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    • I enjoyed this episode a lot! I honesetly can't wati to meet more groups of people on this new planet. Definitely think the Children of Gabriel are going to be more Grounder-like in their tradtions. The citizens of Sanctum reminded me more of Luna and the Boat People. a group who wanted to stay far away from everyone else to lead peaceful lives. But as usual, when Clarke and her friends come upon the poor souls who want nothing more than peace, their lives are going to take a turn for the worst. 

      Maybe Clarke and her people can teach Sanctum how to defend themsevles better rather than just relying on the radiation field that may not always work. Even though the residents of Sanctum want peace, the reality is that there is still going to be war as in every soceity. So rather than trying to deny the possibility of violence they should accept that it's a given.

      Clarke and her people are probably better able to defend themselves in physical combat, so maybe now that Russell allowed them to stay Clarke and her people will help protect Sanctum,

      Also, on another note, Jordan and the new girl remind me of Jasper and Shay (from Luna's Crew).

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    • This episode was amazing. I really enjoyed this compared to episodes 1 and 2's slow pace. 

      There's seems to be more to Sanctum's people than the peace-loving Willy Wonka children's birthday party they have let on so far. With the whole primes royalty stuff, I felt they somehow mistreated the Children of Gabriel first which caused the hostility between them. Now, I really want to know what happened right after the first Moon eclipse thing when Dr. Gabriel ran away from Mr. Longbourne when he went on a killing spree on Day 21. How is it that they did not reconcile after? But then again must of taken them awhile to figure out the red sun rising situation. Gahhh so many questions, can't wait! 

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    • The Sanctum people are creepy AF: they think of people as disposable and non-disposable, worship the "Primes", find peopel of "special blood" important, and there seems to be some sort of a mind transfer going on where they put minds of the Primes in the bodies of other people (which I don't think is full replacement, though - more like an upgrade, where the Prime is in the driving seat - just my speculation).

      They're also huge hypocrites - Kaylee is like "they killed us, we hurt no one" - err, you came in masked and attacked their ship and took people captive. Of course they defended themselves, what the heck did you expect?!

      Which doesn't mean that the Children of Gabriel are not scary, too. Unlike the Sanctum people, they may end up being more on the (relatively) good side, and they're rebels fighting against the eternal dominance and prolongation of life of the Primes - but they still planned to kill the hosts as the B-plan if they couldn't kidnap/rescue them. So, killing the Primes is more important than protecting/saving people. Their chanting "death is life" and "death to Primes" is also creepy, and  they are mostly motivated by trying to get back into the good graces of "the Old Man"... Who may be Gabriel, somehow? Gabriel is considered the "demon" by Russell and his people, but it's Russell who has the last name that's very similar to "Lucifer" (which means lightbearer), even though Gabriel seems to be the one who was cast out of "Paradise", or didn't want to be a part of it.

      So, there may be a third group we'll meet yet - "The Old Man" and his people. Has he cast these guys out? Or just left them?

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    • ^As in every season of The 100, there are really no "good" groups of people. All are just trying to survive, each with their own customs and traditions. Of course when traditions and beliefs between groups of people oppose each other, war will start.

      Of course I feel like Russell may not be quite as peaceful as he appears. He seems to be a character that is hiding dark secrets of his own. 

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    • In this episode, Diyoza won me over. The "I'm too pregnant to argue" line is probably the best I've heard this season. I also adore 1-Man-Army characters (that's why I love this show and TWD lol), so it's a big plus for me.

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