Clarke Griffin is born.
2132 80 Octavia Blake is born.
2137 85 Charlotte is born.
2130s ~85 Original Echo was forced by Queen Nia to kill her friend Ash. But failed so Ash killed her instead and took her name.
2144 92 Madi is born in Shallow Valley.
2147 95 Prince Roan is banished by Queen Nia and Lexa as part of a deal to allow the Ice Nation to join the Coalition. Roan hasn't returned to the Ice Nation in three years.
2148 Fall 96 Catastrophic Life Support System Failure discovered.

Jake Griffin gets floated as he attempts to go public with the discovery.
Clarke Griffin is sent to juvenile detention for treason.
Octavia Blake is sent to juvenile detention for being a second child.
Aurora Blake gets floated for having a second child.

2149 97 The 100 receive Earth Skills from Charles Pike on The Ark.
The 100 are sent to Earth and land in what was formerly Northern Virginia in the United States of America.

In the series

Season One starts when the 100 were sent to Earth on Saturday, September 13, 2149[8] and is considered "Day 1."

Season Two begins a day after season one and ends on November 3, 2149.[9]

Season Three begins 86 days after the ending of season 2[10] on January 27, 2150.

Season Four begins right after season three ends.

Season Five is set six years after the Second Nuclear Apocalypse but includes multiple flashbacks from the six year time skip.

Season Six picks up right after season five ends after Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake wake up after 125 years of cryosleep.

Season Seven picks up right after season six ends.

Season 1

Time on Earth Date (2149) Episode(s) Event
Day 1 Sep. 13 Pilot The 100 land on earth 20 miles west of Mount Weather, Virginia, in the Shenandoah Valley.
Clarke leads a group to Mount Weather while Bellamy starts setting up The Camp.
The Coalition-Skaikru Conflicts unofficially begins with the Delinquents inadvertently invading the Woods Clan territory.
Day 2 Sep. 14 Pilot, Earth Skills Jasper Jordan is speared from across a river near Mount Weather.
A rescue party gets Jasper back to camp. Thelonious Jaha abstains from voting on the culling, postponing it for 10 days.
Day 4 Sep. 16 Earth Kills Trina and Pascal are killed by the Acid Fog overnight. Clarke comforts Charlotte after a nightmare.
Day 5 Sep. 17 Earth Kills Clarke tries to save Jasper. Another round of Acid Fog traps everyone overnight.
Day 6 Sep. 18 Earth Kills Clarke mercy-kills Atom after he was trapped in the Acid Fog.
Day 7 Sep. 19 Earth Kills Charlotte kills Wells at night.
Day 11 Sep. 23 Murphy's Law John Murphy is blamed for murdering Wells and they attempt to lynch him.
Day 12 Sep. 24 Murphy's Law, Twilight's Last Gleaming After a night on the run, Charlotte commits suicide. Murphy is banished. Raven Reyes leaves the Ark on a drop ship headed to Earth.
320 Ark residents are culled to conserve oxygen. That night, flares are set off to alert the Ark they're alive on the ground. However, the flares burn down an entire village, presumably killing an unknown number of Grounders.
Day 13 Sep. 25 His Sister's Keeper, Contents Under Pressure Overnight, Bellamy and a group of delinquents set out in search of a missing Octavia. That morning, John Mbege, Diggs, and Roma die at the hands of Grounders.
The delinquents finally establish contact with the Ark just as a hurricane hits.
Lincoln is captured and tortured.
Day 15 Sep. 27 Day Trip Dax is sent to kill Bellamy but Bellamy kills him instead. Bellamy is pardoned by Jaha.
Octavia frees Lincoln.
Day 19 Oct. 1 Unity Day The 100 and the Ark citizens celebrate Unity Day.

Diana Sydney's Rebellion ends

Day 20 Oct. 2 Unity Day Clarke and Anya attempt a peace meeting at the bridge that ends in failure.
The Exodus ship comes down a day early and crashes.
The Woods Clan-Sky People Conflict officially begins
Day 23 Oct. 5 I Am Become Death The delinquents investigate the wreckage of the Exodus ship.
Murphy returns to The Camp.
Day 24 Oct. 6 I Am Become Death Murphy was carrying hemorrhagic fever with him and infects most of the Camp.
Day 25 Oct. 7 I Am Become Death Raven and Jasper blow the bridge separating the Grounders from the Delinquents to delay the impending grounder attack.
Day 27 Oct. 9 The Calm Clarke and Finn are taken captive by the Grounders in order to save Tris after she was mortally injured in the bridge explosion. Tris dies and Clarke kills Caliban, trying to escape.
Day 28 Oct. 10 We Are Grounders (Part 1) Bellamy is taken hostage by Murphy, but later escapes. Clarke and Finn escape the Grounders with help from Lincoln.
Day 29 Oct. 11 We Are Grounders (Part 2) The battle between the Delinquents and the Woods Clan occurs in the Delinquents Camp.
The Ark disassembles into the original 12 Stations on the way down to Earth.

Season 2

Time on Earth Date (2149) Episode(s) Event
Day 30 Oct. 12 We Are Grounders (Part 2), The 48 The next day, the surviving 48 of the 100 are taken by the Mountain Men to Mount Weather.

Clarke breaks out of her quarantine room and is reunited with the other 47 Delinquents.

Day 31 Oct. 13 Inclement Weather Octavia Blake meets Nyko.
Lincoln and Nyko are captured by Reapers.
Day 32 Oct. 14 Reapercussions Indra, Octavia and others free Nyko and other Grounders.
Clarke and Anya escape Mount Weather.
Kane gives Abby the Chancellor's pin.
Day 33 Oct. 15 Many Happy Returns, Human Trials Bellamy, Finn, Murphy, Monroe, and Sterling rescue Mel. Sterling dies in the process.
Jaha meets a family of Nomadic Grounders in a desert but is later traded for a horse.
Anya is killed by a Camp Jaha Guard. The guards bring Clarke into Camp Jaha thinking she is a Grounder.
Day 34 Oct. 16 Human Trials Bellamy, Octavia, and Monroe bring Mel back to Camp Jaha.
Kane is imprisoned in Tondc and reunites with Thelonious Jaha. Bellamy, Octavia, and Clarke leave Camp Jaha to go after Finn and Murphy.
Day 35 Oct. 17 Human Trials Finn massacres 18 innocent Grounders in Tondc
Day 37 Oct. 19 Fog of War Two days after the massacre, Finn is pardoned by The Council.
Raven tells Clarke they need to blow Mount Weather's radio tower. Abby decides to join them.
Day 38 Oct. 20 Fog of War A mission to Mount Weather takes place to destroy the radio tower at its summit. Bellamy and Octavia discover Lincoln as a Reaper. Thelonious Jaha is sent to Camp Jaha by the Commander.
Day 39 Oct. 21 Long Into an Abyss Keenan Mykulak dies of prolonged radiation exposure.
Bellamy and Octavia chain Lincoln up in the dropship. Lexa arrives.
Day 40 Oct. 22 Long Into an Abyss,Spacewalker Harper is taken by Lorelei Tsing and Cage and has her Bone Marrow extracted by Dr.Tsing.
Clarke enters the Grounder's camp to negotiate a truce only to find out the only way to start a truce is for Finn to die. She then returns to Camp Jaha with the news.
Day 41 Oct. 23 Spacewalker Desperate attempts to keep Finn safe take place.
That night, Clarke mercy-kills Finn.
Day 42 Oct. 24 Remember Me A group travel to Tondc for Finn's funeral.
Day 43 Oct. 25 Remember Me Finn's funeral takes place at Tondc, and his body is burnt. Gustus poisons himself to destroy the peace between the Sky People and the Woods Clan.
Monty gets the radio signal out.
Bellamy and Lincoln are sent to Mount Weather.
Day 44 Oct. 26 Survival of the Fittest Bellamy and Lincoln travel to Mt. Weather.
Clarke and Lexa avoid being killed by the Pauna. That night, Clarke gets an entourage and a horse.
Indra makes Octavia her Second. Bellamy is taken into Mount Weather.
Day 45 Oct. 27 Coup de Grâce The Mountain Men attempt to assassinate Clarke and fail. Bellamy contacts Clarke from inside Mount Weather. Cage takes control of Mount Weather from his father. Clarke takes charge of the Sky People from her mother.
Day 47 Oct. 29 Rubicon A meeting of the 12 Grounder Clans takes places in Tondc
That night, a missile is sent directly from Mount Weather to Tondc, killing ~250 Grounders and Sky People.
Day 48 Oct. 30 Resurrection The surviving residents are rescued from the bombing in Tondc. That night, they leave for Mount Weather.

