• Hi Skyzy

    I was wondering what your opinion was on the unlocking of certain templates. Bugthe commented that (amongst others) 

    Are locked from editing. This has been a precaution by the former administration to avoid people with little coding knowledge from editing and causing the templates to malfunction. However I'd be willing to consider opening them up again with some new experienced editors finding their place on the wikia.

    Here you can see some of Bugthe's remarks.

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    • CSSGradient shouldn't be unlocked because that controls color affects where its used across the wiki. It's also used in other template formatting (like { {Underline} } template and some of the main page templates).

      The scroll-1 template is a high volume template and is used on all the Character and Episode pages so I'm guessing it was locked because it shouldn't be changed unless agreed upon by the community. If someone wants a new scroll template, they can create it instead of modifying the existing one.

      The TBA template doesn't look like it's ever been used and I'm not even sure why it was locked.

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    • Yeah, I had the same idea about the gradient one. I remember former admin User:CreateElements telling me it shouldn't be unlocked specifically.

      With the scroller, there is a discussion going on in the suggestion forum about changing it. 

      I think the TBA one was just locked a long time ago back when a lot of them were locked to prevent people with little coding knowledge to edit them and cause issues.

      So I can conclude that you're in favor of keeping them locked? Or am I mistaken?

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    • I'm in favor of keeping the CSSGradient locked. The scroll-1 is just a generic scroll template but it should probably remain locked only because it's used on so many pages and if someone makes a bad edit, it could rended all content in scrollboxes unreadable.

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    • Alright, thanks for your opinion on these. I'll await Mason's reply to see what the final admin opinion is :)

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    • Mason has replied in favour of keeping them closed too, to avoid vandalism.

      However I do want to let the users know that we appreciate their efforts, so I was thinking of using the TemplateGate?

      TemplateGate is a procedure used on this wikia in the past where good editors got permission from admins to edit a specific template. An admin would unlock the template temporarely, allowing the user to edit. Then the admin woudl follow up on the changes made, and re-lock the template again.

      You okay with this?

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    • Yeah, that sounds fine.

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    • Alright, thanks :)

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    • In an effort not to clog up your message wall, I had another matter I'd like your opinion on.

      For the remodel of the main page, some users suggested getting rid of the 'featured article' and 'featured quote' sections. I'm in favor of this because right now they're infrequently changed and/or the system to vote for what quote/article should be features is underused and broken. So I think it'd save us time, space and worries by just getting rid of them all together. 

      What do you think?

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    • Yep, I think that's fine.

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    • A FANDOM user
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