• Ok. I've held my tongue as you've seemed to follow some people (including me) around "correcting" some things that are purely subjective. Some actual corrections, which are great, and some serious "tomato, tomahto" stuff like surmised vs assumed.  Fine. In the end it doesn't matter whose exact wording "wins" - the important thing is getting a solid account of the show out there. The great thing about wikis is that we're all (supposedly) on the same team, trying to make things better.

    What doesn't help with that, however, is being rude to each other in comments. Including editing comments. This time it was to me: "Please speak English when you revert not gibberish." Which could use a comma between revert and not, ironically, considering it's griping about improper English, but let's let that slide.

    The salient point there: We all walk a line in edit-comments between being concise, vs thoroughly explaining what we did to fellow editors. If you have a problem with a fellow wiki editor's style or use of fairly common internet abbreviations, please be forthright and bring it up to them, as I am doing here. Don't simply snark backhandedly in comments, leading us to wonder what you're grousing about.

    I'm not the first to whom you've been rude. In the last week alone, there was "The reacter [sic] is NOT in the basement of the Palace. You'd know this if you paid attention." - which I surmise/assume was directed at WarGrowlmon18, since I think he made that edit. No need for the "if you'd paid attention" since we're equals, even colleagues. If you are so frustrated in your life that you feel the need to denigrate people who have the same goal as you... IDK, please pet a fluffy animal of your choice, or take up a relaxing hobby or sport, or work out your aggression in a game where smacktalk is celebrated.  To be needlessly hostile in a place like this is to turn a nice community toxic.  Please think about your words and use them more carefully. Or at least be open & honest if you're going to be confrontational. Doesn't seem too much to ask, considering this is supposed to be a community where "assume good faith" is a keystone policy.


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    • I am sorry I have upset you. You don't like me? That's fine. I can edit what I please and I am NOT harming anything by "following" others around fixing any mistake they may make. And I am not being rude to anyone intentionally.

      PS: I don't have any "aggression". You are in the wrong to make such an assumption. I am also not intending to be hostile or any other of the allegations you've thrown at me.

      And if you allowed to make such allegations against me, I don't think you are the nicest person either.

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    • Honestly I'm not upset. More surprised (not pleasantly) to find this kind of passive-aggressive hostility on a nice wiki about a fun TV show. Figured I'd address it head on instead of being passive-aggressive in return. 

      Of course we can all do what we like, within reason, but "don't be a dick" seems to be a pretty common standard in internet forums, wikis, even most subreddits. Scolding colleagues obtusely in comments, rather than compromising, accepting, or the rare constructive criticism where appropriate?  Yeah, that's being a dick.

      If they were all legit corrections I'd have rolled with it... but many are not objectively correct, they are simply asserting your preference over an equal teammate's. Less cool. (Some are def corrections, as I've mentioned. No issue with those, they're great. And no need to be rude, whether correct or a personal-preference thing. If you can't tell that snarking at people in edit-comments is rude... I don't know what to tell you.)

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    • I am confused by your repeating of the word "comments". I have not edited anyone's comments. Comments are at the bottom of pages. Are you meaning the "edit summary" feature or edits or something else?

      And I am very sorry if you think I am "being a dick". I'll try to word my edit summaries differently.

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    • Edit-comments, edit-summaries, the things that I quoted that you wrote recently... yeah.  Those.

      If you'll make an effort, great!

      If facetious... whatever. But I'll assume good faith since we've been asked to do so. 


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    • Look I get you like everything to be perfect and to quote your profile you are "a grammar nerd (within reason) who loves continuity and order." But, you aren't the only person here, this wiki is community of people from all over the world. Just because you prefer something to be worded one way doesn't mean that the rest of the community does. I know the same could be said vice versa.

      I hope you don't take this the wrong way as it wasn't meant to be mean.

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    • LOL I'm not the one changing minor stuff like "surmised" to "assumed" - which are effectively the same, just a matter of personal preference. I will always be available to add info or actually-correct grammar, though no need to start editing wars in 99.999% of cases. Cooperation is important on a wiki, which is why I bring stuff up in Talk/comments if it's likely to even maybe be controversial. Not just change stuff that doesn't need changing, nor whining at people in editing-comments (editing summaries, whatever). 

      I never would have approached you if you had just been civil. Or clear about constructive criticism.

      As it is, the TL;DR is "hey, could you either please be more civil, or at least be direct & clear if you're going to be confrontational/combative?" 

      You said you'll try to do better with edit summaries at least. Good enough for me.

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    • Wellsworth96
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    • As I said above:

      Wellsworth96 wrote: You aren't the only person here, this wiki is community of people from all over the world. Just because you prefer something to be worded one way doesn't mean that the rest of the community does.

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    • LOL take your own advice and we'll all be fine.

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    • I find the "LOL" at the beginning of your last two messages very rude.

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    • A FANDOM user
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