• Hi, I read your prediction of deaths that you posted a few months ago.
    Season 5 of the series has already started for some time now and for me, I think Octavia will die.
    She has changed a lot, she's killing everything that's "moving", and if you're not part of Wonkru, all those people are a threat to her (Bellamy, Echo or Clarke).
    Afterwards, I know you had put that if Octavia died, it would be like losing Clarke, but unfortunately, anything can happen in this series (example: the death of Lincoln or Finn).
    For me, the reason she could stay alive, is what changes thanks to Bellamy, Clarke or the death of Echo (the death of Echo that would be due to her and Bellamy would be upset).
    His other way would be to save Bellamy's life. With all that she has done, she would become the No. 1 enemy of the prisoners of heaven and therefore go to war and when the time comes for her to die, Bellamy will be there and protect her and be killed in her place. He would therefore be together with a sad, shocking and extremely touching end to all Octavia's excuses and regret that he had not listened to his advice and that of Clarke.

    PS : Sorry, my english is not very good. I'm french. ;)

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