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    • What about Emori? I suppose Jordan was holding Priya's mind drive and he did nothing to Emori?

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    • Btw, page for Hope now or wait till more info? Yes or Not?

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    • Might as well make it now. Plenty of traffic in the next nine months will be interested in her.

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    • I wonder where Sheidheda uploaded himself to? Could it be one of the minddrives? Like Russell's? Or could he be the one holding Diyoza hostage in the anomaly?

      This was one of their most solid seasons. It's amazing how they keep coming up with brilliant ideas six seasons later when most shows run out of ideas so soon.

      RIP the Flame.

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    • I really want to see Becca. She's my FAVOURITE character. I wonder what happened to her consciousness when Raven destroyed the flame. Could she had uploaded herself to, like the ship? I will be devastated if she is really gone and Erica is an amazing actress. 

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    • Simplest answer regarding Sheidheda is that he went to a Mind Drive. The Flame was created off the same technology as the drives, so it'd make sense if they are compatible... Though how Sheidheda, someone with little technological knowledge, was able to use code to lock up the other commanders, create a kill switch on the Flame, and download himself elsewhere remains unexplained. He must of gone to City of Light Community College as well... or did he somehow take Becca's knowledge.

      Seems that the Temporal Anomaly will play an even bigger role next season. The 'he' who has Diyoza - I also considered Sheidheda. And what do Octavia's final words, "tell him it's done," mean? Is the message for the previous 'he' or is this a message for Bellamy or Gabriel? Who created the Anomaly Stone? How about all the other people who've walked into the Anomaly over the years - are they also in there?

      I doubt we're done with the Primes or the Mind Drives. Out of the thirteen Mind Drives: five are blown to space, five are in use (Russell, Gabriel, Clarke, Murphy, and Emori), two are dormant (Ryker and Priya), and one is empty (Josie). The adjustment protocol seems to have worked on Jordan (and potentially others like Nelson), so that may create problems...

      And what exactly was Wonkru's plan at the end? Were they planning to try to make Sanctum their home after this mess? Or did they think to get their people back to space and then go to a new home? What happened to the teams sent to planets Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon? We also still don't know what happened to Eligius III - why it never made it back to Earth or to respond to Sanctum's distress signal...

      There seems plenty of places to go for next season and potentially more seasons...

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    • Could Shiedheda take over the Elligus IV mothership? like upload himself to the servers controlling all the systems?

      Also can't wait to know who this "him" is... and whether or not Dyoza is still alive ... #WeLoveDyoza #BringHerBack

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    • Oh, and Janus, while you are here: top horizontal menu - community - test nav item
      i think it shouldn't be there

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    • re: Iamkane top navigation – that was an unsuccessful test of wikia's auto-populate feature for the navigational bar (see Thread:87115). I was hoping that maybe it would correct itself given a bit of time, but it hasn't, so yeah, no point in keeping it.

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    • wrote: Could Shiedheda take over the Elligus IV mothership? like upload himself to the servers controlling all the systems?

      Sure, at this point anything is possible. Points in this theory's favor is that it's similar to how ALIE 1 uploaded herself to the Ark and Becca worked on the Eligius code so it's possible that the mothership is compatible with the Flame's code.

      However, I think a Mind Drive is more likely. Since the Flame's technology was based off on the Mind Drive's, the two systems are even more compatible. Also Sheidheda is not a true AI the way ALIE 1 was. ALIE 1 was never human, she used a hologram avatar to interact with humans, but she was always a computer intelligence. Sheidheda on the other hand, was a real person. The Flame stored a digital representation of his consciousness, but he's still a 'natural' intelligence, not an AI. So to me, it makes more sense for Sheidheda to seek another body rather than to become a spaceship.

      Above I listed the Mind Drives: five are blown to space, five are in use (Russell, Gabriel, Clarke, Murphy, and Emori), two are dormant (Ryker and Priya), and one is empty (Josie). The two most obvious choices would be Russell's (since he and Sheidheda were allies at that point) or Josie's old, empty one (assuming it's still functional).

      Another theory is the Anomaly. Since it sucks in all signals, it sucked in Sheidheda. In real life, whenever you use wi-fi or your phone's data connection, your sending digital code through signals. Thus, Sheidheda didn't have to travel by physical cables, he could have downloaded himself to the moon below... and this connects to the theory that the 'he' that is holding Hope's mom is Sheidheda.

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    • That. Was. UNDER. WHELMING.

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    • I'm so glad thay didn't change the setting in this finale, and I'm happy that we will be dealing with the ramifications of past seasons in regards to the Flame and the Prime believes, hopefully the creators haven't forgotten about the prisoners too as thay where given a second change by Wonkru that hasn't played out yet, just can't wait to see how thay all deal with each other. But we will be getting a new story with the anomaly that will likely take us to more uncharted territory, in other words the best of both worlds. Hopefully the ending is amazing too

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