The Delinquents fight against the Mountain Men to save themselves. Some Mount Weather residents help the Delinquents hide from Cage.

Day 49 Oct. 31 Bodyguard of Lies That night, Lexa orders the death of Octavia as they wait for Bellamy to take out the Acid Fog machine.
Day 50 Nov. 1 Bodyguard of Lies, Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1) The Battle of Mount Weather begins
The Acid Fog machine is destroyed. They march on Mount Weather. Philpott Dam is neutralized. That night, Lexa agrees to a truce with the Mountain Men in exchange for her people trapped inside Mount Weather.
Day 51 Nov. 2 Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2) Clarke, Bellamy, and Monty irradiate Level 5 of Mount Weather, killing every resident of said location except Carl Emerson.
The Battle of Mount Weather ends as well as the Mount Weather War.
Day 52 Nov. 3 Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2) The Sky People return from Mount Weather to Camp Jaha. Clarke chooses not to enter Camp Jaha, and instead leaves on her own.
Jaha meets A.L.I.E.

Season 3

Time on Earth Date (2150) Episode(s) Event
Day 137 Jan. 27 Wanheda (Part 1) Murphy is released from the lighthouse bunker after 86 days and travels with Jaha from the island back to the mainland. Unknown to Murphy, Jaha has A.L.I.E. with them.
Jasper causes the death of 3 Ice Nation warriors.
Clarke is captured by Roan.
Bellamy, Monty, Kane, and Indra get trapped looking for Clarke.
Day 138 Jan. 28 Wanheda (Part 2) Bellamy, Kane, Indra, and Monty encounter the survivors of Farm station, including Pike and Monty's mom, Hannah.
Murphy leaves Jaha, Otan, and A.L.I.E. behind and takes off in a boat with Emori.
Abby and Jackson save Nyko's life by using Mount Weather's medical facilities.
Azgeda marches onto Trikru lands and Clarke is brought before Lexa by Roan.
Day 145 Feb. 4 Ye Who Enter Here A summit is held in Polis to join the Sky People into the Coalition as the thirteenth clan.
The Ice Nation threatens the summit.
The Ice Nation with help from Emerson sets the self-destruct code on Mount Weather and destroys it, killing 49 Sky People.
Day 146 Feb. 5 Watch the Thrones Nia challenges Lexa to a fight to the death.
A memorial is held at Arkadia for those who died at Mount Weather.
Pike, Bellamy, and others attempt to leave Arkadia to kill the Grounder peacekeeping army but are stopped and arrested.
Roan, representing Nia, loses the fight to Lexa. However, Lexa spares his life, kills Nia, and makes Roan king of the Ice Nation.
Day 147 Feb. 6 Watch the Thrones, Hakeldama Kane informs Pike that he was voted Chancellor.
Pike, with nine others, murder the Grounder peacekeeping army.
Clarke and Lexa discover the murdered army.
Jaha returns to Arkadia, with A.L.I.E.
Clarke confronts Bellamy. He arrests her, but Octavia helps her escape.
Lexa declares "Jus no drein jus daun." ("Blood must not have blood.")
Day 156 Feb. 15[11] Bitter Harvest Roan sends Emerson to Polis as a gift to Clarke. Clarke decides not to kill him and Lexa banishes him.
Pike's men survey land near a Grounder village. That night they go to clear the village, but Octavia had warned them so the Grounders manage a surprise attack.
Day 157 Feb. 16 Thirteen Lexa celebrates her Ascension Day. Semet interrupts to demand justice for his village. Lexa orders a blockade on Arkadia.
Clarke goes to Lexa to say goodbye. They end up sleeping together.
Titus accidentally kills Lexa.
Day 158 Feb. 17 Terms and Conditions, Stealing Fire The blockade on Arkadia goes into effect.
Kane attempts a coup against Pike but is arrested by Bellamy and sentenced to death.
Murphy and Clarke are released from Lexa's room.
Day 159 Feb. 18 Stealing Fire Ontari kills the other Nightbloods over night. Lincoln and Sinclair are also sentenced to death. Titus gives Clarke the Flame and kills himself. Clarke leaves Polis. Kane and the rest of the resistance escape, while Lincoln is executed by Pike.
Day 160 Feb. 19 Fallen, Nevermore The resistance arrives in the cave, where Octavia beats up Bellamy. Pike is captured and delivered to the Grounders. A.L.I.E. uses Raven to get Abby to take the chip. Arkadia is taken over by A.L.I.E.. Jasper escapes with Raven and runs into Clarke who arrives in Arkadia. That night, they go to Niylah's trade-post and they manage to un-chip Raven.
Day 162 Feb. 21 Demons The resistance (minus Harper, Miller and Bryan) head back to Arkadia which is now abandoned. Emori arrives in Polis, and is now chipped. Emerson takes Harper, Miller and Bryan and kills Sinclair. Clarke kills Emerson. That night they burn Lincoln and Sinclair's bodies. Bellamy, Clarke, Octavia and Jasper set out to go find Luna.
Day 163 Feb. 22 Join or Die Ontari is now chipped and A.L.I.E. is taking control over Polis. Bellamy, Clarke, Octavia and Jasper find a way to signal Luna, and get sedated. Kane caves and takes the chip.
Day 164 Feb. 23 Red Sky at Morning Clarke and the others discover that they are on the Floukru oil rig and later ask Luna to help them, to which she refuses due to being a strict pacifist.
Some of A.L.I.E.'s followers find their way to the oil rig and begin to torture its citizens, including Luna.
Clarke and co. are once again made unconscious and are sent back to dry land.
Day 165 Feb. 24 Perverse Instantiation (Part 1), Perverse Instantiation (Part 2) Jasper reveals to the group that he is chipped and part of A.L.I.E.'s army.
One of A.L.I.E.'s followers attempts to murder Clarke but is killed by Roan. Roan joins the resistance movement against the AI. They hatch a plan to get into Polis.
Jaha strikes Ontari on the side of the head, making her brain dead.
The battles in Polis and the City of Light take place concurrently.
A.L.I.E. is destroyed, ending the War Against A.L.I.E.
Octavia kills Pike.

