• Hello Janus,

    I have started to write Octavia Blake season 4 from 1st season........

    I will do it part by part, as I get some free minutes every day.....


    Skai engineer

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    • Hi... I am sorry to intrude. I just wanted to say please be aware of what you are typing. For example "heavy insured king Roan": The word that you are looking for is "injured". I've Corrected it.

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    • Hi Skai engineer, thank you for your contributions. We always need more people writing episode summaries for each character.

      Wellsworth96, please assume good faith. People make typos. For some, English isn't their native language. Others just have issues with spelling/grammar. But if they're willing to contribute, that will help fill the blanks on the wiki. We don't have enough 'perfect' summary writers to be picky. Some editors write big junks of text, others copyedit, others do other tasks - and all contribute to the wiki.

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    • Janus, I didn't mean any harm. I was just trying to be helpful and I thought maybe Skai didn't know they made a mistake.

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    • Okay, but if it's a mistake or typo, what's the point of calling them out? Not to mention, on an admin's wall. It's faster to fix the error and move on. I know I'll make mistakes when editing wikis. However, wikis are cooperative projects and I know other users will come along and fix the mistakes I make.

      Now if a user was repeatedly making the same mistake (e.g. typing "Clark" instead of "Clarke", not capitalizing specific words, wrong formatting, etc.), then let them know. But notifying users of one-time typos like "insured" instead of "injured" is silly.

      If you think someone needs to take more time to proofread their work, it's okay to politely notify them (though preferable without involving an admin). But also realize, this may be their best right now, that they did proofread their work. The best way to improve is to keep trying, to keep writing, and I don't want to discourage people from contributing.

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    • I am sorry.

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    • A FANDOM user
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