• According to her journal, does Charmaine Diyoza view the prisoners as abused, oppressed victims? When Diyoza landed on Earth and Clarke killed some of the prisoners that made Diyoza upset, why was Charmaine Diyoza protective of the prisoners? Why would Diyoza view the prisoners as "her people"? What was Charmaine Diyoza's own "ULA" ideology of the prisoners and her own country? What was her views on the prisoners?

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    • Her view of her country is that at first she loved it, she joined the army to protect it and got it's flag as a tattoo on her arm. I guess then the government changed and the new one is described as fascistic. She turned changed her view on her country, left the army, burnt her tattoo and started a terrorist group that tried to end the government.

      I guess her view of the prisoners was that she took on the leadership position she was used to from both the ULA and the army. They were sent to mine a planet, not knowing if it was save (it wasn't as we see by their sickness) so she saw how they were treated as unfair and the crew of the ship as part of the plan of the government she tried to end. She overthrew the crew and flew back to earth.

      I don't think she necessarily cares about the prisoners individually as people as she doesn't really care who of them dies etc. She just sees them as her army, the army she needs to protect herself and her baby. At least that's her views in my opinion during s5

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    • Actually, they were mining an asteroid, not a planet.

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