• Dear Wellsworth96,

    The James Crockett picture from the Red Sun Rising, makes me haunted of the memories when he tortured Octavia. I'm just scared. I cannot let the picture be shown in the Categories. The James Crockett picture from the Red Sun Rising, makes me upset, due to the haunting memories of him torturing Octavia. It will make me cry.

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    • As Janus100 told you, how you feel cannot dictate your edits. That is not a valid reason in my eyes and your picture is horrible quality. I am not trying to be cold hearted, but it's just a picture.

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    • Eugene....... let me repeat: "Your feelings over a character or a specific scene are not valid justifications for why a specific image should or should not be used." You're making this image sound like James is all bloody, snarling, and shooting lasers out of his eyes. However, the image you're so upset about has nothing graphic or violent in it.

      If you're so upset over this scene, I'm surprised you're watching the series. You must be crying yourself to sleep only to awaken with violent nightmares every single night given all the scary and haunting scenes.

      I'm sorry for being callous, but your argument went from silly to absurd. Please desist with it. If you can't handle this series, then you shouldn't be editing this wiki.

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