• I am still seeking clarification on that new policy you/stuff decided upon, for transparency sake. What does 'negativity' means?! Because reading the recent changes, it looks that you might be a little too zealous in removing comments. Take these for example:

    • "so we never got to know what A.L.I.E. stood for then right?" (and the only contributor was "Mysteries of Life")
    • "I'm guessing at least 300 people are going to die in this episode or the next." (and the only contributor was "Dr. Legendary")
    • "I think Clarke goes at risk and installs the AI herself - finds hope in the most unlikely place" (and the only contributor was "")

    I don't see anything wrong with these.. and I don't see any new policy on the wiki..

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    • I've also noticed the mass removal of comments and felt that it was overzealous. I'm particularly concerned of the removal of editing discussions.

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    • Some of the removals were definitely overzealous, I may have potentially deleted the lead comment instead of the succeeding negative ones.

      Mostly, there's too much hate for this show on this site and I've been trying to clean it up.

      I've been trying to remove any outright hate or any people who call any character or episode or plot point stupid. Not to say I often don't agree with such person but this site should be a place for fans to be positive about the show, not negative.

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