Season 4

Time on Earth Date (2150) Episode(s) Event
Day 165 Feb. 24 Echoes Sky People and Grounders deal with the repercussions of A.L.I.E. and the City of Light. Azgeda, led by Echo, takeover Polis. Bellamy tries to bargain with Echo, while Abby and Clarke try to save Roan's life. All of the Sky People left in Polis are taken prisoner.
Day 166 Feb. 25 Echoes Echo advises Roan to kill Clarke. Clarke convinces Roan to make Skaikru the 13th Clan in exchange for the Flame. Roan announces that Azgeda will honor Lexa's Coalition.
The radiation wave hits Egypt.
Day 174 Mar. 5 Heavy Lies the Crown In Arkadia, Clarke, Bellamy, Raven, and Monty brainstorm solution to the radiation problem. Bellamy, Monty, Miller, Bryan, and Harper set out for Farm Station to get a hydro-generator. At Farm Station, they find a group of slaves – to free them, they blow up the hydro-generator. Meanwhile, in Polis, Kane and Octavia are unsuccessful in convincing the Trishanakru ambassador, Rafel, not to challenge Roan. Echo and Abby are also unsuccessful in convincing the injured Roan to delay the ambassador meeting. In the evening, Octavia kills Rafel.
Day 175 Mar. 6 Heavy Lies the Crown The ambassadors meet and Roan announces that Rafel was found dead. Bellamy's group returns to Arkadia with the slaves but lacking the hydro-generator.
Day 182 Mar. 13 The Four Horsemen The sick Floukru members with Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS) arrive in Arkadia. All of the Floukru died from ARS, leaving Luna the only survivor.
Jaha, Clarke and Bellamy are on the search to find the Second Dawn Bunker, but their attempts failed.
Clarke writes down a list of a hundred people who get to live.
The Sky People discover that Luna is immune to radiation, due to her Nightblood.
Day 187 Mar. 18 A Lie Guarded Abby's group arrives on Becca's Island.
Nyko is killed by one of the drones.
Abby's group found Becca's Lab in the middle of the island.
The Sky People discover Clarke's list and confronts her, but Jaha manages to settle the tensions.
Roan declares war on both Skaikru and Trikru, leaving Kane and Bellamy as hostages.
Octavia escapes Polis in order to warn her people, she gets stabbed, but she survives.
Day 188 Mar. 19 The Tinder Box Ilian saves Octavia and bring her to Arkadia, where she manages to warn her people about Azgeda.
As the Ice Nation marches to Arkadia, the Sky People surround them and Clarke negotiates with Roan. A deal was finally made.
Ilian burns down Alpha Station.
In Becca's Island, Raven discovers that she has intelligence, due to A.L.I.E. and the EMP.
Day 189 Mar. 20 We Will Rise, Gimme Shelter An angry mob of Sky People attempts to kill Ilian for burning down Alpha Station, but Kane threatens to shoot them if they harm him.
Roan, Clarke, and Bellamy are delivering hydrazine, but one of them gets emptied after one barrel was pierced by an arrow, during the Trikru attack.
Octavia attempts to kill Ilian, but could not do it.
Clarke arrives on Becca's Island.
Black Rain hits Arkadia, and 18 Sky People die.
At Becca's mansion, a scavenger attempts to kill Emori, but was captured. After Emori claims that this was the man who did terrible things to her and her brother, Otan, Clarke decides to experiment on the scavenger.
Day 190 Mar. 21 God Complex The scavenger dies in the radiation experiment.
Clarke discovers that Emori lied about the scavenger, and attempts to test the experiment on Emori as punishment but Murphy refuses, forcing Clarke to inject herself with Nightblood instead.
Abby destroys the radiation test chamber.
Jaha discovers that the Second Dawn Bunker is in Polis and finds it successfully.
Day 194 Mar. 25 DNR Jaha makes an announcement about the Second Dawn Bunker. The Sky People decide to leave Arkadia and head to the bunker.
Trikru attempts to assassinate Roan, but fails.
Day 195 Mar. 26 DNR Jasper, Riley, Harper and some of the other Sky People decide to stay behind at Arkadia. Monty decides to stay with them, in case they change their minds.
Day 197 Mar. 28 Die All, Die Merrily The Final Conclave begins at Polis.
Roan and Luna are killed in the battle.
Octavia wins the Conclave, but decides that all of the clans share the bunker equally.
Day 198 Mar. 29 The Other Side Jasper, Riley, and some of the other Sky People at Arkadia, commits suicide.
Monty and Harper leaves Arkadia to find the rest of their friends.
Day 199 Mar. 30 The Chosen The Second Culling takes place at the Second Dawn bunker.
Monty and Harper reunites with Bellamy and Clarke's group.
Group led by Bellamy and Clarke make their way to Becca's island.
Day 200 Mar. 31 Praimfaya Praimfaya destroys Polis.
Clarke sacrifices herself to help her friends escape Praimfaya.
Bellamy Blake, Raven Reyes, Monty Green, Harper McIntyre, John Murphy, Emori, and Echo escape in a rocket to the Go-Sci Ring.
Praimfaya renders Earth uninhabitable.
Time on Earth Date (2156) Episode(s) Event
Day 2,399 Apr. 7 Praimfaya Radiation levels have been at a survivable level for over a year, yet neither those in the bunker or space have returned to the ground.
Clarke tries to radio Bellamy and the others in space.
Clarke and Madi witness the Gagarin land on Earth.

