• First off I think we can all agree that season 4 is one of the best seasons so far. However I feel some story lines could have been done better, or should have been scrapped. Here are 12 things that didn't make since, weren't needed or should have been scrapped in my opinion.

    12. Episode 11 The Other Side

    In my opinion this episode wasn't really needed, and needed to add a shocking ending to episode 10. Clarke choosing to take the bunker only for her people, was really out of character for her. Only 2 good things came out of this episode. 1 was Abby helping to open the bunker, and the other was that Jasper finally died. This episode still was good, but I feel they created it cause if not we would have gotten a bottle episode of just Raven and Jasper's stories.

    11. Luna's Death

    Now I did like and understand Luna's arc this season, but felt her death was weak. For being a nightblood who trained to fight in a conclave she died too easily. In my opinion their should have been an epic showdown between her and Octavia. Octavia should have been close to losing, but at the last second deliver the final blow. Her death was still good, but she shouldn't have been outsmarted that easily.

    10. The Brain Strokes

    When it was first mentioned that Abby and Raven were having side effects due to the EMP's, I thought it was going to be a great story arc with one of them sacrificing themselves for their people. First off Abby's strokes were almost completely forgotten and overlooked, with some references to them later in the season. Raven's was better, but I feel if she sacrificed herself it could have been beter. However with both Roan and Jasper dying having a third death would have been overkill probably.

    9. Why did they save the slaves?

    At first I really liked the episode, but after rewatching it I find the story a bit of a waste of time. At first I thought they saved multiple skikru, but upon rewatching the episode I realized Riley was the only one saved. In my opinion they should have taken out the slave story, and replaced it with the azgeda warriors using skikru tech to plot an assassination attempt on Roan. In the end skikru uses the hydro machine to kill the warriors to make sure Roan stats in power. This would have also tied in well later when Roan's men steal the rocket fuel.

    8. The Drone Attack

    In episode 4 when Abby's team arrives at the island they are attacked by one of ALIE's drones. It was a great scene, but at the end Murphy and Abby have a conversation about what the drones were protecting the island from. I feel that the group defending the island would have been an interesting story, and could have been used if the season was longer.

    7. Octavia's Fakout death

    At the end of episode 4 Echo stabs Octavia and she falls off a cliff and nearly dies. First off she should have never survived that, but it was a cheap way to fake kill her. Second they shouldn't have revealed she survived until the next episode. It kind of also felt like they were trying to do what the walking dead did with Gleen's fake death, but failed.

    6. No Rematch

    Also in episode 4 Echo and Octavia had a great duel that lead to the fake Out death. It was a great fight, but I feel we should have gotten a rematch between the two later in the season where Octavia kills Echo. The conclave would have been the best opportunity, but I understand why Roan fought for his people.

    5. Riley wasn't Needed

    The only reason Riley was introduced was to replace Bryan. Due to Bryan being a lead in another show, and possibly leaving the show I believe Riley was created to replace him. The two are pretty much the same person due to the fact that they both hate Azgeda. Also to introduce him, and kill him off in a few episodes seemed like a waste of character.

    4. Ilian's Story Arc

    I really liked his story all the way up until the episode we will rise. I feel like one of the only reasons he was introduced was to replace Lincoln as Octavia's love interest. First of that doesn't realistically make since due to the fact that Lincoln only died a few weeks ago, and Octavia should still be grieving. In my opinion Ilian should have escaped after burning down Arkadia at the end of the tinder box. In we will rise Octavia should have lead a search for Ilian, but after a while of searching everyone goes home, but she stays to search for him. At the beginning of gimmie shelter Ilian saves her from the black rain, but she doesn't know. Later she returns to arkadia and fights for them in the conclave. She hates him still, but forms an alliance with him. Cut out the romance, and make him a minor antagonist.

    3. Jasper Was Still Alive

    In my opinion Jasper should have died last season, but the creators were probably worried that another death after Lincoln and Lexa would cause the loss of fans. However I feel they dragged out his character too long. His Actor was great, but every Tim he was on screen I wanted someone to beat him to bloody pulp. Also his suicide last season was too dark come on, this is about people surviving the apocalypse they should have used it. His death was devastating, but I still think he should have gone out sacrificing himself to save Monty.

    2. Echo's Story Arc

    At the beginning of the season it felt like they were building Echo up to be the main antagonist of the season. They did do that well up until episode 12, when she joins the group in going to space. One I feel she should have died in a rematch against Octavia, or after joining the group going to space she sacrifices herself in a redeeming way. I know I've mentioned sacrifice a lot, but in my opinion it was the end of the world people should have been sacrificing themselves.

    1. Bellamy's Redemption Arc

    I do agree that Bellamy needed a redemption, but in my opinion I feel it didn't need to be the whole season. It should have been the first couple episodes, and maybe give time to other story arcs and character development.

    These are only my opinion let me know what you think.

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    • Also a general problem with the show is all the relationships and shipping fans do with characters cause it's really ridiculous.

