• So we have had two characters now have to deal with PTSD Finn and Jasper. Now in my opinion I think Finn had a better story arc. You could really tell that he was effected by what happened to him. He was desperate and reckless when looking for Clarke. In the end he realized how he was effected, and wanted to do right by sacrificing himself himself to the commander to save his own people.

    Jasper however in my opinion was weaker. Yes you can see how he was effected by MT wheather, but his recklessness to me came off more as him being a jerk. Also in the end he never had a moment of recognition like Finn. He could have had a great one too, but instead he took the easy way out, and commit suicide.

    Now I know I'm going to offend Jasper fans, but these are my opinions, and I hope we can all have a good discussion and see who had a better arc.

    Who had a better PTSD story arc?

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    • PTSD rarely ends with the person having a "come to jesus" moment where they realize they done fucked up and need to make amends.   Jaspers version is much more realisitc,  he knew he was fucked up and punished himself for it making him even more fucked up, hitting a climax where he killed himself. 

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    • Jasper was ok, but they dragged it out a while season more than he should have lived which tainted his arc in my opinion. I never really saw Jasper as having PTSD, it seemed more like he was overwhelmed with grief and it changed him. A lot of fans claim he suffered from PTSD which is why I made this thread to see which character did it better. In my opinion Finn had the better arc.

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    • There is no such thing as an easy way out when it comes to suicide. Have you ever been hit with suicidal thoughts? Depression? You are numb and feel nothing. You set out the pros and cons of staying alive or dying. 

      With Jasper's story you can really see how much he struggled, from being that fun kid in season 1 to being completely numb in season 4. If you hadn't noticed not everyone can be a superhero when it comes to dealing with a mental illness.  So Jasper's story showed the realism of it all. They all deal with it differently; Clarke wants to save everyone, Octavia gets angry, etc..  

      Many people take their own lives everyday. I don't think any of them are taking the easy way out. Because with suicide it isn't easy for anyone and it takes a lot out of a person who is thinking of it, for the most part you are already dead before you commit suicide because you tried until you couldn't. So don't ever say it's the easy way out because it's not.  

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    • I have/do suffer like Jasper, but the way the show did it was not realistic. Season 3 Jasper was realistic, but season 4 he wasn't depressed he was just reckless selfish. My problem is if they had him commit suicide in the season 3 finale it would have been done perfectly. However I believe they were too scared to kill him off after killing Lexa and Lincoln. Due to this I feel like they didn't know what to do with Jasper and dropped the ball on what would have been a great arc. Don't give me that BS that suicide by gun is too dark this is a show about people surviving the apocalypse it's not always going to be rainbows and butterflies. I do agree that not everyone can be a hero, but again I feel they dropped the ball with Jasper.

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    • Jasper's PTSD arc was done much better than Finn. We knew Finn was a caring guy but his decent felt disconnected and out of the blue. Jasper's was done much better. From surviving a stab wound, to interacting with Grounders after that, getting kidnapped and the list goes on.

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    • In my opinion Jasper didn't start suffering until after the death of Maya. Before that he did good keeping himself together. In season 3 I think they did his arc great, but it went downhill in season 4. If they just went through with his death at the end of season 3 his character would have been done perfectly. However I feel they didn't know what to do with him, said instead of being depressed he was just reckless and selfish.

      I don't believe that Finn's switch was done out of the blue. Everyone knew he loved Clarke at the end of season 1. At the start of season 2 it becomes his mission to find her. Finn was nearly killed twice by Tristan a brutal grounder, plus he was there during the ring of Fire, and witnessed 300 people burn to death. This was probably extremely traumatizing even though they were trying to kill him. Finn was probably the most innocent of all the main characters, and witnessing all these horrible things happen in just days no doubt broke him to the point were he was during the village massacre.

      If we want to talk about a character who probably suffers the most from PTSD we should talk about Murphy. Now he's a character that probably suffers the most, but puts on a persona to hid it.

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