Honestly I'm not upset. More surprised (not pleasantly) to find this kind of passive-aggressive hostility on a nice wiki about a fun TV show. Figured I'd address it head on instead of being passive-aggressive in return. 

Of course we can all do what we like, within reason, but "don't be a dick" seems to be a pretty common standard in internet forums, wikis, even most subreddits. Scolding colleagues obtusely in comments, rather than compromising, accepting, or the rare constructive criticism where appropriate?  Yeah, that's being a dick.

If they were all legit corrections I'd have rolled with it... but many are not objectively correct, they are simply asserting your preference over an equal teammate's. Less cool. (Some are def corrections, as I've mentioned. No issue with those, they're great. And no need to be rude, whether correct or a personal-preference thing. If you can't tell that snarking at people in edit-comments is rude... I don't know what to tell you.)

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