• Okay so I was wondering (in the pilot episode) we all know Kane is a part of the council but... Idk, is it just me or was he also a part of or in charge of the guard? We saw him a lot with Shumway and I assume Callie Cartwig was part of the guard as well, plus he arrested Abby (or had her arrested, if that's more significant) and the other councilors we're not present when Abby was to be floated so I assume Kane was there as more of a police authority.... Any insights?

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    • I don't think Kane was a member of the guard. He was the vice chancellor to the then chancellor Jaha. Since Jaha was shot in surgery, and it was unknown if he'd survive Kane was sworn in as chancellor. Similar to how if the president can't preform his duty due to something the Vice President is sworn in as president. The chancellor is in charge of the guard, so it makes since he'd play a part or order her arrest.

      As for Callie she was a minor character, I mean she was supposed to be a main character but was cut due to budget. She was classified as a officer but that could mean anything cause Abby and Sinclair can also be classified as an officer of their respected profession. Don't get to hung up on Callie because she is such an insufficient character that it really doesn't matter.

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