Season 5

Time on Earth Date (2150) Episode(s) Event
Day 242 May 12 Eden 42 days after Praimfaya, Clarke emerges from the ground and heads to Polis.
Day 246 May 16 Eden, Red Queen Clarke arrives to the ruins of Polis. She tries to dig to the bunker but is unable to reach it. She later heads to the ruins of Arkadia but is unable to find food or water.
In the bunker, Octavia joins the delegates in an assembly where she resolves a feud between two different clans. They hear Clarke's digging, so Marcus and Abigail put on their suits and try to get to her, but the door doesn't open due to the Polis tower collapsing on top of the bunker. The overpopulation of the bunker will inhibit them to survive for longer than five years. Kara Cooper stages a coup with her fellow Skaikru to take the food supply for themselves. Octavia, along with the help of Jaha, manage to open the door to the farm and stop the coup. Jaha dies of blood loss. For the guilty, their punishment is to fight to the death to earn their freedom like gladiators.
? ? Eden Clarke goes out searching for resources but eventually ends up exhausted in a desert. Following a bird, she finds a green valley.
Day 258 May 28 Eden 58 days after Praimfaya, Clarke is staying within a village in the valley when she encounters a Nightblood child named Madi.
Time on Earth Date (2152) Episode(s) Event
? ? The Dark Year Two years after Praimfaya, the "Dark Year" occurs in the Second Dawn Bunker, when Wonkru were forced to cannibalize those who died in the fighting pits.
Time on Earth Date (2156) Episode(s) Event
Day 2,399 Apr. 7 Eden, Praimfaya 6 years and 7 days after Praimfaya, Bellamy's group is continuing to try to figure out how to descent back to Earth. Murphy notices something new in Earth's orbit: the Eligius IV. A couple hours later, the group watches the Gagarin decent from Eligius IV towards Earth.
On the ground, Clarke and Madi witnesses the Gagarin land. After ordering Madi to hide, Clarke watches the Gagarin passengers explore the ground. A couple of them find Madi. Clarke and Madi kill the two, but the gunshots give away to the Gagarin passengers that they are not alone.
Day 2,401 Apr. 9 Sleeping Giants 2,201 days after Praimfaya, Bellamy's group heads to the Eligius IV to get a hydrazine fuel. There, they found out that the passengers onboard are prisoners. One of them wakes up from cryosleep and attacks them, only to be killed by Bellamy and Echo. Raven and Murphy stays behind to guard the prisoners, who are in cryo-sleep, while Bellamy's group finally goes back to the ground.
On the ground, Clarke and Madi escapes from the prisoners, after killing two more of them. After ordering Madi to hide, Clarke gets captured by the prisoners, led by Charmaine Diyoza. Diyoza interrogates Clarke.
After arriving on the ground, Bellamy's group are held gunpoint by two prisoners, but Madi saves Bellamy's group and kills two prisoners. Later, after the prisoners tortures Clarke, Bellamy intervenes and makes a deal with Diyoza to spare Clarke's life or else all the 283 prisoners in the ship would die.
In the bunker, Kane prepares to fight against others for his freedom in the gladiator ring, but after killing his opponents, he is forced to fight again tomorrow.
Day 2,402 Apr. 10 Pandora's Box Bellamy negotiates with the prisoners, in order to get them to open the bunker.
Clarke and Bellamy opens the bunker, with the help from the prisoners. They manage to help many people be released from the bunker.
Diyoza and the prisoners betray Wonkru, and opens the Cryo-pods back on Eligius IV, releasing all the prisoners on board. The prisoners holds Kane and Abby hostage as they escape back to Eligius IV and Shallow Valley. Enraged, Octavia declares war on Diyoza and the prisoners.
Day 2,403 Apr. 11 Shifting Sands Octavia leads her people towards Shallow Valley, along with Bellamy and Clarke.
Meanwhile, at Shallow Valley, Diyoza forces Abby and Kane to help some of the sick prisoners.
Murphy escapes with the help from Miles Shaw, while Raven stays behind. Later, Murphy reunites with his friends at Shallow Valley, but due to the shock collar around his neck, Murphy and Emori decide to stay behind.
Diyoza, Shaw, and Paxton McCreary flies on the Gagarin and fires a missile at the Wonkru camp.
In the desert, twelve of the Wonkru members die, due to one being killed by parasitic worms and eleven being killed by the glass-sharped sandstorm.
Day 2,404 Apr. 12 Shifting Sands, Exit Wounds The next morning, Octavia decides to retreat. Then, Madi and the group arrives. Madi reunites with Clarke, and Bellamy reunites with Echo, whom Octavia is unhappy to see.
Later, in Polis, Octavia threatens to banish Echo again for her past actions. However, Octavia made a deal with Echo and her friends to allow Echo to infiltrate Diyoza's ship to get access to the ship's computer, in order to lift up her banishment.
Murphy and Emori kills two prisoners and captures McCreary.
Some of the Wonkru members defect to the Gagarin, along with Echo, but Cooper shoots at the defectors, while the remaining defectors arrive at the ship, but are put into shock collars.
Madi comes to Octavia, revealing to her that she is in fact, born a true Nightblood. Madi becomes part of Wonkru.
Day 2,405 Apr. 13 Acceptable Losses The next day, Diyoza welcomes the defectors into the village in Shallow Valley.
Madi begins to take Wonkru classes in Polis.
Clarke and the others discovers that Octavia and Cooper are breeding the parasitic worms to use as weapons against Diyoza and the prisoners. Clarke and the others later confront her.
Echo exposes Shaw's treachery to Diyoza, in order to open a backdoor to the ship's computers.
In Polis, Clarke and the others access to the ship's computer systems.
Day 2,406 Apr. 14 Acceptable Losses, How We Get to Peace In Shallow Valley, Abby discovers that Diyoza is pregnant.
A badly-beaten Shaw is put in the shock collar and is held with other defectors for his treachery.
In Polis, Clarke has a plan to sabotage Wonkru's plan for war, by using the worms to kill Cooper to make it look like an accident, to allow Indra to kill the worms.
Meanwhile, Abby manages to give a successful medical treatment on the prisoners.
After Murphy reveals to McCreary that Diyoza didn't trade Raven for him and left him to die, McCreary decides to help Murphy and Emori get Raven back, and brings them to the village as captives.
Octavia has Clarke arrested for murder and sentences her to death. Bellamy puts Octavia in a coma to prevent her from killing Clarke, and sending the worms' eggs to Shallow Valley.
Day 2,407 Apr. 15 Sic Semper Tyrannis In Shallow Valley, Echo, Emori, Raven, and Murphy devises a plan to cause a fight between Diyoza and McCreary's group and escape with the defectors.
Back in Polis, with Octavia in coma, Indra announces to Wonkru that Octavia is sick and plans to lead them to Shallow Valley peacefully without war, but Miller opposes this, saying that Wonkru should follow Octavia's plan to march for war. Due to this, Bellamy and Indra plans to make Madi a new Commander, which Clarke opposes.
Meanwhile, in the Valley, Murphy reveals to McCreary that a medical treatment helped cure Diyoza's people, causing McCreary and his group to go against Diyoza's leadership. Later at night, as McCreary and his people confronts Diyoza and her group, Murphy causes a fight between two groups of prisoners. Raven, Murphy, Echo, Emori, and the defectors escape with Kane, Shaw, and Diyoza, while McCreary and his people take control, with Abby being held as hostage.
As the Ascension ceremony begins in Polis, Clarke escapes from her chains, with the help from Niylah. Meanwhile, during the Ascension ceremony, Madi is implanted with the Flame. Clarke tries to kill Octavia, but Octavia convinces Clarke that she will help her stop the Ascension. Later, Octavia has Gaia, Indra, and Bellamy arrested.
Day 2,408 Apr. 16 Sic Semper Tyrannis The next morning, in Shallow Valley, with McCreary and his group in control, he announces that he will kill their enemies and cure his people.
In Polis, Clarke and Madi escapes to the Valley, unaware that McCreary has taken control. Meanwhile, Octavia sentences Gaia, Indra, and Bellamy to fight in the arena. As she enters the room, she sheds a tear.
Day 2,409 Apr. 17 The Warriors Will In Polis, at the Second Dawn Bunker, Monty shows Octavia how the plants and algae works in the hydrofarm.
While in the Rover, Madi discovers what happened to Becca in her flashbacks through the Flame.
Day 2,410 Apr. 18 The Warriors Will, The Dark Year Clarke and Madi arrive in Shallow Valley and find Abby unconscious. While helping her, they are discovered by McCreary and his men. McCreary threatens Clarke to help cure his group.
In the Second Dawn Bunker, Gaia, Indra, and Bellamy fight in the arena. Monty and Harper interrupt and show Wonkru that the hydrofarm is working again. Wonkru begins to rebel against Octavia and she burns down the hydrofarm. Afterwards, Octavia leads Wonkru as they began to march towards the valley.
Day 2,411 Apr. 19 The Dark Year As Wonkru marches in the desert, Bellamy is radioed by Echo, who warns him that McCreary and his men knows Wonkru is coming to the Valley.
Clarke and Madi manages to save Abby.
Day 2,412 Apr. 20 The Dark Year A heartbroken Abby reveals to Clarke that she was responsible for the Dark Year and Octavia's dark nature.
Diyoza and Kane turn themselves in to McCreary and makes a deal with him.
Day 2,417 Apr. 25 Damocles (Part 1) Wonkru is ambushed and attacked by McCreary's group.
Clarke betrays Raven, Echo, and Shaw.
After Echo and Madi convinces her to overcome her terrible decisions, Clarke, with a change of heart, rescues them.
Murphy, Emori, Echo, and Madi rescues Indra, Gaia, Bellamy, and Octavia, who also have a change of heart.
Day 2,418 Apr. 26 Damocles (Part 2) McCreary is killed and the prisoners surrenders to Wonkru.
Before dying, McCreary initiates the Damocles Event, thus destroying Shallow Valley.
The remaining human race went to space, due to Earth's destruction and are put in cryosleep on Eligius IV.
Earth is expected to take at least ten years to recover enough to be habitable again.
Time on Eligius IV Date Episode(s) Event
Day 2,783 Apr. 26,
Damocles (Part 2) 1-year anniversary of the long nap. Monty records his first message for Clarke and Bellamy.
Day 3,101 Mar. 10,
Damocles (Part 2) 2 years after everyone was put in cryosleep, Monty and Harper announce her pregnancy.
Day 3,162 May 10,
Damocles (Part 2) 2.5 years after everyone was put in cryosleep, Monty and Harper present their newborn child named Jordan.
Day 6,068 Apr. 26,
Damocles (Part 2) 10-year anniversary of the long nap. Monty says that he will not wake anyone, since the Earth is still unsuitable for life.
Day 12,835 Nov. 3,
Damocles (Part 2) 28 years after everyone was put in cryosleep, Monty and Harper put Jordan into cryosleep. Also they tell that Earth isn't coming back and Monty starts working on a plan "B".
Day 20,601 Feb. 8, 2206 Damocles (Part 2) 50 years after everyone was put in cryosleep, Harper dies due to sickness caused by her Dad's genetic condition. Monty cracked the Eligius III mission files and set the coordinates on Eligius IV to fly to a new habitable world located in the Goldilocks Zone of a binary system. Monty estimates the travel taking 75 years.
Day 48,073 Apr. 26,
Damocles (Part 2) 125 years after everyone was put in cryosleep, Jordan wakes Clarke and Bellamy up and tells them about himself and shows them Monty's videos.
Eligius IV arrives to a new world.

