• So I was rewatching the show and started wondering why didn't anybody suggest using Mecha station as a possible bunker. With the use of rope and some strong man power that the grounders could have supplied the arkers could easily have turned the station upright.

    Now I'm talking about before alpha station was destroyed. They knew alpha station would only fit 100 people so why not at least attempt an expedition to see if they could fortify and make Mecha station habitable during the coming apocalypse. To get grounders to help you could just say their working on an expedition and have Indra and her people help that way the character isn't sidelined almost the whole season.

    On another note what happened to the other stations and how come it seems like no one cares about them or bothered looking for them. We know Alpha, Farm, Mecha, and Factory station landed on earth and at least one station blew up on reentry. However that only accounts for 5 of the 12 stations I feel a good subplot for season 2 would have been having Jaha leading a team to search for survivors from the other stations not looking for the city of light. We'd skip the stupid city of light story and just focus on the civil war in season 3.

    Have season 2 end with him find a group of people and then in season 3 starts with Jaha returning with the survivors. Then going out to find more that's when he runs into Pike and farm station. Then again he leaves to find more survivors, but has no luck realizing that the station either blew up or the people died due to radiation. However Jaha doesn't realize its radiation until the end of the season where he comes across a small group of survivors who inform him of the power plants and that's why so many people he had found dead earlier that season died. Then have Jaha and his group rush back with the survivors to inform everyone. Then have the story pick up like it did in season 4 just instead of Clarke revealing the news to Bellamy have it be Jaha. Also I feel like it would have made Jaha a better character having him risk his life in this unknown world of grounders. We'd learn more about grounder society on his journey plus it'd fit his character given how caring he is about protecting and saving his people.

    Now I just came up with this idea literally while typing and I know it's possible bias but I like it better then what we go. Also I've come up with what I think is a better way to kill Lexa off, and no it's not she doesn't die she'd still die.

    Let me know what you think below.

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    • It can be presumed that in the 3 month gap from S2 to S3 they did look for other stations, most of which were probably destroied as only 5% of the Ark was to survive the exodus. Farm station had a large portion of it blown out by Bellamy and it can be presumed that mecha was considered off screen or was known that it would not work. As with most shows of this nature is has to be assumed that alot of what oyu mentioned is done off screen and in time gaps.

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    • Yeah it is possible that everything I mentioned was done off screen. It might just be nit picking but I wish they actually showed it to us instead of just assuming it happened off screen. Now this is just my opinion and it's probably biased of me but I like my idea for Jaha in seasons 2 & 3. I just feel it would have suited his character better plus I wasn't that big a fan of the ALIE story arc.

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    • Not all the stations could be used. If you realized, Alpha Statio still had power for lights and doors. So it was a sort of base camp. Mecha Station crased near a lake and wasn't spoken of. Atleast one station blew up during reenrty. Part of Agro (Farm) Station was in the Ice Nation. And dont forget. Factory station did make it past re entry. But it was crshed when it crashed into a cliff. I remember seeing two stations using orbital jets to land softly. I doubt Factory Station was one of them. The other 6 stations, Hyrdo, Arrow, Prison, Flint, Orchid, Tesla (Go-Sci is still in orbit) were not mentioned. ANd yes I didn't mention the ame of another station because not all are mentioned i the show. Though there is a theory that Hydro and Hydra are two different stations. And that Arrow and Aero are two different stations.

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    • I agree with all of the above. Another thing I would like to add is that they only had about 1,000 people left. It's most likely that they had to fire off all the stations at once for one reason or another. All connected so they had to fire off? Maybe there weren't people on them or they landed somewhere to far. I mean it took them 3 months just to find the farm station. At this point it's anyone guess. It is most likely the stations just simply did not survive. They probably looked for the station and found them just like the factory station. As for the farm station I pressume that after the grounders took it they may have destroyed it after the sky people took it. The also only had enough man power to focus on 1 station. Throughout season 4 the first half Raven rushes them because they only had what 2 months sne she said they will barely make it. They couldn't afford to split everyone up. It wouldn't have been smart. 

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    • I agree with you ThequirkyEditor. But Mecha Station did have people in it. Abigail Griffin and Marcus Kane werein Mecha Station when it landed on Earth. I guess they didn;t use it because it was smaller. It was for mechanical purposes mostly so it probably didnt have many essential facilities. On the other hand Alpha Station had a medical bay and many other general facilities. Alpha Station was sort of the core of the Ark besides Go-Sci Ring. ANd it only took them to Farm Station 3 moths because, first they were probably warned not to go to Ice Nation (Azgeda) erritory and two they had no idea where it was until the beacon started to go off when Azgeda came into rage of Arkadia's maps. 

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