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    • I definitely see the sacrifice thing should have been a lot bigger like you said they need the risk of sending the 100 down to begin with then the 320 giving up there lives for the others ..then knowing that all the different shuttles that did come down half didn't even make it .. and then at the bunker no one but Abby wanted to sacrifice themselves.. it's kinda weird. I would have liked to see jasper go up to space but I felt like that was gonna coming the whole time it was very intense and dark. I definitely didn't like Lillian at all I feel like bringing him into the series so fast with not knowing barley anything about him and getting with O who is someone so important wasn't a good idea and not long after Lincoln who she was madly in love with hooking up with someone she doesn't know to kill him off so fast. I definitely agree with Luna for a trained nightblood who knows they can get into the bunker for being a nightbloid that bragged about how good she was to die so easily felt forced. The drones is still a mystery to me emori did say that there is other stuff there that scared her what were the drones really protecting .. Becks house and lab could be but if Clarke really did find Mardi in that six years and was with her for five there has to be something else there they didn't know about ... I've thought of so many ways but non that make complete sense

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    • Yes sacrifice from Raven, Jasper or Echo would have been great to see but only one of them. Abby wasn't the only person to sacrifice themselves however Miller's dad gave his spot so his son could live. I feel if even minor characters like Hardy did the same it would have been better.

      I strongly disagree about jasper going to space he lived longer than he should have. He probably lived cause the creators were afraid to kill him off last season after losing Lincoln and Lexa. However his death was done brilliantly.

      I feel Illian's story would have been better if he stayed an antagonist. Have him escape Arkadia after the fire, and have him form an uneasy alliance with Octavia during the conclave. His story failed for me when they made him Octavia's new Lincoln.

      The Luna death was definitely forced, it was probably done to get to the idiotic reveal at the end that Clarke took the bunker. The fight should have been an epic sword fight were Octavia is near death, but at the last minute Octavia gets the upper hand and kills her.

      The drone line was wasted potential in my opinion. They could have had a whole episode of the lab group dealing and fighting with another group or maybe hostile animals. However it was never stated Clarke found Madi on the island. I personally believe she found Madi while wondering the earth.

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    • I've looked everywhere and it every placed I've looked they said they have been together for five years and it's been six years and seven days so they meet after after a year of when the fire hit and that she saved Clarke's life so maybe something to do with needing more knight blood to get rid of the radiation but she already is a knight blood so I'm not too sure and I honestly thing the drones were there for something more maybe next season we will find out

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    • Madi saved Clarke by being there for her. My take on it is she was unable to connect the bunker or the ring so she assumed everyone was dead. At that point she probably contemplated suicide, but found Madi while gathering supli to do so. By finding Madi she had someone to talk and care for giving her purpose to live.

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    • She wouldn't be able to leave the lab so how would she gather supplies

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    • Unless there's another space suit if that's even possible with such hight radiation

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    • Clarke is a nightblood making her able to withstand high radiation levels like Luna. I don't know much about radiation levels but I would think that radiation levels would be lower a year after the death wave compared to when it first hit.

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    • I guess I'm not sure

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    • I have to agree with Jasper. I kinda wish he would have died in the first few episodes when he was hit with the spear. He was/is such a waist of what could have been a great character. 

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    • Yeah jasper could have gone done as a great character, but I feel like they were scared to kill him off so they kept him which made all his actions stupid. People always say he was struggling with depression, but in season 4 I feel they didn't know what to do with him so they tried to say he was depressed, but to me it came off as him being reckless and a selfish jerk.

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    • Yes, definienlty. I think they could have tryed a little harder to make him fit in. Im not sure exactly what but the way they put his character like you said made him seem like a selfish jerk. 

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    • Well, I think he simply is a misfit. He was someone raised to live on the Arc and not on a war ridden earth. It was by chance that he survived. He is a relatable character in real life. That is his strength as a character, just someone who has lived by "on again, off again". We all have such people around us, and we do wish they just go away. They are there just to sit on our nerves.

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    • I didn't really like Finn. Especially when he went all bozo with the bullets when Clarke went missing. I felt like he didn't have much of a personality other than being that mysterious hot dude who got together with Clarke for a fling, and the flashback with Raven when he gave her the moonwalking suit. I didn't feel much for his death either. 

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    • Finn went crazy with the bullets cause he was suffering from PTSD. He had seen some pretty crazy shit. He was chased by reapers, was captured and nearly killed by Tristan a ruthless grounder. After all of that his girlfriend went missing and he had seen the horrible things grounders could do and probably thought Clarke was being toured or worse. In the end to me Finn's death was one of the best deaths in the show so far. He gave his life so others could live, and to top it off he was given a mercy kill by the person he loved. One of the most emotional deaths so far.

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    • I will agree Clarke taking the bunker for just her people came out of nowhere.

      Madi was alive without a suit so that means Clarke never needed one but cause she was a new nightblood odds are it would take time for her body to fully adjust to it so we see her coughing up blood and so on. It also used that way to make everyone who went the ring that she die.

      Finn did have PTSD and he paid the price for his mistakes instead of the full price he got a mercy kill and that good enough.  Luna death while it works for the story arc, but it was weak.

      Bellamy, i do not think he can ever be redeemed. He shot Jaha, then he sneaks down to Earth with the 100.  Then he hides Raven Radio and it leads to another 300 people to died cause he does not want to face what he did.  Then there the grounder army he helps kill off when they were asleep.  The biggest problem i have with Bellamy is that he never pays for his crimes. 

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    • Well the Bellamy redemption arc wasn't meant to redeem everything horrible he did just the horrible things he did in season 3. The majority of fans hate Jaha so many don't see that as something that needs to be redeemed plus Bellamy already redeemed himself for that. Him sneaking on to the dropship isn't something that he did maliciously. Him stealing the radio was all about survival and I believe he feels guilty about that till this day. After what happened in season 3 Bellamy definitely should have gotten a death like Finn.

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