Season 6

Time on Alpha Date (2181) Episode(s) Event
? ? Matryoshka (mentioned) Russell Lightbourne and the other Primes tried to do bone marrow transplantation to recreate Nightblood, but it failed, due to not knowing the formula.
Time on Alpha Date (2211) Episode(s) Event
? ? The Old Man and the Anomaly (mentioned) Gabriel Santiago had defected from Sanctum with the help from Ryker Desai, and later founded the Children of Gabriel.
Time on Alpha Date (2237) Episode(s) Event
? ? Memento Mori (mentioned) Kaylee Lee VII is resurrected.[12]
Time on Alpha Date (2253) Episode(s) Event
? ? Memento Mori (mentioned) Daniel Lee VI is resurrected.[13]
Time on Alpha Date (2273) Episode(s) Event
? ? Memento Mori (mentioned) Faye Lee VII is resurrected.[14][15]
Time on Alpha Date (2279) Episode(s) Event
? ? Memento Mori (mentioned) Victor Lee VIII is resurrected.[16][17]
Time on Alpha Date (2260) Episode(s) Event
? ? Delilah Workman is born.
Time on Alpha Date (2270) Episode(s) Event
? ? Nevermind Tai and Arabel's infant son is sacrificed in the Offering Grove.
Josephine VII murders Isaac.
Time on Alpha Date (2271) Episode(s) Event
? ? Ashes to Ashes (mentioned) Gabriel Santiago's host dies and Eduardo resurrects him in Xavier. Gabriel kills Eduardo and takes Xavier's identity.
Devastated by the loss of her infant son, Arabel laid down in the Offering Grove, committing suicide.
Time on Alpha Date (2274) Episode(s) Event
? ? Rose is born.
Time on Alpha Date (2275) Episode(s) Event
? ? Nevermind Josephine's VII was thrown out of the window by Kaylee
Time on Alpha Date (2281) Episode(s) Event
Day 1 Apr. 26 Sanctum Clarke, Bellamy and Jordan wake up the rest of the team and they explore the world together, starting with landing on the site Alpha. The group land on Alpha, a habitable moon. During the night they were attacked by a swarm of bugs, which caused them to run towards the beacon, located inside a radiation defense perimeter. Because of the lack of knowledge, Miles Shaw ran into it and died.
Day 2 Apr. 27 Sanctum, Red Sun Rising, The Children of Gabriel On the next day, the group discover a settlement on Alpha. During the exploration of the settlement, each member of group one by one slowly starts to go insane and hurt each other as a result, due to the Red Sun Eclipse.
Meanwhile, the mothership was hijacked by a team of 4 people. However, with the help of Raven, Diyoza and Madi, the ship was taken back. The second group descends on the moon and reunites with the first group. After being reunited, the group meet the actual inhabitants of Sanctum and their leader, Russell Lightbourne.
Day 3 Apr. 28 The Children of Gabriel While Clarke is trying to bargain for her people to stay, Bellamy, Echo, Octavia and Raven are returning back to the dropship to move it closer to the settlement while they encounter another group, called the Children of Gabriel. Clarke helps to save one of the important citizens of Sanctum and earns the right to stay for her group.
Day 4 Apr. 29 The Face Behind the Glass On Naming Day, Priya is "reincarnated" in Delilah Workman's body, making her "Priya VII." Josephine Lightbourne is also "reincarnated", in Clarke's body.
Octavia is held captive by the Children of Gabriel, but escapes with Rose. Later, they're saved by Diyoza and Jade, but Rose gets shot by a member of the Children of Gabriel.
Day 5 Apr. 30 The Gospel of Josephine Jordan, Bellamy, Murphy and Gaia discover a dark secret that the ruling family of Sanctum, known as the Primes, they are using the bodies of the Nightblood hosts for "reincarnation" purposes to keep them immortal and to stay in power.
After spying on the group, Josephine, who is inside Clarke's body, convinces Murphy to work with her by offering him immortality.
Day 6 May 1 Memento Mori, Nevermind While looking for a cure to help Octavia, "Xavier" reveals to Diyoza about the Children of Gabriel.
In Sanctum, Gaia begins a Separation Ritual to help Madi stop Sheidheda, the Dark Commander.
Abby and Raven fly on the Gagarin to the mothership.
Bellamy tries to kill Russell for what he did to Clarke, but could not do it.
Meanwhile, Diyoza, Octavia, and "Xavier" discovers a message from the Anomaly.
Echo learns of Clarke's supposed death and Bellamy decides not to go to war against the Primes.
Angry at Clarke's supposed death, Madi banishes Gaia.
After Josephine fall asleep, it allowed Clarke to wake up in her mindspace. Josephine appears there and explains that 2 minds in one body is killing the host and it won't last long, so Clarke has to give up made a sacrifice to save her people. Josephine succeeds and Clarke shows her how to erase her mind.
Day 7 May 2 Nevermind, The Old Man and the Anomaly In the morning, Bellamy and Miller are talking to Russell about the compound, when Josephine walks in to say to her father that she knows how to get rid of Clarke. However, in Clarke's body, a projection of Monty Green shows up to Clarke and convinces her to overcome her demons to stop the Primes. They break into Josephine's mindspace and manage to send a message to Bellamy using the Morse code, revealing to him that Clarke is alive.
Bellamy reveals to others that Clarke is alive.
Meanwhile in the forest, Diyoza and Octavia discovers that Xavier is actually Gabriel Santiago.
Madi assassinates Miranda Mason and gets locked up with the others, while Bellamy escapes with a captive Josephine.
On Eligius IV, Marcus Kane is resurrected, only to be horrified that he was put into a new body of a new Host.
Meanwhile, after arriving outside near the Anomaly, Diyoza disappears and Octavia gets healed.
Day 8 May 3 What You Take With You, Matryoshka Bellamy continues seek out Josephine to the Children of Gabriel. They meet and get them captured in the caves. During their confronts, the Children of Gabriel realize that Josephine is one of the primes and prepare to cut off her head, however she gives control to Clarke to save them both. Clarke successfully escapes and goes to Gabriel.
At the Verge, Gabriel brings Octavia back to the camp and asks her about the Anomaly. Octavia goes through her memories and seeks for redemption there. She wakes up with the will to save her friends, but gets interrupted by Clarke's message.
Meanwhile on the mothership, Kane does not approve of Abby's decision in bringing him back in a different body. With help of Indra and Raven, they steal the Nightblood serum from Simone, and Marcus kills himself for the better good.
Simone is assassinated.
Gabriel, Octavia, and Bellamy manages to save Clarke, who also manages to defeat Josephine.
Gaia and Echo launches a plan to stop the Primes.
Ryker Desai betrays Echo.
Russell sentences Clarke's friends to death, but were spared, in order for them to make more Nightblood.
Day 9 May 4 Ashes to Ashes Octavia, Bellamy, Clarke and Gabriel discuss a plan for overthrowing Primes and taking over Sanctum using the toxin bomb for distraction. Children of Gabriel meet them and one of their members threatened Gabriel for betrayal. Octavia and Bellamy go into the caves to collect more toxin for the bomb.

