• Hi Panda22Q,

    Please remember that our media policy states that image names have to include episode number or name. Names like "Karina&Tarik3.jpg" and "DeceasedEligiusPrisioner.png" fail to meet the policy and the files are liable to get deleted.


    • go through your recent uploads, if an image name does not include episode number or name, please edit image description/summary to state which episode the image is from
    • in the future, make sure image names include episode number or name, e.g. for the seventh episode of season five, include one the following in image name: "507", "5x07", "5x7", or "Acceptable Losses".

    Thanks, janus

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    • Ok i think i have added the title of the episode to all the images with an incorrect name.

      I am so sorry and i will include the name of the episodes in all the images that i will upload in the future

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    • thank you

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    • A FANDOM user
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