• With the idea of WONKRU and WE ARE ALL GROUNDERS NOW being circulated by the end of season 4, I'm under no illusions that the ideal will stick, given Indra and Octavia's first capital decree was to commit genocide, but looking at the realistic situation of having to live together for 6 years in a restricted space like the bunker, and relying on each other for survival, could we expect the lines between Skaikru and Grounders to be blurred. With grounders operating techology like the hydroponic farms, and water recyclers and all. I know for sure that Echo and Emori at this point are Skaikru, spending 6 years in space within the ark with just 7 people is definitely turning them into sky people, but the bunker is curious. Unless of course they have been warring and segregating, which I wouldn't put past Indra and Octavia, we could see an entirely new faction emerge from the bunker. What do you all think?

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    • I think they are neither Grounders nor Skaikru, they're only Wonkru now as Octavia said, new laws, new kind of leader, new traditions, new place to live... of course they still come from the Ark or the Ground but after six years they all became Wonkru (or the enemies of Wonkru, and then they died^^)

      Same for Spacekru, Jason said that they all learnt from each other (except Murphy apparently) so I don't think old clans will be very relevant now

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