Meanwhile in Sanctum, Russell prepares to test the first produced Nightblood serum on Echo in order to resurrect Simone. He also makes a deal with Murphy to bring back Josephine in exchange for immortality. Ryker makes Echo a Nightblood but fails to kill her, due to being interrupted by Gaia and Nate and get killed by Echo instead.
By the night Murphy succeeds with his mission but this time it's Clarke pretending to be Josephine begin doing her part of the plan.

Day 10 May 5 Adjustment Protocol, The Blood of Sanctum Russell continues using Madi to produce him more Nightblood. He gives Clarke, Murphy and Emori mind drives making them Nightbloods and kills Abby and 3 of his guards so they could become hosts for other Primes.

Clarke succeeds in rescuing her friends and with help of Priya lowers the shield, so Bellamy, Octavia and Children of Gabriel can attack Sanctum. They spread the truth about Primes, forcing Russell to release Red Sun Toxin causing chaos and insanity of citizens and run away to the mothership with his family.
Wonkru and the Primes fight for control of the mothership, until it was taken back by Wonkru.
Clarke's friends manages to remove Sheidheda from Madi, who reunites with Clarke.
In Sanctum, Bellamy and the others fights and knocks out all of the citizens.

Day 11 May 6 The Blood of Sanctum Russell is apprehended for his crimes.
Clarke and the other Wonkru members arrive back to Sanctum.
Gabriel, Bellamy, Octavia, and Echo, begins investigating the Anomaly. Gabriel shows them an extraterrestrial artifact, known as the Anomaly Stone, and they begin to activate it.
Hope Diyoza emerges from the Anomaly, and Octavia vanishes.

Season 7

View by location

Time on Earth Date (2281) Episode(s) Event
Day 48,086 May 8 Hesperides Gaia ends up on Earth, which managed to recover years after.
Day 48,089 May 11 A Sort of Homecoming Clarke's group arrive back on Earth. After Clarke reveals that she killed Bellamy, Octavia and Echo consoles her.
Grief-stricken by Bellamy's death, Clarke destroys the Disciples' helmet, stranding them on Earth.
Meanwhile, Sheidheda comes to Earth looking for Madi, and after killing Gabriel, he escapes from Indra.
Unwilling to let anyone else die for her, Madi teleport herself to Bardo.
Day 48,090 May 12 The Last War (episode) After humanity achieved Transcendence, Clarke and 13 of her other friends are now the last humans on Earth, with the last dog, Picasso.

