• como que no hay fuentes?

    twitter no te parece una buena fuente para incluir cualquier cosa en la wikia?


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    • y si me bloqeuan por hablar en español, ps lo siento, estoy muy enojado para ponerme a hablar en ingles!

      y si la administradora lee esto y me bloquea ps que lo haga para siempre, porque si no valoran los aportes que hago yo, ps que no me permitan hacer ediciones aqui!

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    • ???

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    • use the translator

      because i'm angry for translate that

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    • Hi. 

      I happen to speak Spanish, and I understood you mentioned something about sources. I don't know precisely what the matter is about, though. 

      What I do know is speaking a language other than the language this wikia uses (English) won't improve the situation any quicker. You can not ask of another user to use translate because you are too angry to follow the wikia's rules. I also don't get why you state that you are angry to begin with.

      We do value your contributions, and I'm not going to restrict you from editing on the wikia. But I am pointing this out as a warning. It'll make things way easier for everyone involved if you spoke English from now on.

      - TayaTinkerbell, Admin

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    • A FANDOM user
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