Time on Alpha Date (2281) Episode(s) Event
Day 11 May 6 From the Ashes After Octavia's disappearance, Bellamy gets captured by unknown people from Bardo in cloaking suits. Hope is affected by memory loss and not able to answer any of Gabriel's and Echo's questions. But later she agrees to help and together, they manage to kill 3 of the attackers. Gabriel, Hope, and Echo goes into the Anomaly, which then closes.
Day 12 May 7 From the Ashes Tensions rise in Sanctum, as the Children of Gabriel want to kill Russell and the Believers want to save him.
Meanwhile, Sheidheda secretly kills Russell and takes control of his host body.
At night, Sanctum's Palace begins to burn in flames as Clarke announces that "Russell" will be executed tomorrow for his actions. The Children of Gabriel then cheers for the execution of "Russell".
Day 13 May 8 False Gods, Hesperides, Welcome to Bardo James Crockett dies from radiation exposure after causing the nuclear reactor to malfunction. To prevent a meltdown, Raven enlists John Murphy, Emori, and 4 prisoners to fix the reactor. Hatch and 3 other prisoners die from radiation poisoning, enraging Nikki.
Gaia tells Wonkru that the Flame is destroyed, due to Sheidheda.
Sheidheda, disguising himself as Russell, was ordered by Wonkru to calm the Sanctumites. After attempting to convince the citizens that he will accept his death and they will not retaliate, Sheidheda is shot by an assassin, who is beaten up by the citizens, but Sheidheda survives.
Clarke and her friends are observing a dead body in a strange suit that was spotted by some Sanctum foragers on their patrol. Then Disciples appear outside of the radiation shield and asking for Clarke to go with them into the anomaly. They realize that Bellamy, Echo and Gabriel are missing and Clarke asks Raven to observe the suit to gather more info while she is preparing to go to the meeting.
When she arrives her people treating to kill each other because of no trust between them, but Raven and Jordan come to the rescue and murder all of the enemies. They go to the Anomaly Stone but don't know which planet they should choose, so they pick a random one and travel to Nakara.
Moments later after their departure, Gaia was knocked out by an unnamed disciple. He shuts down the Stone on Sanctum and they both are jumping into the closing bridge, leading to Earth.
The Faithful cult threatens to kill themselves if they don't release "Russell". However, Sheidheda, disguising himself as Russell, talk them down, but his behavior causes Indra to realize his true identity. Unable to kill Sheidheda just yet, Indra has Russell's Mind Drive surgically removed by Jackson so that the Dark Commander can't ever be resurrected again.
Day 14 May 9 Nakara Indra is informed by Lindo that the guns were stolen last night. With the situation getting progressively worse and terrified that the resurrected Sheidheda will gain control of Wonkru, Indra attempts to get Madi Griffin to resume her role as Commander of Wonkru. However, Madi proves to be too terrified and runs off. Instead, John Murphy and Emori suggests that Indra take control of Wonkru herself, pointing out that in the bunker, Indra was the true power behind the clan. Though Indra is reluctant, the two convince her to take control. Indra declares to the gathered Wonkru that there are no more Commanders and she is now the leader of the united clans. Though Knight challenges Indra, she easily defeats the Sangedakru warrior and gives a rousing speech, reuniting Wonkru under her leadership.
Nelson discovers that Russell is dead and his last host body is controlled by Sheidheda, who convinces him to get power and form an alliance with the Eligius prisoners, who have secretly stolen the guns from Wonkru.
Day 15 May 10 The Queen's Gambit, The Flock The Unification Ceremony begins.
Nelson and some of the Children of Gabriel form an alliance with the Eligius prisoners to launch a mutiny at the Unification Ceremony. Meanwhile, Indra goes for the search of her missing friends. After taking 30 people from the ceremony as hostages, Nikki demands Murphy to bring Raven to her, threatening the lives of Emori and others. After confronting Sheidheda to help, Murphy walks into the Great Hall for negotiations, while Indra leads Wonkru through the tunnels. Murphy, Emori and Sheidheda are forced to reveal that they are not who they are to the unpleasance of the crowd. Then Wonkru appears and disarms all prisoners, taking control over the situation. Indra commands to escort everyone out and lock the door, except for True Believers who are mad at Sheidheda for lying to them and for killing Russell. However, Sheidheda also wanted to show his dominance and murdered everyone inside.
Day 16 May 11 A Little Sacrifice, Blood Giant Sheidheda takes control of Wonkru.
Murphy, Emori, Madi, and the others rally together to prepare to fight back against the Dark Commander's reign.
Sheidheda massacres the Children of Gabriel, leaving Luca the only survivor, who went into hiding with Murphy, Emori, Madi, and the others.
Sheidheda takes Murphy captive and Wonkru locates Emori's group in hiding.
Clarke, Raven, Bellamy, Gabriel, and the Disciples arrive in Sanctum, only to find out that it has been taken over by Sheidheda. The Disciples incapacitate Sheidheda and forces Clarke to bring in the Flame, in which she did.
The Red Sun Eclipse begins again, while Emori, Madi, and the others are rescued.
As the Flame is being repaired, Gabriel destroys it and Clarke's group take Cadogan hostage in order to rescue their friends. As they leave, Bellamy discovers the sketchbook that Madi have drawn, contains the memories of the Commanders. Bellamy attempts to give the book to the Disciples, but Clarke kills him and escapes.
Day 17 May 12 The Last War The Sanctumites have transcended.
Clarke returns to Sanctum, which is now empty, and reunites with Picasso, whom she brought with her to Earth.

Time on Beta Year Episode(s) Event
Day 1 1 Right after entering the Anomaly on Sanctum, Charmaine appeared on the other end at the source of it in the middle of a lake. She found a wooden house built by Colin Benson and settled there.
~Day 90 1 The Garden 3 months later, Octavia swum out from the same lake. She got there right in time for Diyoza's child delivery and helped her to give birth.
~Day 1,150 3 The Garden For 3 years Octavia has been trying to reach the anomaly on the bottom of the lake. She managed to hold her breath for 2 minutes, but it is still not enough. This year Hope suggested the name for the planet they are on - Skyring.
~Day 2,300 6 The Garden It is already 6 years has passed for Octavia, Charmaine and Hope living together. Octavia is till trying to reach the anomaly source deep in the lake but could not hold breath long enough. During gardening Octavia spots a piece of some equipment which turn out to be a suit. She begins working on repairs and when she is finally ready to leave this place, Diyoza breaks the helmet which brakes all Octavia's plans.
~Day 3,740 10 The Garden, Hesperides It is been 10 years when the first visitors arrive to Skyring. They call themselves Disciples and demand Charmaine's and Octavia's immediate surrender and rendition to Bardo.

Hope is now left alone. She desperately tries to shout for her family, but there is no response. She comes back to the house and hides and cries in her bed.

? 10 Hesperides Hope is continuing to survive all by herself, during the day she plants food and fishes at the lake and during the night she is praying to the anomaly stone to bring back her family.

Then one day the Bridge activates once again. Hope as happy as ever runs towards the arrival zone, expecting to meet her mother but only sees the Disciples bringing a man here instead.

10-20 Hesperides The arrived man is Dev, he was sentenced for 10 years for breaking the law. At first, Hope was very unfriendly with him, but as time passes they become closer and closer friends. He taught her how to fight and agreed to help save her mother. When Dev's absolution day had come, they were ready to attack. Dev killed two of the Disciples, but Hope hesitated to kill the third, who eventually stabbed Dev in the back. Hope said goodbye to her closest friend and went into the anomaly.
Time on Beta Year Episode(s) Event
~Day 36,500 ~100 The Garden Hope, Gabriel and Echo arrive on Skyring over a century after Hope left. The three attempt to follow the Disciples to Bardo, but discover the code washed away from Hope's note. Stranded, the group discovers that the planet they are on is a prison for banished Disciples. Gabriel discovers the body of Colin, an old friend of his and realizes that Skyring is in fact planet Beta, one of the Eligius III missions. Though Gabriel discovers the code on Colin's Memory Drive, a prisoner destroys his computer before they can record it for use.
~Day 36,610 ~101 Hesperides After being stranded on Skyring for a year, Echo encounters a prisoner named Orlando. Since Orlando isn’t interested in befriending them, Gabriel, Echo, and Hope plan a way to hook him with bait. Hope goes out into the water and pretends to be drowning. The plan works and Orlando swims out to save her.
At night, over dinner, they find out Orlando is a Level 12 and has access to everything on Bardo, which will help them rescue Diyoza and Octavia. Orlando then leaves the house after finishing his meal.
~Day 36,652 ~101 Hesperides Orlando shows up while Gabriel, Echo, and Hope are training for the Absolution Day attack. Echo gets in his face and they fight with the victor winning the cabin. He takes her down, and the three end up sleeping outside by the fire.
The next day, Gabriel brings Orlando some vegetables and grains because he’s not looking well. Orlando warns him that the Disciples will bring more people on Absolution Day due to what happened the last time. Later, Orlando agrees to train them into Disciples as long as they promise not to kill anyone.
~Day 37,990 ~105 Hesperides When the Disciples show up for Orlando, they realize something is wrong. Then, they are ambushed. When one of the Disciples goes after Echo, Hope doesn’t freeze this time and stabs the attacker. Orlando is upset because he knew the woman in the suit. At this point, Echo abandons their plans, betraying Orlando and killing all the Disciples despite Orlando’s pleas. Instead of killing him, she leaves him behind and they go through the anomaly.

Time on Bardo Year Episode(s) Event
? ? Bill Cadogan and some of his Second Dawn members arrive to Bardo, where they settled there.
Time on Bardo Year Episode(s) Event
Day 1 1 Welcome to Bardo / Nakara Octavia and Diyoza arrives on Bardo as captives. The Disciples want to know the information about their past.
Day 11 1 Welcome to Bardo A Disciple scientist named Levitt, wants to know Octavia's past and information. Octavia agrees to tell Levitt everything that she knows.
Day 14 1 Welcome to Bardo After Levitt learns some of Octavia's past, Hope arrives to Bardo to save Octavia. Levitt helps Octavia escape to Sanctum while Hope stays behind to save her mother.
Day 38 1 Welcome to Bardo After Hope becomes a prisoner, Anders, a Disciple leader forces her to capture Octavia as part of a deal to save her mother. After arriving in Sanctum, Hope sends Octavia back to Bardo. At that same time, after being captured, Bellamy Blake escapes and holds a Disciple conductor hostage. As Octavia tries to talk Bellamy down, a Disciple causes an explosion, leaving Bellamy's fate unknown.
Day 45 1 Welcome to Bardo / Nakara After arriving on Bardo, Hope Diyoza, Echo, and Gabriel Santiago, tries to rescue Octavia. After hearing from Anders' speech, Gabriel discovers that the Disciples came to Bardo through the Temporal Anomaly and that the Anomaly Stone was also on Earth. As they find Octavia and rescue her, Echo, Hope and Gabriel discover Bellamy's supposed death. Enraged, Echo kills a Disciple scientist. After that, the group is then reunited with Hope's mother, Charmaine Diyoza, who spent all that time in captivity and just managed to leave her cell. As they try to escape to the surface, which is uninhabitable, Gabriel refuses let himself and his group get killed. So, he stuns them unconscious and surrenders to the Disciples, who the stuns him unconscious.
Days 45-136 1 The Flock Octavia and Echo support each others grievance over loss of Bellamy and agrees that they need to get over it and join the Disciples. Meanwhile, Hope and Diyoza finally had a talk about their mother-daughter relationship and how much they care about each other. Then, together they are gathered by Anders to begin their training, they study in school and practice fighting skills on the training yards. After 3 months of such training Octavia, Echo and Charmaine reach level 2, while Hope being prepared to be sent to Penance, because of the failed tests and her refusal to listen to the truth of the cause.
~Day 136 1 The Queen's Gambit / Anaconda Charmaine Diyoza, Octavia, Echo, and Gabriel Santiago join the Disciples. 3 months later, Clarke's group arrives in Bardo, where they learn of Bellamy's supposed death, and they discover that Bill Cadogan is the leader of the Disciples and that Charmaine and Hope Diyoza, Octavia, Echo, and Gabriel have joined them as well. They also discover that the Flame is the Key.
Echo, who secretly pretended to become part of the Disciples, kills 3 Disciples, tortures Levitt, and frees Hope from her cell.
Cadogan shows Gabriel, Niylah and Jordan Green the logs the Bardoans left behind regarding their use of the final code. Cadogan explains that they need the Flame to find this code as the Bardoans didn't record it. After Cadogan leaves to have lunch, Jordan goes through the logs and believes that the Disciples mistranslated the language. Instead of a last war, Jordan believes that the logs speak of a test, presumably one individual who enters the code into the Stone representing their species to determine that species' future.
After Some of Clarke's group reunites with Charmaine Diyoza, and Octavia, they meet Hope. After learning that Echo plans to wipe out the Disciples with a bioweapon, Clarke's group stop her from committing genocide.
Hope assassinates Anders and plans to release the bioweapon herself, but her mother stops her and sacrifices herself to save Hope, and Clarke's group, killing Charmaine Diyoza in process.
~Day 137 1 Etherea (episode) Bellamy Blake and Doucette return to Bardo, where they meet Cadogan. Bellamy reunites with his friends, revealing that he is alive. Then, he reveals the Flame's destruction to Cadogan.
~Day 138 1 The Stranger As Bellamy joins the Disciples, he speaks to Cadogan about the Flame and that it might be repaired. He visits his arrested friends, asking them to reveal the location of the Flame in exchange for their freedom. No one tells him anything, blaming for betrayal. After unsuccessful M-Cap sessions with Raven and Clarke, Bill gathers everyone in the stone room and sends all but Clarke and Raven to Earth using the Bridge. Then he takes both of them along with Bellamy and together they travel back to Sanctum.
~Day 140 1 A Sort of Homecoming After using teleportation pill, Cadogan returns to Bardo, he discovers Madi's sketchbook and talks about it to Sheidheda, that was brought there by Disciples. They make a deal so Sheidheda brings Madi back in exchange of a promise that Bill and his people never would visit Sanctum again.
~Day 150 1 The Last War Sheidheda is killed and humanity begins to achieve Transcendence.

Time on Nakara Year Episode(s) Event
Day 1 1 Hesperides / Nakara Clarke, Raven, Jordan, Miller and Niylah arrive on Nakara, using the Anomaly Stone on Alpha. They realize that this planet is not the one they needed and totally not the best for their survival, but in order to go to the next location they need an Anomaly Stone, which there is no sight of. However, Raven detects the Stone in the caves. They manage to survive the alien creatures and escape through the Temporal Anomaly.

Time on Etherea Year Episode(s) Event
The Flock
Bill Cadogan visited and explored the planet, known as Etherea.
Time on Etherea Year Episode(s) Event
Day 1 Etherea (episode) Bellamy and Conductor Doucette gets trapped on Etherea. They fight at the beginning but then agree to peace so they both would have higher chance of surviving. They hide in a cave, healing their wounds.
Day 7 Etherea (episode) After Doucette's leg gets better for him to be able to walk, they begin their journey to the top of the mountain.They still have controversial opinions of each other's beliefs.
Etherea (episode) Reaching higher altitudes, it becomes harder and harder to continue the climb as weather gets worse. At some point Doucette decides to turn around and find a shelter to rest, but Bellamy continues moving forward until the wind and cold makes him fall down of exhaustion. Freezing in the snow, he gets rescued by Doucette and brought to the big, warm cave.
~Day 136 Etherea (episode) After more than 2 months of unsuccessful attempts climbing up through harsh weather, Bellamy, desperate, afraid of dying here, and after being constantly talked about transcendence, the Shepherd and war for all mankind goes from denial stage to acceptance and agrees to pray along with Doucette. In his mindspace he gets a vision of Cadogan and his mother telling him to follow the light. After he wakes up, the storm is gone and the weather is clear, allowing both of them to continue their journey.
~Day 137 Etherea (episode) Finally reaching the top and discovering the Anomaly Stone, Doucette enters the code for Bardo as they wait for the bridge to pick them up, but instead it opens it at the very bottom of the Mountain, forcing them to take a literal step of faith. After some self motivating speeches they both jump down, safely arriving on Bardo.


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